• Daffodil
    A town was placed on a 1903 map of Jefferson County with this name. Verification of a post office with this name can be found under Trumbull....More->
  • Daffodil Post Office
    It was established April 11, 1896, at Trumball, discontinued February 19, 1908, and moved to Deckers. Origin of name unknown....More->
  • Dakota Hogback
    On the eastern slope of the hogback in the sandstone of the South Platte formation, fossilized leaves, marine fish scales, dinosaur tracks, and ripple marks are visible. On the western slope, dinosau...More->
  • Daniel's Park
    This park has athletic fields, playground, outdoor barbecue, horseshoe, volleyball and lighted tennis courts....More->
  • Daniels School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Danny Kendrick Park
    This 3.60 acre park was the result of the 1974 bond election and was developed the following year. The Park was named for a small boy, Danny Kendrick, who was hit by a car and killed on Ward Road. The...More->
  • Dargin Mine
    D.G. Dargin claim at the summit of the mountain. The mine is down to ten feet. December 29, 1883, Koch, Dargin, and Bellan make a mineral strike near the head of Dead Man's Gulch. There is a promin...More->
  • Davidson House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Davis Brothers Florists, Inc.
    A 1930s Davis Brothers Florists' calendar proudly displays and aerial photograph of the company's office, warehouse, and greenhouses with a caption boasting, "One hundred sixty-seven thousand square f...More->
  • Davis & Brown Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, under Priority date, 5-11-1878, this ditch originates from the north bank of Leyden Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Mary A. Davis and Charles M. Brown. Mary A. Davis, da...More->
  • Davis Business Block
    Graves Blacksmith Shop, built in late 1860s, was the first building at this site. It was razed to service a new mode of transportation, "the iron horse." A. L. Davis completed the first portion of his...More->
  • Davis Lane
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Davis Lane Park
    The City of Arvada acquired the land from John F. Fuller & Co. and leased it to North Jeffco Recreation and Park District for 99 years in 1967, and deeded it to North Jeffco, April 12, 1968. This acti...More->
  • Davis Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Davis & Rand Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, under Priority #12 (5-26-1865). This ditch diverts water out of the north bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were area farmers Charles Rand, Charles M. Brown & H...More->
  • Davy Reservoir
    Claimant in 1936 was Mabel S. Davy. Original construction in 1905 was by Laura Randall. Located in Water District #7, this reservoir is filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Lin...More->
  • Deacon's Bench
    Architect John Ross designed this c.1880 1-1/2 story, Victorian, frame, high gabled, house with shiplap siding. It has a left side front entrance and small rectangle windows. John Ross had a lumber b...More->
  • Deadman Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Deane Elementary School
    Built in 1955. Originally named Smith Alameda Elementary and for the geographical area. In 1983 it was named to honor Mary and Ilene Deane, sisters who worked 25 years for the school district. They bo...More->
  • Dean's Grocery Store
    Dean's Grocery Store built ca. 1890 by John Ross. There was a dance hall upstairs, and on Sunday it was the Episcopal Sunday School taught by Mrs. Mary Chattie Ross, John's wife. From 1924 to 1946 it ...More->
  • Dedisse Park
    A Denver Mountain Park of 420 acres acquired by condemnation in 1919 for $25,000 from heirs of French pioneers Jerome and Mary de Disse. The Evergreen Dam was built on the property in 1926-1927. The P...More->
  • Deer Creek
    This is a tributary (left hand) of the North Fork of the South Platte River at Crossons Co. (S6). The mouth is at S1, T8, R71W, Pike National Forest Map, 1953; also, S30, T3S, R71W, Atlas of Colorado,...More->
  • Deer Creek
    This creek created Deer Creek Canyon and flows into the Platte River....More->
  • Deer Creek Junior High School
    Located two miles south of Southwest Plaza and one-half mile west on West Columbine Drive, this school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It was built in 1980 with a capacity of 842. ...More->
  • Deer Creek Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Deer Creek School
    The one room school house on the bank of Deer Creek was built in 1883 and was closed in 1950. The first teacher was Mrs. McWilliams, followed by Mrs. Bill Allen. The pupils who rode to school on horse...More->
  • Deer Creek School
