• Gail Stout Playground Park
    Gail Stout Playground Park was the first park in Arvada to honor the Federal Americans With Disability Act. The Park was dedicated with a plaque for Gail Stout, a longtime Arvada resident, known for h...More->
  • Gap Road
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Garbarino Residence
    Constructed by Italian immigrant Charles Garbarino in 1870, this home was originally a 1 1/2-story frame house that stood in the rear of the property at 1213 Washington Avenue. It was used for many y...More->
  • Garfield Quarry
    Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad built, in 1878, the Garfield 3' gauge Branck to the Garfield Quarry and Satanic Mike site....More->
  • Garrison Street
    That portion of Garrison Street between West 44th Avenue and Ridge Road was known as Juchem Lane before county street names were revised. In Arvada Heights, it was known as Majestic Avenue and extende...More->
  • Garrison Street
    Garrison Street appears to have been named for Golden founding member Thomas Garrison. Home to one of Golden's earliest residential neighborhoods, it was renamed by ordinance in 1904 to 9th Street....More->
  • Garrison Street Station
    In 1938 this was the site it a Texaco station operated by Charles W. Schultz. The business became "the shanty" in 1942, operated by Al Linke who also owned Linke Hardware in the later to be Lakewood a...More->
  • Gate City Hotel
    It appears this hotel survived in later years, being ran as a hotel and toll station at the mouth of the canyon by John Couch and his wife. Couch earlier had co-owned the Office Saloon in Golden....More->
  • Gates Chateau
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gayno Reservoir
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gayton House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gem Theatre / Steve's Corner Western Wear
    Built around 1912, it had a stepped parapet front and held the Golden Athletic Club on the second floor. During the summers, the theatre occasionally held lottery for free bags of groceries. The Gem...More->
  • General Grant Mine
    It was named for the Commanding General of the Union Army and later president. It was mentioned in Croffutts' book as having operated before the turn of the century; exact location is unknown....More->
  • General Mine & Oil Company
    1928, work was done with day laborers sinking a shaft, sample testing property for ore values. Seven man are employed. The vein is supposed to be a fissure and it looks as though it was about four fe...More->
  • General Store
    The Store was established in l897 by Sam Auger, a young entrepreneur who also had the first telephone, part of the Denver exchange. Twice a week as a bonus service to this customers he delivered groce...More->
  • General Thomas Mine
    July 5, 1884, it was reported work (mining copper) was being done at the Imperial Mine, formerly known as the General Thomas Mine....More->
  • Genesee Buffalo Herd
    Denver enclosed 160 acres of Genesee Park for 23 wild elk and seven bison in 1914. Caretakers lived in the historic Patrick House (1860) located east of Chief Hosa Lodge (1918) and south of Interstate...More->
  • Genesee Camp
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Genesee Fire Protection District
    After choosing to be "excluded" from the Idledale Fire District boundaries, Genesee real estate developers formed the Genesee Fire District in 1973. It serves approximately 1500 homes and the Genesee ...More->
  • Genesee Grange #219
    Founded November 1, 1913, with 65 charter members meeting at the Rockland School (1873), then at the Ralston family store (1904). When Ralston Elementary School was built in 1955, the Genesee Grange ...More->
  • Genesee Park
    This was the first Denver Mountain Park started in 1912 after a charter amendment was approved by Denver voters. More parcels were gradually purchased from the federal government and private land own...More->
  • Genesee Ski Jump
    In 1919, Rocky Mountain Ski Club president, Dr. Menefee Howard (a dentist) persuaded wealthy Denver club members to establish a ski jump northeast of the summit of Genesse Mountain, which was owned by...More->
  • Genesee Wagon Road
    from Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Genesee Wagon Road Company (circa 1861) John D. Patrick immigrated from Missouri. He received a twelve-year charter from the territorial legislature to operate...More->
  • Geneva Glen
    100 acres to International Sunday School Association in 1922 for religious instructions for boys and girls. In 1973, fire destroyed buildings but was rebuilt and operating giving counseling and traini...More->
  • Geophysical Observatory Mine
    In 1963, owned by Colorado School of Mines. It has a total of 240 feet running due north of four feet six inches by seven feet six inches tunnel with a side drift running due east 110 feet of three f...More->
  • Gertrude Bell Junior High School
    Gertrude Wheeler Bell was a Golden pioneer and educator. She attended the South School and graduated in 1904. She began her teaching career in 1904 at the North School and later became the principal...More->
  • Giant Gulch
    A gulch beginning southeast of Stanley Park and connecting with Parmalee Gulch in Indian Hills. The name is probably descriptive of the geologic feature....More->
  • Gifts Plus
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gillchrist House
    The Gillchrist home was originally a pioneer home in what is now Pleasant View, probably built sometime around the early 1900s. In 1925, owners C.L. Gillchrist moved it from Pleasant View to Golden, ...More->
  • Gilmore Chapel
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gleason Blacksmith Shop
    J.W. Gleason had a blacksmith shop at his residence on the Middle Golden Road, the first in Wheat Ridge. His residence was an impressive two-story red brick Denver four-square....More->
