• Abbo & Lewis Livery & Stable
    Built ca. 1870. Tom Lewis was James Abbo's father-in-law. Abbo purchased the livery stable from the original owner, William Oard, in the 1880s. Later he bought the entire block including the stone ...More->
  • Abbo's Dwelling
    Built ca. 1870. Occupied as a dwelling and blacksmith shop by Godfrey Krause, December 27, 1875 (date of deed in abstract). Adam S. Shrock bought the whole block, which was a stage coach house, the ...More->
  • Addenbrooke Park
    Land belonged to the Everitt Family in 1876. Tom Addenbrooke, the grandson lived on the farm with his family. There were 111.931 acres. The land was condemned for the park between Kipling and Garrison...More->
  • Adelaide Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • A Grange Hall
    This was a multi-purpose building used in the 1920s as a meeting hall, dance hall, and school at times....More->
  • Agricultural Ditch
    The ditch was founded in 1874 and built soon after. Located in Water District #7 (priority #61, 12/21/1884 and #67, 3/24/1883). Claimant on the south bank of Clear Creek in 1884 was the Agricultura...More->
  • Ahlstrom's Swedish Colony
    Nils P. Ahlstrom of Sweden obtained one-half section of land by Military Bounty and Preemption rights in 1868. He decided to embark on this venture after discovering his family and aged father living ...More->
  • Air Force Property
    Lowry Air Force Base of Aurora operated a radar "Training Annex" on Genesee Mountain from 1954 to 1964. Three acres were purchased by the government and 25-year leases were secured with adjacent lan...More->
  • Alameda Hills Baptist Church
    The membership was organized in southwest Denver in 1952, as the Baring Cross Church. They bought land in Lakewood in 1954 and became Alameda Hills Baptist Church....More->
  • Alameda Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Alderfer Three Sisters Park
    A Jefferson County Open Space park of 340 acres acquired from 1977 through 1986. It straddles Buffalo Park Road just west of Evergreen and features hiking and riding trails, wildlife and dramatic rock...More->
  • Alder Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Aleck
    Established by 1859. First name for Baden City....More->
  • Alice Group
    1883 Comprising the Alice Ridge Copper Chief and Black Pine Lodes; L.G. Dunnavan, Central City, Colorado, G.W. Reeves, Boulder, and J.W. Venten, Coal Creek, Jefferson County, owners; claims 1500 x 300...More->
  • Alice Sweet Thomas Park
    Alice Sweet Thomas Park was completed November 15, 1974. It includes four acres, four tennis courts and a basketball court, built on Arvada's 10-million-gallon water storage tank, which is mostly rece...More->
  • Allen Castle
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Allendale Elementary School
    This school was named Allendale, a nearby subdivision. Allendale Subdivision is in the 320 acre farm originally owned by William Allen, a Canadian, who came to Colorado in 1859. Allen later served on ...More->
  • Allendale Park
    Property for Allendale Park was made possible by the 1974 Bond Referendum. By August, 1983, a trade between the City of Arvada and Johnson Homes,Inc. was approved increasing the size of the park to ne...More->
  • Allen Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, this ditch is a lateral from the Farmers High Line Canal, flowing easterly through the City of Westminster. It was named for William Allen who built the ditch in 1884. ...More->
  • Allen House
    The house was originally constructed by Charles Elbert Allen, son of pioneer William M. and Marian (Reno) Allen. C.E. Allen was born March 1, 1871 in Arvada. He farmed for others in 1896, acquired 160...More->
  • Allen, William, Farm
    William M. and Miriam C. (Reno) Allen were very prominent pioneers in Arvada. John Reno and W. Allen were among the Fifty-niners who came to Colorado searching for gold. Allen was employed by Green Ru...More->
  • Allison Street
    This avenue between Ralston Road and Grandview Avenue was named for pioneer Le Claire Reno on the original 1904 Town Plat of Arvada. Avalon was named for the mythical isle in the "western seas" wher...More->
  • Alpha Mine
    C.C. Alvord's claim on Alpha Lode Field in May 1878. RMN 6/27/1878, p.4.c3. Claim of George B. Tyler upon Alpha Lode approved by Interior Dept. RMN 11/9/1879, p.8.c3. BLM #202681 Reardon, Micheal P....More->
  • Alps Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Alta Vista Elementary Cottage School
    Alta Vista Elementary Cottage School was purchased for the large number of "Baby Boomers" in Alta Vista Subdivision. Later when the supplementary school was no longer needed, it was used as a storage ...More->
  • American Mine
    On April 1, 1876, the American Mine had over 100 feet of "back" stepping, that showed on average width of first class ore about 12 inches, that sold at the Golden Smelting works for from $5,000 to $10...More->
  • American Red Cross
    A. Lee Doud, an ardent, active Red Cross volunteer of the Jefferson County branch of the Mile High Chapter, built the building on his property. He was a developer of the Paramount Heights subdivision ...More->
  • Ames
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Amos Blacksmith Shop
    Built ca. 1880. Vinton Amos was a smithy who had been in business in Evergreen before coming to Morrison. He continued to run a blacksmith shop until the advent of the automobile when this building ...More->
  • Amos Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Amos House
    Built in ca. 1873. The house was moved further back when Highway 8 came through Morrison in 1926. This gentleman, whose first name was Kinston, was the father to Vinton Amos, a blacksmith in Morrison ...More->
  • Anderson Park and Community Building
    This is a City Park and Recreation Center Building with city offices. The Anderson Building and Park was named in honor of the first mayor, A.E. Anderson. This center has a gym, lockers, and showers...More->
  • Annie Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Apel-Bacher Park
    The park is named for two families who were "truck gardeners" in this Section 23, Art Apel and Ignatz Bacher. It is a Wheat Ridge city park with tennis courts, playground, and picnic tables....More->
  • Apex
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Apex and Gregory Toll Road
    On October 11, 1861, the Apex Gregory Wagon Company obtained a special charter from Cold Springs Ranch about ten miles from Denver via Amos Gulch up Gregory Hill, past Big Hill, North Clear Creek to ...More->