    Located 1 mile west of Junction Deer Creek and Platte Canyon Road was built in 1900. After reorganization it became a residence. At present the community (1978) is interested in having restored as a h...More->
  • Deer Creek Wagon Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Deer Creek Wagon Road (1867) This road was built along Deer Creek. The lower four-mile-segment from the hogback was constructed by the Deer Creek Wagon Roa...More->
  • Deer Gulch
    It was probably named for the creek which formed the gulch....More->
  • Deermont
    South Fork Deer Creek runs through Deermont. Had a number of residences about 4 miles NW of Waterton on 1980 survey map....More->
  • Deer Mountain
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Deer Valley
    Application for Post Office by George Parmelee in 1870. Route from Denver to Buckskin Joe Postmaster from Fairplay, CO issued the application....More->
  • Delaney House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Del Piccolo Reservoir
    Located in Water District #7, the appropriation date January 1, 1965, is for 5.9 acre feet filled by seepage. Probably named for land owner....More->
  • Denbow, Grover House
    Built ca. 1875. This house was also used as a railroad crew house; later it was a rental. Grover Denbow rented it when he came to Morrison with his family in 1912. Denbow was a trapper, among other...More->
  • Dennis House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road
    from Cultural Contexts report, 2004 Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road/Mount Vernon Road (1859) This toll road was incorporated by Joseph Casto, Horner Fellos, Christian Dorsey and Solomon Shro...More->
  • Denver, Auraria & South Park Wagon Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004 Denver, Auraria & South Park Wagon Road (1859) This toll road was incorporated by J. H. Cochran, Samuel Brown, and Joseph Brown. It originated at Denver-Aur...More->
  • Denver, Bradford & Blue River Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Denver, Bradford & Blue River Road (1861) Major Robert Bradford developed this toll road to access Park County and points west. He received a charter from ...More->
  • Denver Coal Company Mine
    February 5, 1891, Denver Coal Company mine began sinking its shaft . By January 1892 the shaft was down 500 feet. First level at 250 feet runs 72 feet to eight foot coal vein and 100 feet more to a ...More->
  • Denver & Crown Hill Railway
    A need for public transportation led Crown Hill to secure a charter for this trolley in November, 1910. This electric line ran from 29th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard west to Wadsworth Boulevard, plu...More->
  • Denver & Crown Hill Trolley
    When Crown Hill Cemetery wanted trolley service they built their own electric line from the end of the Tramway Line at West 29th Ave. and Sheridan Blvd. to West 29th Ave. and Wadsworth Blvd., a distan...More->
  • Denver Federal Center
    The Denver Federal Center was originally part of a large ranch known as "Down Dale" owned by Major Jacob Downing (1830- 1907). The Thomas S. Hyden Realty Company purchased the ranch in 1913. Lakewoo...More->
  • Denver & Intermountain Electric Railway
    The electric railway was in operation in 1903 to the Leyden coal mines. In 1913, this line was absorbed by the Denver City Tramway company. By 1950, all electrical tramway systems were abandoned and...More->
  • Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railroad
    This line was named in 1889 after having been called the South Park Division of the Union Pacific since 1881. It was sold to the Colorado & Southern Railroad in 1898....More->
  • Denver & Middle Park Railroad
    The small connection with the Colorado Central Railroad at a foothills station called "Ralston," between Ralston and Van Bibber Creeks, was built in 1884. The firm of Denver and Middle Park ran the 4...More->
  • Denver Mountain Parks
    A parks system owned by the City and County of Denver, consisting of over 8,600 acres in 24 named and developed parks and about 5,000 acres in 24 undeveloped properties, nearly all in Jefferson County...More->
  • Denver & Northwestern Railroad
    This railway was incorporated in 1901, for the purpose of hauling coal from the Leyden Mines to the Denver City Tramway Company's new power generation plant. Track gauge was 42" matching that of the ...More->
  • Denver Ordnance Plant/Remington Arms Company
    Preparations for the United States' entry into World War II brought sudden changes to the area. In December, 940 the Federal Government announced its intention to build a munitions manufacturing and ...More->
  • Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
    One of Colorado's outstanding railroads, the Denver and Rio Grande Western, absorbed the Denver and Salt Lake Western in 1934. The distance between Denver and Salt Lake City was shortened by 175 mile...More->
  • Denver Shale Brick Co.