  • Glencoe Quarry
    The Glencoe Quarry located on Ralston Creek was worked for durable creamy sandstone. Just north of Ralston Creek is the old Glencoe community, now a part of Ralston Reservoir. This early quarry was in...More->
  • Glen Creighton Subdivision
    In 1862, the land was originally given to a widow, Miguela Torres, of a veteran of the Indian Wars as bounty. Purchased by Cyrus J. Creighton in 1920, the original plat of Glen Creighton Subdivision...More->
  • Glenelk Resort
    This is composed of a cluster of vacation homes, having at one time a central dining room and recreation hall....More->
  • Glenmore
    Original owner planted a tree for each species of tree growing native to Colorado and wrote book....More->
  • Glens
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Glory of God Lutheran Church
    This church has a complex background. A chronological outline follows: 1953 - St. Timothy's was organized; it was the first in Colorado District Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod to leave the Synod and ...More->
  • Goat Mountain
    Named for the mountain goats that used to be found in abundance here. Now the area supports a large population of Bighorn Sheep....More->
  • Godley/Johnson House
    This c. 1882 Late Victorian, rectangular, 2 story, cross-gabled, brick, 3256 sq. ft. house was built for Eva St. C. Millet. Lavina and John Whitman owned the house from 1887 to 1898. The Whitmans...More->
  • Golden and Ralston Railroad
    This railroad used narrow gauge tracks of the Colorado Central Railroad, but added a third rail for accommodation of larger equipment. This portion of Colorado Central was opened and incorporated in ...More->
  • Golden Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden City Hall
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden City Water Works
    The construction began March 1879. Filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Barber Ditch, Church Ditch and Golden, Ralston Creek Ditch and seepage. This system lies in Water District #7....More->
  • Golden Ditch
    This ditch is in Water District #7. Claimant for adjudication, October 4, 1884, was the Golden Flume and Ditch Company....More->
  • Golden Gate Canyon
    Canyon takes its name from the 1859 Pikes Peak gold rush community of Golden Gate City, named for Tom Golden, located at its mouth. This canyon offered an entry way for people and machinery to reach...More->
  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park
    The first tract of land to be purchased by Colorado State Parks and Recreation Department in 1960 was 200 acres in Gilpin County. The park was opened to the public in 1965, and at present encompasses ...More->
  • Golden Gate Canyon Toll Gate
    Received legislative authorization August 15, 1862. "'Golden Gate and Gregory Road Company. From Golden Gate via Tucker's Canon or nearest and best route to Michigan House in Cold Springs Valley." "Go...More->
  • Golden Gate Grange No. 451
    Built in the early 1950s on one acre of land donated by rancher Bessie Nare to the grange for a community center. Prior to having the building, the grange alternated monthly meetings between Belcher H...More->
  • Golden Gate & Gregory Road
    from Cultural Contexts report, 2004: Golden Gate & Gregory Road (1862) This toll road climbed Tucker Gulch and Golden Gate Canyon to access the Central City Mining District. It operated through 18...More->
  • Golden Gate Mine
    June 21, 1884, the Golden Gate copper mine was reported to be being worked by George W. Hill of Denver. A tunnel was driven to strike the vein at a depth of 75 feet from the surface. The ore was recen...More->
  • Golden High School, Old
    The 1924 building, designed by noted architect Eugene G. Groves, is significant as a rare and well-executed local example of the Beaux Arts style. In spite of additions to the school during the 1950...More->
  • Golden Hill Cemetery
    In the mid-nineteenth century, independent Jewish mutual aid societies began to found cemeteries and provide funeral arrangements for their members. The West Side Benevolent Society was formed in 1906...More->
  • Golden Hotel
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden Library
    The new Golden Library opened in 1996 in the newly renovated recreation center. The library began in a wood frame building near 13th street and was first organized in the early 1900s....More->
  • Golden Lode
    Nov. 17, 1883, it was reported Messrs. Brown, Brady & Truesdale have staked a claim 1/2 mile above the Maggie Mine just west of Golden and called it the Golden Lode. Nov. 24, 1883, it was reported a ...More->
  • Golden Natural Foods
    The building was constructed between 1864 and 1866. It was originally believed to be a dairy, then served as a church hall, and later a plumbing shop. In 1966 Golden Camera service was in operation ...More->
  • Golden Opera House/ Ace Hi Tavern
    The Golden Opera House was built by the builders Milliken and Lee in 1879. Formerly dedicated on October 25, 1879, the two-story brick building had an ornate, pressed metal cornice, first floor offic...More->
  • Golden Overlook
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden Post Office
    Needed for nearly 50 years, Golden's new comprehensive post office facility was built in 1998. Not intended to replace the 1940 post office in downtown Golden, it marks the beginning of Golden's achi...More->
  • Golden Post Office
    Much ground was excavated for this long-overdue modern post office for Golden, to be a 2-story steel, brick, and cinder block structure. Construction commenced in 1969, but in September a structural ...More->
  • Golden Quarry
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden Ravine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Golden Reservoir