  • Apex Gulch
    Apex Gulch was the path of the Apex and Gregory Wagon Road, a toll road to the Gregory Diggings of Central City....More->
  • Apex Junction
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Apex Open Space Park
    Traces of the old road bed of the Apex & Gregory Toll Road are still visible in Apex Park. Jefferson County Open space purchased the original 400 acres in 1974, with later purchases bringing the park...More->
  • Applemeadows Park
    Applemeadows Park was dedicated 10-12-1984. Land was acquired by transfer of ownership of the open space in Applemeadows Subdivision to North Jeffco Recreation and Park District. A trail was also cons...More->
  • Apple Orchard
    The orchard is located uphill from Woman Creek and adjacent to several springs and seeps. The site may be associated with the Antelope Ranch site (#5JF474), which probably dates from 1880 to 1937. ...More->
  • Applewood
    Although Applewood was founded in 1954, its origins date back to 1883, when Fred and Emma Bunger arrived from Indiana and homesteaded in Fort Morgan. They moved to Prospect Valley in Wheat Ridge in 18...More->
  • Applewood Baptist Church
    Organized in September 1960, the church is named for its community location. Dr. C.A. Dabney had "first envisioned the organization of the congregation." The church has a deaf ministry....More->
  • Applewood Knolls Cottage School
    This school was a temporary unit of the Jefferson County School District R-1 that was used for a burgeoning school population in the 1950s and 60s. It was closed in 1978. The school was named for the ...More->
  • Applewood Shopping Center
    This center derives its name from the surrounding community and was developed by Conrad and Herbert Becker. In 1972 primary stores were King Soopers, Walgreen Drugs, Applejack Liquors, Woolco, Royal I...More->
  • Arapahoe
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Arapahoe Bar Placer Mine
    July 25, 1885, J.J. Wannamaker sold the Arapahoe Bar Place Mine to an unnamed company belonging to J. E. Chaffee and G.W. Cummings. May 22, 1886, a hydraulic gulch mining system under the charge of f...More->
  • Arapahoe City
    Located three miles east of Golden on West 44th Avenue, Arapahoe City was founded on November 29, 1858 atop a bench of high ground overlooking the sand bars along the north bank of Clear Creek. The to...More->
  • Arapahoe Gulch
    Arapahoe Gulch was originally named by George Pullman when he platted the Cold Spring Ranch along both sides of it. The earliest use of its name is recorded on the original Cold Spring Ranch plat of ...More->
  • Arapahoe Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Arapahoe Road
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Arapahoe Travois Trail
    The Arapahoe Travois Trail was about 16 miles long and was used by the Arapahoe Indians. The trail left the prairie at S28, T3S, R70W, (Golden Quad) to ascend Indian Gulch (pioneer designation). It ar...More->
  • Archers
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Arena Station
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Argyle
    Late in the nineteenth century, the contracting firm of Geddes and Seerie, builders of the Brown Palace Hotel and the Colorado State Capitol building, quarried this land to provide granite for their s...More->
  • Argyle Railroad Stop
    This stop on the Colorado and Southern Line was discontinued in 1937 when the railroad ceased operation....More->
  • Arlington Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Armory Building
    The Armory was designed by James H. Gow, who had designed and built a similar cobblestone building in England. He also helped build the Armory building in Golden and it was supposedly identical to th...More->
  • Arnett-Harriman Ditch
    Arnett- Harriman Ditch, also known as Harriman Canal, originates at the southeast corner of Bear Creek Lake. It winds its way south of Quincy toward the southeast and for part of its course, appears ...More->
  • Arvada
    Townsite was originally nine blocks, platted in 1870, when Colorado Central Railroad reached the area, and so named for mail to be left at Arvada Post Office. Mrs. B.F. Wadsworth named the town after ...More->
  • Arvada Baptist Church
    Arvada Baptist Church started as a mission endeavor from Emmanuel Baptist Church of Pueblo. The church was organized June 24, 1975. Church members met at Enterprise Grange Hall, Pomona High School and...More->
  • Arvada Cemetery
    The community known today as Arvada began to be settled as early as 1858, but few deaths occurred by 1862, and those burials were made near homes of the deceased or at South Table Mountain near Golden...More->
  • Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
    The City of Arvada passed a 3.6-million-dollar bond issue for a cultural center on May 21, 1974. The center was completed and dedicated on July 4, 1976. This facility housed a theater, art galleries, ...More->
  • Arvada Central Baptist Church
    Located in the building formerly built by the Arvada Methodist Episcopal Church. Arvada Central Baptist Church purchased the building April 28, 1966. Rev. Bob Swift was the first pastor of the church....More->
  • Arvada Church of Christ
    Early in the spring of 1950, interested Arvada and Wheat Ridge people met in the home of I.J. Pemberton. The first service was held in the basement of the new church at Wadsworth Boulevard and Vance S...More->
  • Arvada City Hall
    The old Town Hall at 7622 Grandview was purchased from the I.O.O.F Lodge in 1915. This building was routed for a parking lot in 1978. A new City Hall was built in 1970 at 8101 Ralston Road....More->
  • Arvada Covenant Church
    This Church was organized in 1963 and the church building was built in 1964. Rev.Bethel Bengston was the first pastor....More->
  • Arvada Equestrian Center
    An Agreement was drawn up on February 25, 1972 between North Jeffco Recreation and Park District and the Denver Polo Club. The District will provide an area at the Sports Complex (58th and Miller) whi...More->
  • Arvada Flour Mill
    Eugene Emory Benjamin built the Arvada Flour Mills in 1925, Mrs. V.B. McCashen named the flour produced there "Arva-Pride." The building remains in 1994 and was placed on the National Register of Hist...More->
  • Arvada High School #1