    Arvada's first industry was incorporated in 1907 as the Denver Shale Brick Company. J. J. Cooke, A. J. Fowler and W. H. Coon were the officers of the new industry. Clay was extracted from the ground M...More->
  • Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad
    Constructed in 1878 and became the South Park Division of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1881. It was reorganized in 1889 and named Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railroad, sold to the Colorado & Southe...More->
  • Denver, Turkey Creek & South Park Wagon Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Denver, Turkey Creek & South Park Wagon Road (1866) This toll road was built through lower Turkey Creek Canyon to compete with the Denver, Bradford & Blue ...More->
  • Denver, Utah & Pacific Railroad Grade
    Built in 1881-1882, but never used, by David H. Moffat, this 8200-foot-long railroad grade consisting of a large earthen berm varying in height and width from a couple hundred feet high on the southea...More->
  • Denver View Elementary School
    District 49 was formed from the northern part of District No. 6. Rufus Belgin, youngest son of pioneer Solomon Belgin, gave the three-acre site for the school. When the school was no longer needed in ...More->
  • Despain Ditch
    Now abandoned, this ditch diverted water from Farmer's Highline Canal and ran northeast into Westminster in Adams County. Built by the first resident of Westminster, Pleasant Despain, to supply water ...More->
  • Devil's Garden Gulch
    This tributary (right hand) of Bear Creek (mouth), S32, T4S, R70W, is about 1.5 miles long and is .5 mile west of Idledale. Denver Mountain Parks Map, 1924 (1939). Devil's Garden Gulch takes its name ...More->
  • Devil's Gulch
    A tributary of Bear Creek which joins the latter just above Idledale. Name source unknown....More->
  • Dike Ditch
    McIntyre Gulch starts up in the Green Mountain Estate area and flows down towards the Federal Center, across towards Carr Street where it converges with Lakewood Gulch....More->
  • Dillon Park
    A Denver mountain park of 160 acres acquired in 1922. It has fireplaces, picnic areas, and hiking trails, and is one mile south of Evergreen. Name source unknown....More->
  • Dinosaur Ridge
    This topographical feature rises suddenly at the foothills, then drops suddenly preceding the rise west into the Rocky Mountains. The northern section, from I70 to Hwy 8, is known today as "Dinosaur ...More->
  • Dinosaur Site
    In 1878 Othniel C. Marsh, a Yale University professor, excavated a huge brontosaurus from the hog back ridge west side above Morrison. It was both one of the largest and most complete skeletons ever ...More->
  • Dinosaur Trail
    "Dinosaur Trail, at foot of mountain from which fossil monsters were taken for eastern museum, connects Morrison and Golden, eight miles. Park of the Red Rocks, one-half mile northwest of Morrison. Th...More->
  • Disabled American Veterans Park
    By 1946, the Disabled American Veterans purchased the property from the Vasa Building Club. Members of the purchasing committee were: Clyde Beugley, Robert Frazell, Robert Wilson, Wally Whiting, Carl ...More->
  • Docmann Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Dog Hollow
    Dog Hollow was the popular name for the lower, and less reputable, portion of downtown Golden, in the area of Ford Street just south of Clear Creek. The Golden Eagle (future Golden Globe) newspaper w...More->
  • Dog Pound Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Dome Rock
    It was a stop on the Colorado & Southern Railroad and named for the rock formation at its peak....More->
  • Dome Rock Post Office
    The first postmaster recorded in July 1880 was Frank B. Ross,who served until 1880. On March 1, 1886, a Ulysses S.Grant was registered. This entry had to have been made by a namesake or prankster si...More->
  • Dome Rock Railroad Station
    This station served as a combination depot and living quarters while in service. The railroad line was discontinued in 1938....More->
  • Doublehead Mountain
    Obviously named for the physical appearance of its twin rocky peaks. Located about 1 1/4 miles northwest of Windy Point on US Hwy. 285. Presently the site for communication towers....More->
  • Doudy Draw
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Doughty Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Douglas Mountain
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Douglas Park
    In 1937, this was one of the first Evergreen subdivisions planned for year-round homes. Dr. Josepha Douglas, wife of Canon Douglas, developed of 34 one-acre home sites just above Main Street. Named af...More->
  • Down Dale
    The Denver Federal Center was originally part of a large ranch known as "Down Dale" owned by the prominent Colorado pioneer Major Jacob Downing (1830- 1907). Downing was a noted lawyer and judge who ...More->
  • Downing Reservoir
    Claimant in 1936 was W.H. Hayden, ASD successor in interest to the Thomas S. Hayden Realty Company. Filled from Clear Creek via agricultural ditch. Construction prior to 1892....More->
  • Drake Junior High School
    Drake Junior High School was built in 1959 and was named for Obediah Drake, superintendent of Arvada School District No. 2 from 1902-1919...More->
  • Dry Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Dry Creek Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Dry Gulch
    Dry Gulch begins below 13th Avenue and Harlan Street to connect with Lakewood Gulch....More->
  • Duggan House
    Built in 1919, this is a one-story, wood frame, 800 sq. ft., ranch style house....More->
  • Duke Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Dunlap House