    The reservoir was established by the city of Golden in 1904 to hold water for the city system. Water was piped from Squaw Mountain across Beaver Brook and Lookout Mountain, then from the reservoir in...More->
  • Golden Street
    Golden Street was platted with the Golden Park Addition, and not opened until the 1950s due to its passing through Cemetery Hill. It was probably named after the town of Golden. Its name was changed...More->
  • Golden Tea Room
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gooseberry Gulch
    It begins about one mile northwest of Highway 285 at Richmond Hill Road and runs southerly into Elk Creek near Glenelk. Named for the numerous gooseberry bushes along it sides....More->
  • Goosetown
    Goosetown is Golden's historic German district, having come into its own during the 1870s as immigrant railroad workers settled around the main works of the Colorado Central Railroad on its north side...More->
  • Goosetown Tavern
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gordon Homestead/Odescalchi Estate
    In November 1915, John Gordon and his family lived in a tent on this land. In May 1916, Gordon built the original 10' x 10' log cabin, now used as a kitchen. Gordon died in 1929 and his wife sold ...More->
  • Gorrell House
    Built initially in 1890 by William Thomas Gorell, this is one of the dwindling reminders of Lakewood's distant rural past. After nine years working fro a land owner named A.R. Ayers, building fences ...More->
  • Gotchalk Bakery
    Built ca. 1885. The site of the Morrison Stone, Lime, & Town Company. The kiln (built ca. 1878) made the mortar that was used in many of the houses that still stand today. Jonas Henry Schrock was beli...More->
  • Governor's Ranch Elementary School
    Located two blocks south of West Belleview Avenue and west of Wadsworth Boulevard in the Governor's Ranch community, this school opened in August 1987. It was named Governor's Ranch because the land w...More->
  • Governor Vivian Mansion
    Built in 1927. Designated a county landmark 9/8/2003. Lot #1, Orchard Addition #2, Wide Acres subdivision; 2/3 acres. Mountjoy & Frewen, architects; Georgian Colonial, Dutch Colonial or Old English....More->
  • Gow Residence
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Grace Community Center
    It was established after 1938 by Grace Methodist Church of Denver and became a summer camp for boys in 1959. The main feature is a beautiful stone chapel near Highway 285. For many years the property...More->
  • Grace Johnson Park
    The park was given by Judge Samuel Wallace Johnson to the Wheat Ridge Lion's Club, which gave it to the Wheat Ridge Recreation District. When the City of Wheat Ridge was incorporated in 1969, the Whea...More->
  • Graham Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Grand Camp Creek
    Grand Camp Creek was the original name of Bear Creek, given to it in 1815 by Auguste Pierre Chouteau and Jules de Munn. They were the leaders of a French trading party formed in St. Louis who came he...More->
  • Grandview
    This was a lane to the Martin Everett house and later to the Bungers and was often called Bungers Lane. It went only to what would be 35th Avenue today. When it was extended to West 32nd Avenue and ...More->
  • Grandview Avenue
    This main Arvada avenue was originally called Railroad Street in 1870 because it ran parallel to the Colorado Central Railroad tracks. Before 1934 this avenue was spelled as two words. Grand View Aven...More->
  • Grand View Mine
    Dec. 29, 1883, it was reported the Grand View a new discovery by Mr. Koch, shows copper sulphurates in great profusion in a regularly formed crevice....More->
  • Grant Elementary School
    Grant School was built of adobe brick in 1864, but melted in a spring rainstorm by 1866. It was replaced by a log school c. 1867 at approximately Ward Road and W. 64th Ave. Grant School was named for ...More->
  • Grant Place
    Grant Street and the Town of Arvada became official in 1870. The street was named for Ulysses S. Grant, the United States president from 1869-1877. After Jefferson County revised the street names in 1...More->
  • Grape Creek
    Grape Creek was the original name of Deer Creek, given to it by the Stephen H. Long expedition in 1820....More->
  • Grapevine Mine
    Producing uranium mine, employed six people. E.E. Lewis Inc. contacts, Wayne Freedman et al owner. At least 91 feet level shaft, 150 tons per month regular, 215 tons peak 1959 100 foot level, sprea...More->
  • Grapevine Road
    This was a crude wagon road from Mt. Vernon to Bear Creek Canyon, west of Morrison, until 1938 when Jefferson County constructed the road to provide access to US Highway 40 in Mt. Vernon Canyon to esc...More->
  • Grassy Mountain
    Grassy Mountain is the earliest recorded name of Green Mountain south of Golden....More->
  • Graul Green Houses
    Charles Graul bought 15 acres in 1887 and began truck gardening but soon tired of it and returned to Denver where he built and ran the Tremont Hotel at 13th and Blake. His son Charles was left in cha...More->
  • Graves Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Graves Farm
    Oliver Graves was a Fifty-niner, who came from Illinois to Spring Gulch, Colorado to mine for gold. He bought the Golden Gate Toll Road, but sold it when he moved to Arvada in 1862. He and his wife, L...More->
  • Graves House
    Built in 1893, J.H. Kriege was the cabin's first owner. Mrs. Kriege was Molly Brown's personal nurse. A 2-room cabin was built in 1908, according to Jefferson County tax records....More->
  • Graves North Ditch
    This ditch lies in Water District #7. Its water is diverted from Clear Creek via the Slough Ditch. Claimant for adjudication in 1884 was Oliver Graves. He was a pioneer farmer in Arvada. The ditch ...More->
  • Graves Second Subdivision