    Arvada High School was built in 1920 and continues to be used as a high school until 1955. It was Arvada Junior High School from 1956 until 1970 when it became East Arvada Junior High School until the...More->
  • Arvada High School #3
    This school was built in 1971 because Arvada West High School was too overcrowded, and the former high school on Balsam Street was needed as a Junior High School....More->
  • Arvada Junior High School
    This school was contracted to be built by the R-1 School District in 1952 as a high school. It was completed ahead of schedule and was used by the overflow students from Lawrence Elementary School in ...More->
  • Arvada Mennonite Church
    The first service in the Arvada Mennonite Church was held January 1, 1961 under the direction of Rev. Donald Wismer....More->
  • Arvada Methodist Church
    This church was organized in 1870. Methodist members met in schools, homes, and later in Clear Creek Valley Grange Hall until a church building was completed in 1897 at 7500 W. 57th Avenue. B.F. Wadsw...More->
  • Arvada Overlook
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Arvada Plaza
    The above plat was re-subdivided as a portion February 14, 1964 by Carroll Quelland, President and Norman E. Early, Secretary of Arvada Plaza, Incorporated, and recorded under Reception No. 31049, Jef...More->
  • Arvada Post Offices
    A territorial post office until 1876, when Colorado became a state. The Arvada Post Office was located in Benjamin Franklin Wadsworth's log cabin from 1871 until 1881. The cabin is no longer standing....More->
  • Arvada Presbyterian Church
    The church was dedicated June 11, 1916. Rev. Charles Williams was the first pastor of this church. A new church was built in 1963 at 5592 Independence St. Rev. Ozzie Lutz was the first pastor of this ...More->
  • Arvada Regional Library
    The first library in the Arvada community was organized by the Superintendent of Arvada Schools, O.B. Drake and the PTA in 1915. This library existed for a short time in the Old Arvada Town Hall at 76...More->
  • Arvada Regional Park
    Arvada Regional Park is located east of Ralston Reservoir and west of the Blunn Dam. The site, owned and operated by the City of Arvada, has been opened to the public for fishing, hiking and boating i...More->
  • Arvada Reservoir
    Asahel Haines, of Ohio, traveled to Ralston Creek, preempted 159 acres, built an irrigation ditch in 1861 and a log cabin in 1864, proved up his property and paid $198.25. He received his U.S. Land ...More->
  • Arvada Square
    Ollie S. Forsberg and Erma Forsberg founded Arvada Square on June 14, 1957. This was the first shopping development away from Olde Town, Arvada which makes it unique. It housed a new Safeway store a...More->
  • Arvada Station
    Named for the town in which it was located. In 1902 this station was situated along the Tramway Cut, and one had to climb the steps to the Grandview Avenue trestle. Today the "Cut" has been filled in ...More->
  • Arvada Tavern
    This building was originally a blacksmith shop built by J.E. Borba in 1910. The shop continued to be used by blacksmiths, Morgan, Hodgson, Chinn, and Scott. In 1933, Adrian and Bernice Klein made the ...More->
  • Arvada Telephone Company
    The local name was the Arvada Telephone Company, but it was under the Franchise of the "Colorado Telephone Company," 1904-1911. The first public Telephone was located in the Railroad Depot (1904). The...More->
  • Arvada United Methodist Church
    This Church was formerly known as the Arvada Methodist Church and was located at 7500 W 57th Avenue. A new church building was built at 6750 Carr Street in 1970. Rev. Earl Hanna was the minister of Ar...More->
  • Arvada Volunteer Fire Department
    The first reference for fire protection was an ordinance titled "Fire Limits" which was passed by the Arvada Town Board in 1906. "Boundaries were: South of the Colorado and Southern tracks; east and...More->
  • Ascension Mine
    As of 1962 Principal product was Uraninite. Owned by Bessie B. and Mary Jane Nare....More->
  • Ashland Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Aspen Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Aspen Park Subdivision
    Name descriptive. Platted in 1955 by Carl and Elizabeth Edwards. A natural mountain park containing the headwaters of South Turkey Creek, a shopping center, West Jefferson Elementary School, a communi...More->
  • Astor House Hotel
    The Astor House was built in 1867 by Seth Lake. He named it the Astor House Hotel for the famed New York City Hotel. Lake built the Hotel to attract the stage coach to Golden. It cost $2,000 to bui...More->
  • Atlantic Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Atomic Energy Plant
    The Atomic Energy Plant, built in 1951, was so named for the radio active materials it produced for the Nation's nuclear weapons. The site encompasses about four miles obtained by the United States Co...More->
  • Augusta Mine (Patent #33112)
    The mine was started up by Charles de Disse in the late 19th century and is now closed. The entrance is sealed and is under a mini storage area. The source of the name is unknown. A copper and f...More->
  • Ault Cemetery
    Ault Cemetery Assoc. dated August, 1903. Sometimes called the Medlin Cemetery (near site of old Medlen School) and P.O. of South Turkey Creek. First family was Tressa Ault County Primary Road 124 and ...More->
  • Avenue Hotel
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Avery Acres Mink Farm
    The site of Avery Acres was originally school land. Irving Ritchie purchased 640 acres in 1924 and began fox farming with a pair of breeding foxes. Ritchie's operation eventually had 600 foxes and 1...More->
  • Bacher Farm
    As a young man Ignatz Bacher, Sr. of Tyrol, Austria immigrated to America in 1882. He fell ill while living in Central City, resulting in his family’s relocation to Arvada in 1898. There the Bachers p...More->
  • Backbone Ridge
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Baden
    Established in 1859 on the banks of Clear Creek, southwest of Mt. Olivet Cemetery....More->
  • Baden City
    Established in 1859, originally called Aleck, on the banks of Clear Creek, southwest of Mount Olivet Cemetery....More->
  • Baehrden/ Pine Valley Country Club
    Hildebrand homesteaded the land in 1878. Eckert of Eckert Ice Cream Company, Denver, purchased the land in 1915. In the 1920s he sold the land to William Baehr of Chicago who decided to build a lodg...More->
  • Baehr Reservoir