    Built in 1933, this 1 1/2 story frame, 585-square-foot bungalow has a side gable roof, dormers with shingle siding, exposed gable roof, and multi-paned windows....More->
  • Dunstan Junior High School
    Built in 1968. Named for Irene Z Dunstan. Mrs. Dunstan was a school principal and Assistant Superintendent of R-1 Schools....More->
  • Durham House
    Built in ca. 1880. Mr. Fillmore Durham was the railroad station master, and his wife was the telegraph operator. He was killed on Bear Creek Avenue by a car in 1936 at age 84. The building is now used...More->
  • Dutch Creek
    This creek starts in Section 28 and flows into Arapahoe County and the Platte River....More->
  • Dutch Creek Elementary School
    Located ten blocks east of Wadsworth on Coal Mine Avenue and six blocks south on Webster Street, this school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It was built in 1973 for grades K-6 wit...More->
  • Eagle Brewery
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Eagle Rock
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • East Arvada Junior High School
    East Arvada Junior High School was in operation from 1970 until 1984. The school building was demolished in 1984 for Cornerstone Mall. Originally this school was built as Arvada High School 1920. It b...More->
  • East Evergreen Interchange Bridge
    The bridge features two spans, 130 feet and 256 feet, of continuous and composite welder, steel, girders. But in 1973, this structure is one of the finer examples "haunch" construction, in which a gi...More->
  • East Reservoir
    The 1936 claimant was Agricultural Ditch and Res. Co. filled from Clear Creek via the Golden or Welch Ditch and the Agricultural Res. Ditch (an extension and enlargement of the Golden or Welch Ditch)....More->
  • East School
    East School was built in 1885, and so named because it was in the east end of District No. 25....More->
  • Ebner's Face
    Natural geographical feature resembling a face facing the west in the Dakota Hogback. Named for Don Ebner, noted member of the Jefferson County Historical Commission in the 1980s and 1990s....More->
  • Echo Valley Ranch
    This is a working ranch at the present time. Echo Valley Ranch was homesteaded in c. 1871 and the present ranch house was built in 1894. It is occupied now by the owners, the Robert P Colwell fami...More->
  • Echo Valley School
    It was operated late in the 19th century under a joint district of Jefferson and Park Counties. Some pupils went 3 months to Echo Valley school and 3 months to Mendenhall School....More->
  • Economy Mine
    This coal mine operated from 1937 to 1940. There are two shafts leading to a coal seam of seven feet to 11 feet. Original owners were Merrill E. Shoup, C.V. Sargent, N.M. Driscoll....More->
  • Eden House Stable
    The stable was built in 1925 as part of the Olinger Indian Hills development using one wing of the old Benjamin F. Eden house as the rear portion. It was restored by the Woodticks Square Dance Group ...More->
  • Eden Park
    Settled by Benjamin Eden in 1888. Was the second tollgate keeper on the Turkey Creek Canyon Toll Road....More->
  • Edgemont
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Edgewater
    In 1890 there was nothing to indicate that a town would spring up on the Western edge of Sloan Lake. The only building at 25th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard was a tavern used as an overnight stop for...More->
  • Edgewater Clinic
    The clinic was built in 1953 by doctors Parry and Beshore. The building contains facilities for three doctors and a dentist. In 1960, modern apartments were finished for rental on the second floor....More->
  • Edgewater Elementary School
    Edgewater Elementary, grades K-6, takes its name from the small community it serves, which apparently was so called because of its location west of Sloan's Lake. The history is varied and lengthy, bei...More->
  • Edgewater Fire Department
    "In 1915 the Edgewater Volunteer Fire Department was founded and assigned station number thirteen by the State for being the thirteenth company in Colorado to organize. Contributions were solicited f...More->
  • Edgewater High School
    In 1912 all high school students attended Wheat Ridge High School. The Edgewater Elementary was Edgewater's only school until 1924 when a new building was constructed south of the original school at a...More->
  • Edgewater Inn
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Edgewater Market Place
    The Edgewater Market Place has become the economic base of Edgewater. In January of 1981, the Edgewater Renewal Authority (ERA) Board was appointed to develop 35 acres bordered by Sheridan on the ea...More->
  • Edgewater Plaza
    A Housing and Urban Development high-rise housing project for qualifying senior citizens opened in the summer of 1981 and is referred to as the "Plaza." It contains 79 apartments on seven floors. The ...More->
  • Edgewater Police Department
    In the early 1900s law and order was kept by a Town Marshall and Deputies. In 1949 a Dodge was Edgewater's one and only police car. It had a two way radio connected to Jefferson County Sheriff's Dep...More->
  • Edgewater Post Office
    The Edgewater Post Office enjoyed a variety of locations. The first post office was opened in Widow Humphrey's home on Sheridan Boulevard. The mail came by trolley to Saint Anthony's Hospital, and a h...More->
  • Edgewater School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Edgewater Street Names
    The original names of the streets have been named after the Presidents of the United States, with the exception of Calhoun Street. These names existed up until time of incorporation. The original na...More->
  • Edgewater Town Hall
    Meetings were held in private homes until the Town Hall was built, December 7, 1905. The Town Hall was a former Baptist Church located at 25th and Gray. In 1940, the town hall was renovated with WPA...More->