    Oliver Graves subdivided this land April14, 1890. This subdivision was in small acreages for small farms and has been later re-subdivided into home sites and business locations....More->
  • Graves South Ditch
    This ditch lies in Water District #7. Water came from Clear Creek via Slough Ditch. Claimant in 1884 was Oliver Graves. According to a chart compiled by C. L. Chatfield, in 1919, the ditch was not in ...More->
  • Graves Subdivision
    Oliver and John P. Graves subdivided this land December 18, 1888. This was the second subdivision Plat filed in the arvada area....More->
  • Great Western Reservoir
    This reservoir is filled from Clear Creek, Elk Horn Draw, and Walnut Creek. The earliest appropriation date is December 31, 1878. The water is used for irrigation and municipal (Broomfield) needs. Mu...More->
  • Green Acres Ranch
    The land was originally homesteaded by a Mr. Berlott in the mid 1860s. The c. 1870 wood frame gabled house and barn have board and batter siding. Shortly after the turn of the 20th century the two...More->
  • Green Cemetery
    It is composed of private family plots with several unmarked graves. Only two tombstones remain. The first known burial was in 1914 and the last 1941. It is now abandoned....More->
  • Green Creek
    Only about two miles long, Green Creek runs into Cub Creek at Brook Forest. Name origin unknown....More->
  • Green Gables Country Club
    Myron Neusteter and nephew, Norman Gross, bought land from Vernon Z. Reed Jr. The Jewish organization was looking for a house and future site of a golf course in the 1900's. Green Gables has been anne...More->
  • Green Gables Country Club
    Originally this was the "honeymoon cottage" for Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Z. Reed, Jr., constructed in 1921 at the intersection of today's South Wadsworth Blvd. And West Jewell Avenue. It was named Green Ga...More->
  • Green Mountain
    Green Mountain was used for hunting elk, deer, and jackrabbits. It covers over 7,000 acres, 900 hundred acres under irrigation by the Agricultural and Welch (Golden Flume) ditches. Green Mountain w...More->
  • Green Mountain
    The dense green growth on this mountain was the probable source of its name....More->
  • Green Mountain Baptist Church
    Originally Landmark Baptist for 4 1/2 years. In 1962 moved from Alameda and Moore Streets in 1963. Facilities were used by the Jefferson County Health Department, for a well baby clinic on Wednesdays....More->
  • Green Mountain Park
    This park is a neighborhood park which has been used for little league football and baseball with picnic facilities....More->
  • Green Mountain Ranch
    The land was originally registered in a mining claim for "Happy" Jack Schofield. The copper mine was unsuccessful and Schofield abandoned it and the cabin. The property was homesteaded in c. 1871 ...More->
  • Green Street
    The origin of the name of Green Street is not clear. It was re-designated as part of Ford Street in 1888, the first Golden street to be renamed....More->
  • Gregory Road
    This was the first wagon road into the mountains north of Clear Creek Canyon. It opened with fire wheels May 4, 1859 and was about 22 miles long. It was engineered by John Gregory to accommodate suppl...More->
  • Gregory Street
    Gregory Street was named for famed gold discoverer John Hamilton Gregory, who had lived near Golden in the gold rush times. It was platted with the Golden Park Addition, and for many years was the no...More->
  • Greystone Lodge
    Genevieve Chandler Phipps was divorced from multi-millionaire Colorado Senator Lawrence Phipps, bought 1,000 acres on upper Bear Creek, west of Evergreen, and in 1916-1917 built an elegant mansion and...More->
  • Griffith Lane
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Grosser House
    Built ca. 1882. Mr. Grosser worked for Mr. Beckett and Mr. Ross. He built the jail with the door pins on the inside. He was the first prisoner in the new jail and the first to break out....More->
  • Grosso Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gunbarrel Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Gunn/Alvarenga House
    This c. 1899 one-story, front gabled, wood frame dwelling has 594 sq. ft. of living area with two bedrooms and a 180 sq. ft. enclosed porch on its south side. Roy and Florence Gunn were the original...More->
  • Guy Gulch
    About 7.5 miles long, this is the largest canyon opening on Clear Creek Canyon from the north. It was named for John Guy, the first settler to homestead in the gulch in 1859. It was full of beaver dam...More->
  • Guy Gulch Wagon Road
    This 2.75-mile long road traversed Guy Gulch to connect with Clear Creek Canyon Wagon Road on the south and Gregory Road on the north....More->
  • Guy Hill
    Named for John C. Guy, early homesteader in Guy Gulch....More->
  • Guy Hill School
    Named for Guy Hill which takes its name from John C. Guy, early homesteader in Guy Gulch. Built in 1876. Building: 1-story frame, o.d. 30.5' x 19.5', shingle roof; white with green trim outside, light...More->
  • Hackberry Hill
    A legend tells of an Indian battle on this hill in which the Indian chief was killed and buried. In his pouch he had some hackberry seeds. Subsequently, a tree grew that could be seen from as far ...More->
  • Hackberry Hill Elementary School
    This school was built in 1966 and named for the Hill on which the legendary hackberry tree grew. Pioneers used this tree as a landmark. According to the myth, an Indian chief was buried on this hill a...More->
  • Hackberry Park
    Hackberry Park is a joint North Jeffco and Hackberry Elementary School, Neighborhood Park and has been developed for the five to fourteen age group. Park and school have been named for the former, leg...More->
  • Hackberry Roadside Park