    Along the North Fork of the South Platte River. Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad ran through property next to North Fork of the South Platte River. William Baehr of Chicago purchased the land in...More->
  • Baird House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Baker House
    Built ca. 1872. Julie Ann Baker was a member of the Groom family, one of Morrison’s earliest families. She was born in 1880. The house hasn't been changed a great deal from its beginning. It also ...More->
  • Baker & Smith Garage
    Mt. Morrison Garage, Auto, Stage & Livery was built by James Abbo 1887. It was destroyed by fire in 1931. It was rebuilt of Morrison brick that same year and was operated by Henry Smith and Frank Ba...More->
  • Balance Rock
    A massive granite monolith with a smaller rock balanced atop; located about one-half mile north of Midway House east of Aspen Park. Name is descriptive....More->
  • Bald Mountain
    The summit is at 7800 feet. It has been preserved by Denver Mountain Parks as part of Genesee Park and by Jefferson County Open Space as part of the preservation of Clear Creek Canyon. Bear Gulch drop...More->
  • Baldy Peak
    The peak lacks growth on its granite summit, hence its name....More->
  • Ballinger Ditch
    Located in Water District #7 (Ralston priority #20 5-31-73), this ditch drew water from the south bank of Ralston Creek. Claimant for adjudication in 1884 was Harmon Ballinger. Harmon Ballinger was a...More->
  • Ballinger Elementary School
    This school was named for Harmon Ballinger who gave the property for the school. This District 7 School existed under various names from 1870 until the 1890s, depending on who was in charge of the sc...More->
  • Balsam Pond Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bancroft Ranch
    For many years this was the home and studio of artists Albert and Alpha Bancroft. It was sold in early 1980s after their deaths. Early history unknown....More->
  • Bancroft School
    The white clapboard house north of Morrison Road and west of South Harlan Street was across the street from Dr. Frederick Jones Bancroft's dairy. Bancroft purchased the acre of land with this house, a...More->
  • Bandimere Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Banner Peak
    It was named for Ruth Anne Banner, grandmother of a resident of the Swan Hereford Ranch in the 1930s....More->
  • Banning House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Barber, Oscar House
    Home of Oscar Barber, prominent Golden industrialist who owned and expanded the Rock Flour Mills during the late 1800s. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 13, 1994 (5JF....More->
  • Barker Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Barren Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Barrows Station
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Barth Business Block
    The Barth Block was built in 1898 by Albert Barth and was probably the first two-story business block built in Arvada. Barth's grocery store was there until 1911, when Henry J. Juchem purchased the st...More->
  • Baseball Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bates Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bates Lake
    This lake lies in Water District #7. Angie Bates, who lived at Sheridan and Rhea Street, was in the first graduating class of Arvada High School. She later married J.S. Stephens....More->
  • Baugh House
    Twenty-seven-year-old James Baugh arrived at Cherry Creek June 1, 1859, during the Colorado Gold Rush. On August 15, 1859 he acquired 160 acres on the Prospect Trail (West 44th Avenue). The Wheat Ridg...More->
  • Beach, Howard House
    This two-story bungalow (ca. 1918) with shingled walls has a gable shingled roof and a lean-to front porch across the side of the gable. There is a lean-to addition on the left side of the rear of the...More->
  • Beacon
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bear Creek
    Bear Creek originates in the formally glaciated areas of Mount Evans in Clear Creek County and flows east into the South Platte River in Denver to the east of Jefferson County. The gravel terraces al...More->
  • Bear Creek Canyon
    That part of the valley carved by Bear Creek, extending roughly from Kittredge to Morrison. Name source unknown....More->
  • Bear Creek Canyon Wagon Road
    Bear Creek Canyon Wagon Road (1872) John Evans constructed this road to transport timber for railroad ties from his Evans Ranch west of Evergreen down to Morrison. In 1880, he turned the road over to...More->
  • Bear Creek Greenbelt
    The YMCA Senior Citizens has a walking group that has covered all the greenbelts and even the high-line canal....More->
  • Bear Creek Lake
    Bear Creek Lake was created in 1982. It is fed by Bear Creek in the northwest and Turkey Creek in the southwest and spills into Bear Creek toward the east....More->
  • Bear Creek Lake Park
    There is plenty of outdoor activities with modern camping facilities, open space and nature viewing....More->
  • Beardsley Reservoir
    Claimant was Claude Beardsley May 13, 1936. It is filled by lateral of the Farmers High Line Canal diverted from Clear Creek. Construction began January 1, 1916. The reservoir lies within Water Distri...More->
  • Bear Track Lakes
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bear Valley Baptist Church
    A new large church was built in 1991 and merged with Green Gables Chapel, which had been a small church on the corner of Lee Street and Jewell Avenue. Part of the congregation moved from Colorado Boul...More->
  • Beaver Brook creek
    A creek beginning north of Squaw Pass and running east by northeast to join Clear Creek near Tunnel No. 2 on Highway 40 west of Golden. Name source unknown, but possibly from many beaver dams and beav...More->
  • Beaver Brook Station
    A station on the old Colorado Central Railroad at Beaver Brook, about one quarter mile west of the east end of Tunnel No. 2 on Highway 6. Named for the Beaver Brook stream joining Clear Creek at this ...More->
  • Beaver Brook Trail
    This 8.5-mile trail, high along the south side of Clear Creek Canyon, was initially established by wildlife and Native Americans. The trail crosses the Beaver Brook, which originates at Squaw Mountain...More->
  • Beaver Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Beaver Ranch
    A ranch homesteaded by George D. Kennedy in 1872 and sold to Willie and Laura Bennett in 1895. The ranch at one time was the location of a hotel, store, dance hall, and post office. As of 1998 the ran...More->