  • Edgewater United Methodist Church
    In 1885 Sunday school classes were established in the home of W.F. Ricker at 25th and Benton. In 1898 the church was housed in a tent on Chase Street (now 2529 Chase). The tent was replaced with a ...More->
  • Edwards Quarry
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Eiber Elementary School
    Built in 1955. Named for George Eiber, who came to Colorado in 1920. He was on the Daniel's School board until his retirement in 1934. The school housed the R-1 district classes for the deaf, blind an...More->
  • Eighth Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • El-Carl Arena
    A riding ring on US Highway 285 about one and one half miles southwest of Conifer, on land given by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edwards. It is the home of the 4-H Trail Dusters Riding Club and site of an annual...More->
  • Elephant Park
    This Denver Mountain Park is named for Elephant Butte, which resembles an elephant....More->
  • Elk Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Elk Creek Canyon
    This canyon is about 6.5 miles long and drains to the south slope of Black Hawk Mountain. It was named for the large number of elk which occupied the drainage. It was also a stop on the Colorado Centr...More->
  • Elk Creek Fire District Fire Station
    The Fire District was formed in 1948 with one piece of equipment. A fire house was built in 1951 and in 1963. Another was located at the crest of Richmond Hill off Highway #285. At the present time,...More->
  • Elk Creek Railroad Station
    Former railroad station at Clear Creek and Elk Creek. Siding on railroad at 1.9 miles above Beaver Brook. 0.9 miles west of Beaver Brook, Crofett Guide, 1881, p. 40. West of Guy Gulch R.B. 1948, S33, ...More->
  • Elk Creek School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Elk Creek Settlement
    A settlement between Beaver Brook (station) and Big Hills station on Clear Creek, from the Colorado Relief Map, Caxton, Colorado, 1894....More->
  • Elk Creek Toll Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Elk Creek Toll Road and Tramway Company (1882) This road was built from Pine Grove (Pine) up Elk Creek to the junction with the Denver, Bradford & Blue Ri...More->
  • Elk Falls Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Elkhorn Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Elk Meadow Park
    It is a Jefferson County Open Space Park of 1295 acres acquired in 1977. It is bordered on the north by the 236 acres of Noble Meadow, acquired by the Jefferson County Open Space Department in 1995 a...More->
  • Elk Park
    Early name for the area that was later called Bergen Park after the arrival of first white settler Thomas C. Bergen in 1859. Named for the elk herd that used it as a favorite wintering area....More->
  • Elmgreen Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • El Rancho
    A landmark restaurant, mountain lodge and conference center that has become known as a location on Interstate Highway 70. It began as a log restaurant built in 1947 by the Jahnke family. In 1953, it ...More->
  • Elsie Place Station
    Named for Elsie Subdivision from which the rights-of-way for Elsie Station were secured by the Denver and North Western Electric Railroad Company....More->
  • Emil Schneider Park
    This park is located in Indian Tree Village Subdivision. The property was deeded to North Jeffco from the City of Arvada May 17, 1971, and an agreement was made between North Jeffco and Tanco Corp. fo...More->
  • Emily H. Mine
    February 9, 1884, the Emily H. Mine, the property of Messrs, Wheeler and Co., was tested. The ore was taken at a depth of 18 feet and gave a n assay of 67% copper, 19% iron, three ounces of silver, t...More->
  • Enterprise Grange No. 25
    Organizers of Enterprise Grange No. 25 were Mary Ann and John C. Churches, the first master, who received the charter, June 25, 1874. Several area granges consolidated or reorganized into Enterprise G...More->
  • Eskins Reservoir
    Located in Water District #7, this ditch is filled with water diverted from Clear Creek. The appropriation date was October 31, 1965....More->
  • Eustice/Russell House
    Thomas Eustice, a miner from the gold and silver regions of Colorado, came to Arvada for health reasons. He built a home for his family in 1893 at 5613 Wadsworth Blvd. The house remained in the Eustic...More->
  • Evangel Baptist Church
    The name means: Evangel = message of redemption (Christian). The church was organized in 1954 and has grown and prospered....More->
  • Evans Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Evans, Elihu, Farm
    Elihu Evans was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania on December 20, 1825. He and his brother, Oliver, left for Colorado in 1860. For a short time the brothers worked in the saw and quartz mills in the...More->
  • Evans Ranch
    In the summer of 1868, former Colorado territorial governor John Evans and his family embarked on a camping trip in the mountains west of Denver. The camping party drove in spring wagons up Bear Cre...More->
  • Everett Block
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Everett House
    The Martin Everett House was built on the Everett Homestead, 160 acres extending from 32nd Avenue to 38th Avenue, Wadsworth Boulevard east to Henderson Street (Pierce). On May 16, 1867 this house was ...More->
  • Evergreen
    Evergreen was platted by John MacBeth when he filed the plat for the estate of Mary N. Williamson on Nov. 20, 1919. The area was first called "The Post" in or near 1866 after Amos Post, son-in-law of ...More->
  • Evergreen Addition Subdivision