    The Arvada Garden Club was organized when the 135 year old Hackberry Tree was demolished in 1937. The tree was a landmark for the pioneers on their way to the goldfields to the west and was a source o...More->
  • Hack Cemetery
    This is a private family plot on Hack family homestead with two known burials, one dated 1906, the other unknown....More->
  • Hadley Cabin
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Haines & Ballinger Ditch
    In Water District No. 7, this ditch has Ralston Creek Priority No. 15. May 4, 1866. Water was diverted from the south bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Asahel Haines and Harmon Ballinger. ...More->
  • Haines Cabin (Arvada)
    Asahel Haines pre-empted 159 acres at $1.25 per acre, northwest of Arvada c. 1859. In the required five years, Haines had paid $198.76 for the property, built a cabin and Haines Irrigation Ditch (1861...More->
  • Haines Ditch
    The water is diverted from the south bank of Ralston Creek. Claimant in 1884 was Asahel Haines. Asahel and Abi Haines were pioneers in the area north of North Table Mountain. Their log cabin is curren...More->
  • Haines Elementary School
    Haines Elementary School, in District Number 7, was named for Asahel Haines, who served in the District Number 7 School Board for several years. His wife Abi Haines, boarded teachers in their cabin w...More->
  • Haines & Piquette Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, this ditch has Ralston Creek Priority No. 17, dated May, 1869. Water is diverted from the north bank of Ralston Creek, served as feeder for Tucker Lake. Claimants in 18...More->
  • Halfmile Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Half Way Rock
    Not shown on topographic map. Small arch on the south side of Bear Creek, across from the old gravel pit, visible from Hwy 74....More->
  • Hallack Estate
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Hall and Jones Mines
    Feb. 13, 1888, it was reported that at the Hall and Jones coal mine they are loading five cars per day for the railroad company, besides supplying a large local demand. A new steam pump had arrived an...More->
  • Hall-Woodland Cave
    Small cave discovered in 1964. Aboriginal occupation dating from Woodland times. Discovery, description of site, and excavation detailed. The center of Golden can be seen from the cave entrance....More->
  • Hangan Ranch Subdivision
    A subdivision platted in 1967 by William and Martha Hangan and William and Rita Valentine. Named after the Hangan family....More->
  • Hanging Rock
    Hanging Rock was a dramatic-looking massive overhang of rock projecting over the track of the Colorado Central Railroad. It was among the most popular scenic attractions of the route....More->
  • Happiness Gardens
    This project is a unit of Wheat Ridge City Parks and is the location of the city community garden area. The 10-foot by 20-foot plots are rented by individuals from the city, which provides water and s...More->
  • Harkness Ranch and Farm
    G.W. Harkness came from Iowa to Arvada for his wife's health in 1918. He purchased the Stepp Ranch in 1919 from Mrs. Missouri A.E. Stepp. The ranch became the property of his son and wife, Wayne W. an...More->
  • Harold D. Lutz Sports Complex
    Land for a Sports Complex at 58th and Miller Street was acquired in a 99-year lease agreement between the State of Colorado, acting through the Department of Institutions, for 40 acres of State Home a...More->
  • Harriman Canal
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Harriman Lake
    Harriman Lake, actually a reservoir, is situated west of Kipling Parkway and south of Quincy Avenue. It is fed by the piped Arnett-Harriman Ditch. It is named after George W. Harriman, who was calle...More->
  • Hay Claim Park
    An early alternate name for Pleasant Park, indicative of the mountain grass hay grown in its meadows....More->
  • Hay Road
    Hay Road was an early name for Pleasant Park Road, running east from Conifer. Named for the hay fields it ran to in Pleasant Park....More->
  • Hayward Junction
    A "Georgetown Road" crossroads on Soda Creek seven miles north of Bergen Park c. 1873-1879. Named for pioneer Ben Hayward who was murdered in 1879 by two men who hired him to take them to Denver. ...More->
  • Hayward Park
    This is the site of the Wheat Ridge City Administration Building and is named for the Hayward family that sold the property to the city. This was the long time farm of the John Olsons. Bike and walkin...More->
  • Headley Cabin
    On March 19, 1880, Elbert Headley Filed for a homestead in this location and built a one-room log cabin. The furniture consisted of one crudely made table and an oil drum stove. Headley and another ...More->
  • Heberison Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Henderson Street
    William Henderson was a active citizen and developed one of the first subdivisions in Wheat Ridge and gave his name to the street. It became Pierce Street when the master plan was made....More->
  • Henderson Subdivision
    This plat was recorded December 28, 1882, and an amended plan was recorded December 3, 1884. The street was named for a Mr. Henderson. Henderson Street later became the present Pierce Street....More->
  • Henry D. Calkins Reservoir
    Claimants May 13, 1936, of this Water District #7 reservoir were Richard Calkins and heirs of John S. and Henry A. Calkins. Construction started April 15, 1877, and was filled from Clear Creek, Little...More->
  • Henry Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Henry P. Corbin School
    The 320-acre ranch where the school was located was homesteaded by Elias H. Corbin (Huff) , Lee Corbin's son, and his wife Marguerite C. in 1924. A two-room hand hewn log cabin was built in late 1920s...More->
  • Heritage Square
    Heritage Square had it's grand opening in June of 1971. It is an "artisan's marketplace" located just south of Golden. Heritage Square was purchased and redone by the Woodmoor Corporation (headed by...More->