  • Beckett, William House
    Built ca. 1882. William and Lucy Beckett came from London, England with their two daughters, Florence and Lucy. He was a cobbler and she a trained nurse. He worked in John Ross Hardware & Lumber Compa...More->
  • Becky Sharp Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Beech Park
    Baseball, football and soccer fields, picnic tables and playground....More->
  • Bee Cove Cottage
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Beeman Farm
    Watson and Jane Beeman arrived on Ralston Creek from Missouri in 1861, and secured 320 acres by Military Bounty in 1870. In this area the Beemans built a log cabin. Later George Swadley bought part of...More->
  • Beeson Grist Mill
    This location was one of the few places where Vasquez Creek (Clear Creek) could be forded in l859-l860. This mill was the only such facility between the Denver area and Golden....More->
  • Belcher Hill School (Elementary)
    Takes name from Belcher Hill, named for early settler, George Belcher. Built c. 1880, abandoned as a school in 1944. The building is a 1-story frame with a pitched hipped roof; white with green trim o...More->
  • Belgin Cemetery
    The cemetery contains fourteen graves with internments dating from 1871 to 1900. This private cemetery contains the following family names: Belgin, Brewer, and Rogers. The Belgin family settled on th...More->
  • Belgin Farm
    An English family, Solomon and Maryann (Clark) Belgin and seven children, joined friends and relatives in the Arvada area. Solomon received pre-emption papers in 1875 for 160 acres at the Simms Street...More->
  • Belleview Community Church
    The first meeting of the Mennonite Brethren church in Denver was in March 1955 in a Seventh Day Adventist church at 13th and York Streets. With the Reverend J.J. Gerbrandt, the committee searched for ...More->
  • Belleville
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bell Park
    A Denver mountain park of 480 acres, acquired in 1915. Accessible from Highway 73, has picnic areas and riding trails. Name source unknown....More->
  • Bells of Granite Glen Museum
    Built in 1920 by Mr. and Mrs. Winston Jones, this two-story field stone and frame house has a gable roof with center front dormer, medium gable roof and an enclosed porch. The structure housed an unu...More->
  • Belmar Estate
    May Bonfils Stanton, daughter of Denver Post publisher Frederick Bonfils, inherited a private fishing lake and acreage south of West Alameda Avenue. may bought more acreage to bring the total to 750 a...More->
  • Belmar Park
    Now known as Lakewood’s Heritage Center, the Belmar Park and Museum was organized in the early 1970s. The property includes a museum, historic village, walking trails, picnic tables, playgrounds, view...More->
  • Belmont Junior High
    Belmont Junior High was originally Mountair School, a red brick, two-room building constructed in 1900. In 1927 a new brick structure with six classrooms was constructed. In 1930 an additional room, s...More->
  • Bendemeer Lodge
    Built in the 1890s, this resort consisted of a central lodge and surrounding cabins. Attractions included two miles of private fishing on Bear Creek, music, card parties, hiking, horseback riding, bee...More->
  • Bennett House
    The Bennett Home was built in 1902 and is owned by Benoni Bennett. The home is a one-story log cabin in good condition....More->
  • Bergen Creek
    Begins southeast of Bergen Peak, flows under Highway 74 and joins Troublesome Creek at Wah Keeney Park. Named after Bergen Peak and Bergen Park....More->
  • Bergen Ditch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bergen Ditch Waterfall
    Large waterfalls are a unique rarity in the area bounded by the Dakota Hogback on the east and the foothills to the west. At this point, just north of W. Belleview Ave., the waters of Bergen Ditch, o...More->
  • Bergen House
    Thomas C. Bergen was the first white settler in the Evergreen and Bergen Park area. He built his first home in 1859 at a location near the present existing home. The house is substantially changed fro...More->
  • Bergen Park
    The village and park are named for Thomas C. Bergen, who came by wagon train from Illinois in 1859. He was the first white settler in the area, became a rancher and operated a way station on the stage...More->
  • Bergen Park Cemetery
    The cemetery is located in a lumber yard, but is fenced and protected. The first and only known burial was in 1862. The tombstone reads "Sarah, Wife of M. Schenck. 1827 - 1862. 35 Yrs. 3 Mo."...More->
  • Bergen Park Community Church
    Established in 1947. The original part of the building was formerly the one-room frame Soda Creek School, which was moved into Bergen Park in about 1951. Name from its location....More->
  • Bergen Park School (Old)
    Probably built about 1862. It was located on the northeast side of Troublesome Creek about one-third mile southeast of Bergen Park, across the gulch opposite what is now 2051 Interlocken Road. Wind an...More->
  • Bergen School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bergen, Thomas Stage Stop
    Thomas Bergen came to Colorado in 1859 and traveled straight through to the mountains by way of Bear Creek and his first house became a stage stop. The junction is now Conifer. Bergen's Ranch became a...More->
  • Berkeley Annex Elementary
    Classes were initially held in the Berkeley Methodist Church in 1891, then other rented locations. Name changed to Mountain View about 1910 located in town of Mountain View. School relocated to new bu...More->
  • Berkeley Avenue
    This was the former street name of the present W. 48th Avenue. The name was derived from the area's Berkeley subdivision....More->
  • Berkeley Methodist Church
    The church is named for the community known as Berkeley and was officially organized in February 1891. In 1889 a small group met in a gospel tent on Sheridan near Oak (43rd Avenue). The present buildi...More->
  • Berkeley Station
    First station on the Denver and Northwestern Railway for Denver Tramway Car #82 to Leyden, Car #83 to Arvada and Car #84 To Golden. After the Town Of Lakeside was incorporated in 1907 and Lakeside Amu...More->
  • Berkeley Subdivision
    This was part of John Brisbane Walker's 1700-acre farm that extended into Adams, Denver and Jefferson counties. It is a 12 block area-Sheridan-Fenton Streets, 41st to 44th Avenues. There were 24 lot...More->
  • Berrian Mountain