    The addition extends from Logan Street S.E. to Summit Street including Pine Top Avenue and from Teller Street S.W. to the start of Spring Street with 74 lots in the addition, each 50 feet in width....More->
  • Evergreen Baptist Church
    The church was established in 1975. The building dates to the late 1880s and served as the second schoolhouse in the Evergreen area....More->
  • Evergreen Cemetery
    Although the cemetery was not incorporated until March 5, 1908, there are graves dating back as far as 1859. Many of Evergreen's early pioneer families are to be found here....More->
  • Evergreen Conference Historic District
    The Historic District consists of 7 acres and 23 structures, the older ones predating its use by the Episcopal church. The first building was a log bunkhouse for lumber workers probably constructed d...More->
  • Evergreen Dam
    Built in 1926-1927 by the City and County of Denver for flood control, water supply, and recreation....More->
  • Evergreen Fire Stations
    The Evergreen Fire Department was officially organized in 1948 and the present building for Station No. 1 was constructed in 1966. Station No. 2 is in Bergen Park at 1802 Bergen Parkway. No. 3 is i...More->
  • Evergreen Highlands
    A 362-acre subdivision platted in 1971 by Evergreen Estates, Inc. Name from location and terrain....More->
  • Evergreen Hills
    A subdivision that is one of the older "downtown" developments platted by John F. Truesdell in 1915. The name came from the nearby town and is descriptive of the area....More->
  • Evergreen Hotel
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Evergreen Lake
    The 55-acre lake was created by Evergreen Dam, which was built in 1926-1927 by the City and County of Denver for flood control, water supply, and recreation, the latter in the form of year round fishi...More->
  • Evergreen Lake House
    The very unique million-dollar 5000-square-foot log lake house was built in 1992-1993 by the Evergreen Park and Recreation District, with near perfect lodgepole logs imported from Montana. All recre...More->
  • Evergreen Meadows Subdivision
    Platted in 1969 by Evergreen Meadows Land Company, developers Walter Burke and Roy Romer, the latter became three-term Governor of Colorado, 1986-1998....More->
  • Evergreen Middle School
    Originally named Evergreen Junior High School when opened in 1969. In 1996, changed its name to Evergreen Middle School....More->
  • Evergreen Mine
    Opened in 1883 and owned by A.F. Post and Company. This copper mine is down 70 feet and assayed at 75 ounces of copper per ton....More->
  • Evergreen School, Second One
    The second school building in the Evergreen area, after the Buffalo Park School, was the frame structure on Highway 73 about one-quarter mile south of Main Street. Built in the late 1800s it served as...More->
  • Evergreen School, Third One
    Evergreen's third school, a red brick two-story structure, was built in 1922-1923 when District 30 became C2, the second consolidation in Jefferson County. It housed both elementary and high school st...More->
  • Everhardt/Herzman Ranch
    Located on a mountain meadow outside of Evergreen, the Everhardt Ranch consists of a group of seven buildings on ten acres of land. The two most prominent buildings are the c. 1885 main house and the ...More->
  • Everitt Junior High School
    Built in 1967. Named for Martin N. Everett, Homesteader 32-38th Avenues, Pierce (Henderson) - Wadsworth. Host to voters of Vasquez Precinct #8 to organize a school District Secretary of that group and...More->
  • Everitt School District #8
    Organized 1867 at M.N. Everitt home. Named for Martin N. Everitt, 1st Secretary of the District #8 board. Active in grange, church, state legislature. School built on Everitt homestead land, in 1873 i...More->
  • Fair 5 & 10 Store
    Built 1940 (est), 20th Century Commercial. This is a two-story blond brick building with red brick trim. It has three rectangular sixteen-inch light windows on the second floor with brick sills. Th...More->
  • Fairmont Ravine
    Likely named due to the fact that this gulch flows into the Fairmount locality. The reason for the alternate spelling of this name is not known....More->
  • Fairmount
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Fairmount School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Faith Bible Chapel
    Faith Bible Chapel moved from 9th Avenue and Acoma Street to 6210 Ward Road in 1979. Robert T. Hooley was the first pastor, George Morrison was the pastor in 1994....More->
  • Falcon House
    Located east of South Valley Road and north of Deer Creek Canyon Road on Ken-Caryl Ranch, "The house was so named because people could watch falcons while sitting on the porch--was built at the turn o...More->
  • Falkan Hill Mine
    Core drilling underground uranium mine owned by Stanley Strauss and operated by Four Corner Uranium Co. Exploratory mine contacting ore ten feet below surface. Old clay tunnel was to be used if suff...More->
  • Far Horizons Baptist Church
    The church was organized in 1962, and the building at 7580 Pierce Street was completed in 1964. Rev. Bob Bothwell was the first pastor. Currently, 80% of the members are under the age of 40....More->
  • Far Horizons Park
    Far Horizons Park agreement by and between Jefferson County School District R-1 and North Jeffco Recreation and Park District, was approved September 26, 1968. The school District is owner of 14 acres...More->
  • Farmers & Freighters Wagon Road
    from the Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Farmers & Freighters Wagon Road (1869) This road ran along Ralston Creek from Boulder to Golden Road to the Gregory Road in Golden Gate Canyon. ...More->
  • Farmstead Park
    Farmstead Park is a 2.5-acre site and includes walkways and playground for younger children. The park was turned over to the City of Arvada as part of Melody Homes April, 1980....More->