  • Heritage Valley Park
    Heritage Valley Park was one of 30 parks to be built by the City of Arvada. Citizens approved the bond referendum in 1974 and the park was constructed two years later. The two-acre site was a 6% land ...More->
  • Herzman Mesa
    Platted in 1946 by Curtis S. Wilmot, Carl Wilmot and Clara W. Herzman. Named after Clara Herzman....More->
  • Hested's Department Store
    The Hested's Department Store was built in 1957. In 1962, the store underwent a major remodeling and expansion into what was the Linder Hardware store (earlier called the Golden Hotel). The property...More->
  • Heyden Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Hidden Valley
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Higginson Cemetery
    This is a private family plot with the first known burial in 1875 and the last 1889. Two gravestones remain bearing these dates....More->
  • Highland Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Highland West Senior Citizen Home
    With the approval of the Denver Presbytery, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, and Highland Park churches collaborated in establishing a senior citizen home. Completed on December 15, 1964, the 12-story buil...More->
  • High Peak
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Highway 285
    A United States and Colorado State highway beginning at Interstate 25 in southeast Denver, following Hampden Avenue westward and going through Turkey Creek Canyon, Conifer, Bailey, South Park, New Mex...More->
  • Hildebrand Ranch
    On November 10, 1866, Pete Peterson and his wife deeded 160 acres of land in the Deer Creek Valley to Frank Hildebrand and George Seiter. The Hildebrand Ranch contained one farmhouse and various sheds...More->
  • Hill City
    Foundations for buildings, located both sides of Deer Creek Road. Established in 1895 and the first sizable settlement in the Deer Creek area....More->
  • Hillcrest Baptist Church
    Eight families started meeting in homes and in Allendale School. The church was organized in January, 1965, built and dedicated in 1966. Rev. Henry Thompson organized the church and was also the first...More->
  • Hill Section, Golden Hill Cemetery
    The West Side Benevolent Society, an independent Jewish mutual aid society, established the Golden Hill Cemetery in 1908. The Hill Section, along the northern edge of the property, was reserved for i...More->
  • Hillside Park
    Hillside Park was a City Park approved in the 1974 Referendum. This park was supplied with tiny-tot equipment for new families with small children....More->
  • Hill Street
    Hill Street was platted at the far west end of Golden in the Golden City Mineral & Land Company's Addition. It may have been named for famed smelting magnate Nathaniel P. Hill. It was placed on unus...More->
  • Hine Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Hively's Blacksmith Shop
    Wheat Ridge native George Hively established his thriving blacksmith shop here in 1913. Hively had a jolly, outgoing personality and was active in many community activities. He had lost an eye from a...More->
  • Hiwan Homestead Museum
    In 1886 Mary Neosho Williams bought an extensive acreage from master carpenter and stone mason Jock Spence and had him begin construction on the 17-room log lodge with two octagonal towers. Mary Will...More->
  • Hiwan Ranch
    The Hiwan Ranch extended from Evergreen along either side of Highway 74 for many miles. The 10,000 acre ranch was assembled by Tulsa oilman Darst Buchanan and his wife, Ruth. The ranch was owned b...More->
  • Hiwan Ranch Pegmatite Quarry
    In 1958 B&H Minerals operated this feldspar quarry. It operated for 150 days that year taking out 214,545 lbs. of feldspar valued at $1215.15. An open pit was opened around an old prospect hole and i...More->
  • Hocking, Joe House
    Built ca. 1872. Albert and Ena Rogers lived in this house. They had 10 or 11 children, who all went to the Morrison School about 1899 (census list of school children). Peter Christenson lived there...More->
  • Hodgson Park
    This park has baseball field, basketball and tennis courts, playground and exercise trails....More->
  • Hodgson School
    The first school in the area was known as District 26 School, and was located a short distance east of the Hodgson School. The school was named after Robert and Alice Hodgson, early area homesteaders...More->
  • Hogback
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Holbrook Park
    This park has a small lake, volleyball court, playgrounds, picnic tables and flower gardens....More->
  • Holland House/ Table Mountain Inn
    In 1924-25, this structure was the Berrimore Hotel, and in the 1940s, it became the LaRay Hotel. Lu Holland remodeled it as the Holland House Motel and Restaurant . In 1992, a 2.9-million dollar ren...More->
  • Holley Farm
    Cecil S. and Nancy Holley came to Wheat Ridge in 1877 for about a year before moving on to Central City and operating a Dillon to Leadville freight line. In 1880, they returned to Wheat Ridge and purc...More->
  • Holy Cross Lutheran (ELCA)
    The church was organized April 24, 1952 with 109 charter members. The congregation first met in the Wheat Ridge Grange Hall. The name is the symbol of the crucifixion. In 1953 the church was built at ...More->
  • Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church ELCA
    This membership was organized in 1954 as a Lutheran church and held it's first meeting in the Masonic temple at 1440 Independence Street. Their sanctuary was built in 1956, which is a modern church ar...More->
  • Homestead Ditch
    The Homestead Ditch in Water District #7 has priority #18 (May 1871). The water comes from the south bank of Ralston Creek. Claimant in 1884 was Robert Faragher who was an early landowner in the are...More->