    Named after George, Dan, and Ray Berrian and the Berrian family who came from Kansas to Colorado in 1887. May have been previously called McIntyre Mountain after Duncan McIntyre, who owned property on...More->
  • Bertha Marie Hebrew Home
    Built ca. 1887. This house was moved to the Bear Creek Avenue location by Sam Hebrew. He came to Colorado to hunt buffalo with Buffalo Bill Cody, who had a contract to furnish meat for railroad crew...More->
  • Berthoud-Bridger Survey Route
    In 1861, it was determined by the people of Golden to take measures for opening a shorter and more direct route for the Missouri Stage Lines through Colorado to Utah and on to California. Berthoud, w...More->
  • Beth Eden Baptist Church
    Dedicated Sept. 1968. The first church was located at 32nd and Lowell Boulevard, 1892. They have school classes k-12 grades. The congregation celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 1993. Name meaning: ...More->
  • Beth Eden Baptist School
    Name meaning: Beth = second letter of the Hebrew alphabet; Eden = paradise. The school is conducted by Beth Eden Baptist Church which moved from Denver to Wheat Ridge in 1967. The campus was dedicated...More->
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church
    Members met in a old barn at 32nd and Wadsworth at first. Then Rev. Martin Ness held services in the home of E.T.Fritze in Feb. 1930. Later in the Wheat Ridge Methodist Church at 32nd and Wadsworth. O...More->
  • Bethlehem Lutheran School
    Bethlehem Lutheran School is an elementary parochial school (Kindergarten thru 8th grade) that begin in the church in 1940. In 1950 to 1953 additional buildings were built on the church site. In the y...More->
  • Big Bear/Dailey House
    This is a large two-story home, with two front dormers on a gabled roof. It was constructed in 1883 by John Daily. The front porch is enclosed with screening and the bottom half finished in log slabs....More->
  • Big Dry Creek
    The name probably was a convenient designation to indicate a different drainage area from Little Dry Creek, which is in the same general area....More->
  • Bigger Mica Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Big Gulch
    This gulch joins Troublesome Creek about a mile west of Kittredge. Name is descriptive of the geologic feature....More->
  • Big Ravine
    Named probably for its sheer size, making it larger than any gulch on either table mountain near Golden, the southernmost portion of Big Ravine was part of the first North Table Mountain property purc...More->
  • Birch Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Birdland Park
    Birdland Park was one of 26 parks approved by citizens of Arvada in the 1974 Bond Election. Originally it was named for the numerous birds in the area. The name was changed to the Jack B. Tomlinson Pa...More->
  • Bishop Rock
    This rock formation is named for the resemblance of a clergyman in a robe holding a book....More->
  • Blackmer House
    The house was built in 1940 by a Mr. Blackmer, a local cattle rancher, as his "dream house." He was unable to complete it, and as a result, never lived in the house. In the 1960s the Hiwan Country...More->
  • Blackmer Mine
    The mine was developed with an incline shaft 35 feet deep. In 1936 three men were working underground, and one was working above ground. The miners were seeking gold and silver, but the mine did not p...More->
  • Black Mountain
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Black Mountain Creek
    A creek beginning about one-quarter mile southeast of the summit of Black Mountain and running generally south for about three miles before emptying into Elk Creek. Named after the mountain....More->
  • Black Mountain Ranch Estates
    A subdivision platted in 1964 by Black Mountain Ranch Estates, Inc. The name came from the mountain it is located on and adjacent to....More->
  • Black Stag Ranch
    Black Stag Ranch was one of the earliest ranches in the Golden vicinity. Pioneer stone quarryman George Morrison was among its inhabitants....More->
  • Blue Clay Mine
    Owned by the Coors Porcelain Company. It is a tunnel spaced at 220 feet to a point where two veins were contacted. The mine has been inactive since about 1940 and Coors uses it for storage....More->
  • Blue Creek
    A creek roughly two miles west of and parallel to Highway 73, flowing north and joining Cub Creek just below Sprucedale. Name came from the large number of blue spruce trees growing in the area of the...More->
  • Bluejay Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Blue Jay Inn
    It was built in 1882 as a hotel. From 1909-1947, the Episcopal Diocese of Denver owned the building and operated a summer home for employed women of Girl's Friendly Society. Many antique furnishings ...More->
  • Blue Lake Reservoir
    Appropriation date was May 13, 1941. Filled from Clear Creek, this reservoir lies in Water District #7....More->
  • Blue Mountain
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bluff's Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, water for this ditch is diverted from Clear Creek via North bank of the Slough Ditch. Claimants for adjudication in 1884 were R.H. Rhodes and Anna A.Sayer (Priorities #2...More->
  • Blumm Crushing and Screening Plant
    The Blumm Crushing and Screening Plant is located in the Blumm Dam, owned by the City of Arvada. Producing riprap and bedding material for dam drainage systems. Material is loaded into feed hopper w...More->
  • Blumm Reservoir
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Boatright House
    The Boatright House was built in 1905 for a prominent Colorado lawyer and community leader, William L. Boatright. This house was constructed across from the old Jefferson County Courthouse. Boatrigh...More->
  • Bob and Lee Mine
    Managed by Lee E Babcock from 1954-57. Co-owned and leased 160 acres from Brown- Jeep Road. Includes a 20-foot eight by four shaft and a 75-foot five by seven crosscut. Prospecting for uranium alth...More->
  • Booten Gulch
    Booten Gulch is about .6 mile long and drains south to the slope of Mt. Tom. It is named for Daniel Booten, who squatted at the entrance and is credited with building Centennial House. Centennial Ranc...More->
  • Boston Building
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Boston House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Boulder Farm Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Boulder Farm Road (1866) This road ran approximately along Ralston Road, then north to Boulder following part of present-day Simms Street. It served farme...More->