  • Fayette Street
    This street appears to have been the northernmost of Golden's original plat. Its name is of unclear origin, but may have been after one of the town's female pioneer residents. It was renamed 6th Str...More->
  • Fellowship Bible Church
    The original church was the Edgewater Baptist Church, and it was started in the Odd Fellows Lodge at 25th and Eaton on January 26, 1951. In 1952 a new church building was constructed at 22nd and Jay S...More->
  • Felt House
    Built in 1903 for Ella Felt, this two-story salmon color brick four-square has a low pitched hipped roof with a one-story full width porch, and the eaves, cornices and facade detailing emphasize horiz...More->
  • Fenders
    The Fenders, Loren and Thalia, came to Indian Hills in 1925. They bought a piece of land near Deer Creek Road. They built a small garage, then two larger ones two years later. In 1937 Loren was instru...More->
  • Ferndale
    A cluster of log homes was built on the mountainside in early 1900s as a summer resort. Access is by a foot-bridge across the river. This was a stop on the Colorado & Southern Railroad until 1937 wh...More->
  • Field's Trading Post
    The well known and early day store, service station and bus stop in Conifer, built of native stone and opened by George C. and Theresea Fields in 1930, and razed in 1975. During thirty years of operat...More->
  • Fillius Park
    The first parcel of land for Fillius Park came as a donation to Denver in by Evergreen cattle rancher J.J. Clark in 1918. with additional land later obtained through condemnation. A popular park, ...More->
  • Firebreak Site
    A late 19th-century homestead site that had been impacted by the construction of a firebreak/road through grading. The firebreak passes through a portion of the site. The site consists of one main...More->
  • First Baptist Church of Arvada
    The church was organized in 1904 under J.F. Hardy. When the church was completed at 57th Avenue and Yarrow Street in 1909, Rev. F.E. Hudson was the first pastor. The church at 5624 Yarrow merged with ...More->
  • First Baptist Church of Lakewood
    The First Baptist Church of Lakewood located at 1380 Ammons Street. A small group of Baptists used to meet at the Methodist Church at Colfax and Allison Streets until they decided to meet on Sundays. ...More->
  • First Church of Christ, Scientist
    The church building at 5695 Yukon St., was purchased from Saint Matthew's Episcopal Mission in 1919, and dedicated as The First Church of Christ, Scientist in 1921. An acre building site was purchased...More->
  • First Fire Station in Lakewood
    The Grange building burned in 1927, so the city officials decided they needed a fire station to fill in with fire equipment at the Federal Center. Andrew E. Johnson served as first department's chief ...More->
  • First National Bank of Arvada
    The Jefferson County Bank was established in 1896, but was not chartered. The First National Bank of Arvada was chartered December 5, 1904, and was opened for business in the same dwelling occupied by...More->
  • First Presbyterian Church
    Dedicated on June 16, 1872. It was founded by Reverend Sheldon Jackson. Parsonage was constructed in 1892. It became the Foothills Art Center in 1968. It is one of Golden's last original church buildi...More->
  • First Spanish Assembly of God
    The name is self explanatory. The church was organized in 1932 at 13th and Umatilla, Denver. The present site was purchased in 1981 and the first church service at this location was held December 24, ...More->
  • First United Church of Arvada
    The cornerstone for the first unit of the church was laid in 1965 and the educational facility was completed in 1968. Rev. Robinson G. Lapp was the first pastor of this Church....More->
  • Fisk's Arvada Place
    Named for Archie C. Fisk, president of the American Trust Company. The subdivision was platted December 20, 1892. This area was in acreage sites and used for small farms and residences. It has sinc...More->
  • Fitzmorris Elementary School
    The school was built in 1959. Ray Sybille Fitzmorris was honored by having this school named for him. He was a teacher and principal of Arvada High School from 1928 until 1952. The land on which the s...More->
  • Fitzmorris Park
    Fitzmorris Park in Oberon Subdivision joins Fitzmorris School grounds on the north. James B. Dutrow and Helen B. Dutrow deeded lots 143 and 144 to North Jeffco July 11, 1960. Later that same year, G. ...More->
  • Flatirons Cabin #1
    The site consists of the remains of a collapsed log cabin, a wooden platform and associated slash piles and a small depression. The site occupies stream terraces and surrounding small meadows along ...More->
  • Flatirons Cabin #2
    The site consists of a heavily deteriorated log cabin, several inscribed aspen trees and a small depression. The cabin measures 10' x 17' and was constructed of notched logs. Approximately the low...More->
  • Fleming, Ed House
    Built ca. 1890, with additions prior to 1920. It is a medium gable, one-story frame house with shingled walls and a rear cinder block lean-to kitchen addition. There is a small front porch with turned...More->
  • Flintlock Mine
    The Flintlock Mine is a clay mine forming a scar running the length of the east side of the large hogback ridge north of Golden. Having always been owned as School Trust land by the State of Colorado...More->
  • Florence Beckett McLain House
    Built ca. 1889. Florence Beckett came to Morrison from London, England with her parents and sister Lucy. She lived here after she got married....More->
  • Florence Smith Wilson House
    Built ca. 1899. This was Lucy Beckett Smith and Robert Smith's home. Robert was a son of Jeremiah and Margaret Smith, who homesteaded in the Indian Hills area. There are five generations of Smiths ...More->