  • Homestead Mine
    Nov. 24, 1883, it was reported Henry Koch located for himself claims he calls the "Gertrude" and "Homestead". Koch already has an interest in the Maggie Mine....More->
  • Homestead Park
    This property was originally purchased for irrigation easement from 15 previous owners. Bates Lake on the site was eventually drained and filled in. Funding for the park was provided by the 1974 Bond ...More->
  • Homewood Park
    Founded by Andreas Erikeen in the 1920s. Between skiing, skating, tobogganing Homewood had its heyday in the 1950s, one record Sunday more than 800 people came through its doors....More->
  • Honor Roll for Lakewood
    The Honor Roll was erected October, 1947 at W.12th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard on Memorial Field, honoring men from all branches of the military services....More->
  • Horse Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Hoskinson Elementary Cottage School
    This school was built in 1952 and was named for Chet Hoskinson the developer of Hoskinson Subdivision in which the school was located. By 1991 the school was sold for a private residence....More->
  • Hoskinson Park
    City of Arvada leased land to North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District to manage, maintain and control property for recreation and park purposes for a period of 99 years. The lease in Al...More->
  • Howell House
    The c. 1874 Howell House is associated with the early settlement and agricultural development of what is now Lakewood. Most of the other homes from this period in Lakewood have been demolished, leavin...More->
  • Hudson Building
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Hudson Hotel
    It was built in early 1890s by J.A. Hudson with hopes that Buffalo Creek would become a popular tourist center on the narrow-gauge railroad that operated from Denver. A grocery was located on the firs...More->
  • Huebner Peak
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Humphrey House
    In 1883, J.J. Clark, a Nevadaville businessman hired "the best carpenter in Central City" to build a home on the site he had homesteaded in the late 1870s. Hand-hewn logs from the property and lumbe...More->
  • Humphreys Dredge Tailings
    The Humphreys Dredge Tailings consist of a long series of cobblestone dunes stretching along Clear Creek through Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. During the 1930s Clear Creek was uprooted ...More->
  • Huntsman Gulch
    About .5 mile long. West ridge accommodates good path for foot traffic in and out of lower reaches of Guy Gulch. For destruction of gulch entrance see Evergreen Quad - Quarry. Railroad station was Col...More->
  • Hutchinson Post Office
    Established in May 1865 at Bradford Junction with George W. Hutchinson Postmaster. Joseph B. Hutchison was postmaster in 1867. The post office name was changed to Conifer in 1894....More->
  • Hutchinson School
    In 1879 an English couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp and their eleven children arrived at Bradford Junction, and for the next six years school was held there in a small wooden building which some derided as a...More->
  • Hyatt Lake
    This Water District #7 lake is filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Line Canal. Claimant in 1936 was the Farmer's High Line Canal and Reservoir Company. Construction began in 1...More->
  • Ice Arena
    The North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District Building included an Ice Arena which opened April 1, 1969. Architectural Steel Building Company constructed this facility and Tolin Refrigera...More->
  • Idledale School
    First School was a one-room frame building north of present building. It was in District 42, closed in 1964 and is now used as a community church. In the early days it was named Starbuck, after John S...More->
  • Idlewild Park
    This park has a playground, picnic tables, horseshoe court, flower gardens and open play area....More->
  • Idlewild Street
    This was the former name of Harlan Street from W. 38th Avenue to W. 48th Avenue....More->
  • Imperial Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Independence Park
    Independence Park was purchased by the Arvada City Bond Referendum approved by the voters in 1974 and the City's share of Open Space funds, approved December 15, 1975. A resolution passed by Arvada Ci...More->
  • Indian Gulch
    Called Indian Gulch by local ranchers because of early Arapahoe Indian travois trail the gulch accommodated. Tributary (left hand) of Clear Creek headwaters only. S21, T3S, R70W, south of Tucker Gulch...More->
  • Indian Hills
    Post Office established June 23, 1925 by George Olinger. Olinger came to this mountain valley about 1918. Promoters of the development in this area gave it the name of Indian Hills....More->
  • Indian Hills Community Hall and Firehouse
    The property is associated with the Indian Hills Improvement Association. C. 1953, this police, fire, and health protection organization converted and expanded the former 1923, one room wood frame Pa...More->
  • Indian Hills Post Office
    Established in June, 1925, Frank Brinkhaus was appointed postmaster. It carried on postal operations in Chief's Inn - later named Trading Post. George Olinger of Denver came to this area in 1918 t...More->
  • Indian Hills Subdivision
    A subdivision established by George W. Olinger in 1923. The post office opened in 1925. For publicity purposes, Olinger had Indians in the area, hence the name....More->
  • Indian Hills Trading Post
    Designed and built by Al Rigg, Jr., in 1923 for Denverite George W. Olinger, this rectangular log lodge has twin dormers on the second story and fronted by a large stone porch. The lodge was original...More->
  • Indian Tree Golf Course