  • Boulder to Golden Wagon Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Boulder to Golden Wagon Road (circa 1865) This road ran north-south parallel to the foothills, connecting Golden and Boulder. ...More->
  • Bowles Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bowles Lateral
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bowles Reservoir #1
    Named after Joseph W. Bowles. "By 1899, Joseph W. Bowles owned an extensive amount of land near present-day Belleview and Wadsworth, and additional land on what is now Bowles Avenue. After several yea...More->
  • Box Car School
    The remodeled two-room boxcar had a large wood and coal heater and no water. Students supplied water from the North Fork of the South Platte River nearby. It operated as a school from 1941-1944 with t...More->
  • Boyd Lake
    Named for the owner-user since the mid 20th century. The lake is in Water District #7....More->
  • Boyd's Crossing
    T.P.Boyd's homestead straddled Clear Creek. This was the point where Prospect Trail (44th Avenue) could be forded by the wagons on their way to Golden and the gold mines to the west. Even earlier it w...More->
  • Bradford Elementary School
    Located on Ken Caryl Ranch, this school is part of Jefferson County R1 School District. It was named for Major Robert B. Bradford, who owned a toll road and stage stop in this area. The school opene...More->
  • Bradford House
    Located on the Bradford Road west of the Dakota Hogback and northeast of the tollgate. The original ranch house was built in 1859. This building is the last remaining structure of what was Bradford C...More->
  • Bradford House III Archeological Site
    Added to the National Register of Historic Places (5JF52) on April 8, 1980. "Exploration indicated that the site has functioned as a shelter for small bands of people from approximately 565 B.C. to re...More->
  • Bradford Junction
    An early crossroads where Highway 73 intersects Barkley Road, Bradford Junction was the location of where today's "The Yellow Barn" and an 1862 water well that stands in the middle of the old road. Lo...More->
  • Bradford-Perley House
    The Bradford House was a part of Bradford City, founded by Robert B. Bradford. Originally a small structure, constructed of blocks of stone, Bradford enlarged the house and patterned it after a southe...More->
  • Bradford Toll Road
    Bradford Toll Road was named for Robert Boyles Bradford, who was born in Davison County, Tennessee in 1813. He joined with Russell, Majors, and Waddell to form an overland transportation company. Brad...More->
  • Brainard-Tucker Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, this ditch diverts water from the South Bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Margaret S. Tucker and Richard Broad. Priority was Ralston Creek #5 (5-1-1862). Tuc...More->
  • Brannan Pit #12
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Brannan Pit #17
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Brannan Pit #26
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Bridge F15 - CI Genesee Park Interchange
    Designed by architect Frank Lundberg in 1970, this bridge is supported by a continuous steel box girder with a span length of 180' and a total length of 218'. This bridge was the first continuous st...More->
  • Bridgeside Park
    Bridgeside Park is a City park, approved in the 1974 Bond referendum, and completed in the Fall of 1975. This 4,562-acre park has a service area of a one- fourth-mile radius. Together with Vanderhoof ...More->
  • Bright & Brown Ditch
    This ditch lies in Water District #7. Lateral from the Farmers High Line, built about 1876-1878 by area farmers Oliver Bright and Hiram R. Brown....More->
  • Broad Lake
    Named for Richard Broad who owned a ranch and sold the lake to Arapaho Ditch Company (now Farmer's High Line) in 1891. This lake appears on a 1915 map and is in Water District #7....More->
  • Broadview Nursery
    Webber experimented with many different kinds of trees and flowers. He belonged to the Peony Society and his catalogue was devoted to various peony specimens. From his ledgers, it is evident that ma...More->
  • Broadway House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Brook Forest
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Brook Forest Inn
    This resort, with restaurant, bar, cabins and stable, opened in 1916. It was built by Edwin Welz, an Austrian, and his Swiss wife Rigi homesteaded the land in 1913. He created the resort to be truly a...More->
  • Broomfield School
    Broomfield School existed off and on from 1900 until 1917. Locally, the school was so named because it was the closest school to Broomfield....More->
  • Brown, A.E./Sealman House
    This one-story house is a vernacular masonry built in 1912. Built for Homer L. Elliot in 1917. In 1923, Albert Everett Brown was listed as living in the house. In 1925, Mr. Brown was elected Arvad...More->
  • Brown & Baugh Ditch
    This ditch is situated in Water District #7. The owners were granted priority #45, May 26, 1865, out of Clear Creek via South bank of Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were Jacob H. Brown, Annie Lees,...More->
  • Brown House
    The two-story house has a vernacular wood frame and side gable and was built in 1900. It is significant as a representative of Golden's historic architecture, as reflected in its steeply pitched roof,...More->
  • Brown Lane
    This lane was named for the Jacob H. Brown family. It is now know as Parfet Street....More->
  • Brown's Island Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, water is diverted from the south bank of Clear Creek. Claimant in 1884 was Jacob H. Brown, and was granted Priority #4, May 19, 1860. Part of the water has since been tra...More->
  • Brownville School
    District 17 in 1879, M.B. Short, teacher. School closed on Thursday. School somewhat small....More->
  • Brush Creek
    Located on Martin Marietta property, it probably named for the vegetation along the bank....More->
  • Brush Creek Cabin
    This site consists of a cabin, out building, and trash area. The cabin is constructed of rough-hewn Ponderosa Pine or Douglas Fur logs; saddle notching; squared off ends; dimension of foundation abo...More->
  • Bryn Mawr
    John Bond developed a resort early in the 20th century on the banks of the North Fork of the South Platte River near Pine. It is said to have been named for the school Bond's wife attended in Bryn Maw...More->