  • Flume over Turkey Creek
    Originally constructed in 1869 as the Arnett Ditch, the Harriman (Canal) Ditch was completed in 1873 by George W. Harriman, a noted Bear Creek valley farmer. The Harriman Ditch was first used for tran...More->
  • Flying G Girl Scout Ranch
    The Girl Scout Mile-Hi Council acquired the ranch in 1945. The southern portion was originally the Runner Ranch and dates from the 1880s. The upper, or north, portion was homesteaded by Louis Bush...More->
  • Flying J Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • F.M.& D. Copper Mine
    The malachite vein containing copper was first discovered in 1866 and was periodically worked until 1917. Piles of timber, tailings, and a huge rusted, metal boiler remain at the site. Remnants of s...More->
  • Foothill Mine
    Precambrian Metamorphic Formation. This property was worked as a uranium mine from 1955 to March 1964. Water was kept out until Jan. 1965. Radiation was a problem in this mine until proper ventilati...More->
  • Foothills Art Center
    This building was built to help provide for the Presbyterian congregation's spiritual needs in Golden and the surrounding areas. The city of Golden dates back to 1860, and the church building was bui...More->
  • Foothills Fire Protection District
    In November 1996, landowners of the three districts approved consolidation. All three communities volunteered for bucked brigades and makeshift trucks with garden hoses until the 1950s when the popu...More->
  • Ford's Tent
    Edward Chase Ford and Edward McClintock Ford, brothers, established a gambling tent in June of 1859 near the present day intersection of Ford Street and 12th in Golden. The tent was used as a church b...More->
  • Ford Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Forest Hills Metropolitan District
    This was originally a water district established in 1962. The land was replatted in 1973 for a 205 acre planned development of a hotel, shopping center, gas station, and residential units named Fore...More->
  • Forgotten Valley
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Forsberg Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Fort Westernaire
    The first structure was constructed in 1959 and the outdoor riding arena in 1963. The Westernaires are an equestrian drill team that performs at rodeos and fairs throughout the west. They are headqu...More->
  • Foss Chapel
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Foss Drugstore
    Foss Drug sits on the site of the tramway station that brought tourists from Denver to Golden. Henry and Dorothy Foss bought H. Langenhan's drugstore in 1913 and built the current building. Henry an...More->
  • Foss Park
    Martin and Susan Foss purchased 163 acres in 1918. Part of this property became a Park or a Camp for members of the First Baptist Church of Denver. So many came that eventually seven buildings were co...More->
  • Foster Elementary Park
    The City of Arvada utilized Block Grant funds to develop and construct playground fields at Foster Elementary School. In 1983, the Recreation District provided for the maintenance of the facilities de...More->
  • Founder's Park
    There are basketball court, playground, walking trails and open play areas....More->
  • Four-mile Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Foxton
    It was established in 1876 by Dr. Alvin Morey, the area's first settler, who named it Park Siding for its park-like appearance. Park Siding Post Office was in operation from December 27, 1890, to Ma...More->
  • Foxton Cemetery
    A small, old cemetery with three unmarked adult and four children graves at the edge of Conifer. The first known burial was in 1869, and the last in 1891. Notable was the deaths in 1879 of the four...More->
  • Foxton Post Office
    It was established Jan. 21,1909, with John O.Roach as Postmaster and discontinued operation in 1990, when mail was sent to Buffalo Creek Post Office. A Park Siding Post Office is on record as having b...More->
  • Frederick Kuehster/Jack Kuehster Ranch
    Frederick Kuehster homesteaded this ranch in 1877 and subsequently built a series of log buildings: house, one-story bunkhouse, barn with hayloft, and blacksmith log shed. Frederick Kuehster came to ...More->
  • Fremont Elementary School
    The school was named for Jessie Benton Fremont, wife of John C. Fremont, who explored the western part of the United States in 1840. The school was built in 1891 and replaced a one-room brick school b...More->
  • Fruitdale Elementary
    Jefferson County School District #32 was organized March 21, 1883 Land for a school was donated half by James A. Lewis and half by Jacob H. Brown. A "reverter" clause in the deeds restricted the la...More->
  • Fruitdale Park
    Fruitdale is the name of the original community the park name honors. The Wheat Ridge Recreation Department park was temporarily designated Muegele Park for a family from whom the city had purchased t...More->
  • Fruitdale Sanitation District
    The Fruitdale Sanitation District was established in 1948. It's general service area is from Lee Street to Ward Road, North of Clear Creek to 54th Avenue....More->
  • Fruth Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Frutidale Library
    In the 1940s, a Mother's Club sponsored a library service for the Fruitdale Community. It was located in the "backstage area" of the school auditorium. It was open once a week. Books were furnished...More->
  • Fuller, Kate Groom House
    Built ca. 1880. Kate was a Groom, one of the oldest families around Morrison. She was a sister to Effie Mae Knolls and Julia Ann Baker. She was one of 12 children. The house was moved to this loca...More->

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