  • Buckeye Mine
    As reported on Jan. 26, 1884, the Buckeye Mine had rock colored with malachite and azurite, green and blue. Buckeye claim owned by W.W. Gayton was surveyed and recorded on March 8, 1884....More->
  • Buckman Mine
    Owned by Guy Buckman. The focus of this mine was the development and exploration of uranium. In April of 1956 the operators started to drive a new tunnel into a vein which was originally discovered i...More->
  • Buckman Place
    Built circa 1895, outbuildings circa 1935. Designated a county landmark 3/7/2005....More->
  • Buck Snort Saloon
    In late 1800s, the Denver and South Park Railroad wound its way along the South Platte River and its North Fork from Denver to a stop at Pine. The summer community of Sphinx Park was established upstr...More->
  • Buffalo
    This railroad stop on the Colorado & Southern Railroad was named "Buffalo," never "Buffalo Creek," as the community is known as today. Buffalo was laid out by John W. Smith, president of the Denver & ...More->
  • Buffalo Claims
    Joseph Prach owned and operated this mine in 1972-73. He hired two other men to work the mine. In 1972 Joseph had two prospect holes blasted out of the granite. He then planned to doze off the topso...More->
  • Buffalo Creek
    The creek was once believed to have been named by John C. Fremont or his scouts, but that idea has been questioned more recently by historians with no definitive answer....More->
  • Buffalo Creek
    The community was platted by John W. Smith of the Denver & South Park Construction Co. and filed Jan . 27,1881, in Jefferson County. The name Sunny Vale Park appeared in the Book of Town Plats -1882-J...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Campground
    In the 1930s it was called the Clayton College Campground (a Denver organization), but its use was discontinued in late 1940s and later made into a campground and maintained by the Forest Service. It ...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Cemetery
    First known burial was in 1881. The land was deeded by the Jerome family of Denver and Buffalo Creek in 1902 and is still in use. Maintained by the Buffalo Park Chapel Association with burial by permi...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Fire
    On Saturday, May 18, 1996 at 1:30 p.m. a campfire smoldered, unattended, close to Wellington Lake in Pike National Forest near the Buffalo Creek. Winds increased and flames took off, gathering moment...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Flood
    On July 12, 1996, eight weeks after the Buffalo Creek Fire in Pike National Forest, a torrential rainstorm hit the area for several hours and an ocean of black water rushed downhill from the site of t...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Forest Service Work Center
    The present center was built in the early 1930s by the U.S. Forest Service after closing several ranger stations in Pike National Forest between the community of Buffalo Creek and Lake Wellington. In ...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Park
    This was a popular summer resort for Denver people, was first platted by John J. Jamieson, September 11, 1888, but was again platted by him in company with William G. Jamieson and Catherine Main, and ...More->
  • Buffalo Creek Post Office
    It was established Aug.16,1878 with John Mitchell as the first postmaster and has been in continuous operation ever since. On Sept.13,1963, it was converted to a rural branch of the Pine Post Office a...More->
  • Buffalo Creek School
    It was built in 1889 of brick with two outhouses (still standing). Fire destroyed the structure three times - and it was rebuilt each time. Pupils attended from miles around until the 1950s when c...More->
  • Buffalo Park Association
    This is a water company operated by invested property owners at Buffalo Creek community and built at the turn of the century by John L.J. Jerome. It was considered sophisticated for its time and cont...More->
  • Buffalo Park School
    A log school built in the 1870s by Selim Vezina and Antoine Roy, which has been called Evergreen's first school. Classes ceased there in 1937 when the district consolidated with Evergreen. Caroline Ve...More->
  • Buffalo Peak
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Buffalo Peak Historic Refuse Dump
    Post 1930 site consists of a scattering of historic trash on the south slope of a ridge. Artifacts include black powder cans, food cans, muffler, small bottles, machine parts, tobacco cans, cable, an...More->
  • Buffalo Railroad Station
    This was a stop on the Colorado & Southern Railroad route and 39.6 miles from Denver. It was located about 100 yards downstream (North Fork of the South Platte River) from the J.W.Green Mercantile Co....More->
  • Buffalo Rock
    It was named for the nearby community of Buffalo Creek and is popular with rock climbers....More->
  • Buffalo Rose Saloon
    The Buffalo Rose Saloon was built in the 1870s. Historic maps indicate that this building has been a saloon from at least 1886. The building appears on the 1878 map of Golden and is therefore one of t...More->
  • Bugs Bunny Motel
    The Colfax Cottage Court was remodeled in 1947 as the Bugs Bunny Motel. The name was changed to the Big Bunny Motel because Time-Warner claimed the name was a copyright infringement....More->
  • Bull Gulch
    Inquiry produced no information on the source of the name....More->
  • Bull Gulch Prospect Pit
    This c. 1900 site consists of a prospect pit. It is a shallow depression on a narrow ridge top on the north side of Coal Creek Canyon....More->
  • Bunny & Ballinger Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, this ditch diverted water from the south bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Robert Bunny and Harmon Ballinger. Priorities granted were #6 (6-6-1862) and #9 (6-...More->
  • Burch/Durbin House
    This c. 1889 two-story, rectangular, brick, front hipped roof, Four Square house was built for Thomas and Jane Burch....More->
  • Butz Lake
    Small lake located on Lilley Gulch just south of the Leawood subdivision. This lake is named after the landowner B.E. Butz, who is shown as the landowner on the 1899 Farm Map....More->
  • Byrne Street
    Byrne was a short street that eventually became the north end of Pierce Street when that street was extended to West 48th Avenue....More->

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