    “Golf course construction was authorized in 1968 as a result of a major bond issue passed by North Jeffco District residents. In 1969 the course was officially opened and named Indian Tree Golf Club,"...More->
  • Indian Tree Post Office
    Indian Tree Post Office was named for Indian Tree-Marshall Shopping Center, in which it is located. Dedication ceremony was held on March 16, 1991. Johnnie Summerfield is the new Station Manager....More->
  • Indian Tree Village Park
    This park was located in Indian Tree Village Subdivision by an agreement between North Jeffco and Tanco Corporation. The property was deeded to North Jeffco from the City of Arvada, May 17, 1971. Indi...More->
  • Iowa Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Ira Valley
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Iron Spring Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Irwin Language Development
    Florence Irwin was principal of Washington Heights School. This school has been used for regular school, then phased out, and now back in use for language development for about one year....More->
  • Isiah Greene/Carl Kuehster Sr. Homestead
    Originally homesteaded by Isiah Greene, the original stone and log cellar house and barn were built in 1877. Later, Carl Kuehster, born in 1881, purchased the homestead and built the two-story frame ...More->
  • Jack B. Tomlinson Park
    Formerly called Birdland Park, the name was changed to Jack B. Tomlinson Park after his death for the contributions he had made to the City of Arvada and to North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Pa...More->
  • Jackson Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Jackson Hill
    Jackson Hill was an historic marker along the Mt. Vernon Road to the Jackson gold diggings in the mountains. It stands above the junction where the road turned southward before heading for Mt. Vernon...More->
  • Jackson's Rapids
    Jackson's Rapids are a turbulent section of Clear Creek as it debouches from the mountains. It was originally named after an incident in June 1859 when famed gold discoverer George A. Jackson was swe...More->
  • Jackson Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Jail House
    Built in 1884 by William Beckett, aided by Mr. Crosser. The jail was completely enclosed and is now just a room in the house. Mr. Palmer lived in the house until his late 70s and had spent 30 years bu...More->
  • Jameison House
    Built ca. 1873. Mr. Jameison was the distributor for Conoco Oil for many years. Pete Morrison, the town founder's grandson, lived here when he was a young man working on the railroad and rodeoing with...More->
  • Jameson House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • James Prout Coal Mine
    The coal mine was opened by J.M. Thomas and Evan Jones in 1878. They sank a main shaft 100 feet. A north level extended 720 feet and a south level 60 feet. At these two levels five rooms were opene...More->
  • Jauden House
    A one-story, frame, 1305 sq. ft. house built in 1923. An estimated three additions converted the house into a duplex....More->
  • Jefferson Avenue
    As the community developed, this section of the Prospect Trail was named Jefferson Avenue. Later it became West 44th Avenue. It was also called the North Golden Road....More->
  • Jefferson Avenue Methodist Church
    The church was named for the site, Jefferson Avenue, now 44th Avenue. Founded in 1891, they met in homes and Fruitdale School at first. In 1904 the church was built on the southeast corner of Jefferso...More->
  • Jefferson County Government Center
    Opened to the public in 1993. Within the Center's boundaries are the District Attorney's Building, the Sheriff and Detention Facility, Human Services, and the Administration and Courts Facility. The...More->
  • Jefferson County Open Space
    Located throughout the county, it is a department authorized by the voters in 1972 to acquire, develop, maintain and administer open space lands and historic properties for the enjoyment of the citize...More->
  • Jefferson High School
    The new building for the Jefferson High School, grades 9-12, was completed in 1957. In 1955, when Edgewater and Mountair High Schools were combined into a single school, a vote of the student body ren...More->
  • Jenkins Peak
    Mountain peak located about three miles west-northwest of Evergreen. Named for John Hendry Jenkins, a Colorado businessman associated with the development of the Bear Creek area, in recognition of his...More->
  • Jewell Park
    This park has a playground, walking trails, picnic tables and flower gardens....More->
  • Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society
    There were about 35 buildings of different shapes and sizes and ages, positioned on about 100 acres of land, which was known as the American Medical Center of Denver. Now devoted to cancer research an...More->
  • J.F. White Home
    Elizabeth (Clemens) and Rev. J.F. White, formerly of Penryn, Cornwall, England, came to Colorado in 1876. Rev. White served as a minister in Silver Plume, Idaho Springs, Longmont, Golden and Black Haw...More->
  • John Perkins James Ditch
    John Perkins James Ditch was in Water District #7. Claimant in 1936 was John Perkins James, dating from October 1, 1893. This ditch picks up unused water and seepage from the Brown and Baugh Ditch....More->
  • John Ross Hardware & Lumber Co.
    Built ca. 1876 of native stone and still owned by John Ross's daughter's family. Mary Quaintance Estate of Golden, Colorado. The building is now vacant and has been for a few years....More->
  • Johnson, Andrew House
    Built in 1873. It was the Methodist Church's first parsonage. Andy, under pressure, accompanied his wife when she wanted to move uptown. Mr. Johnson worked for the Morrison Post Office from about 1910...More->
  • Johnson, Art House
    Built ca. 1910. This house was built for the parsonage of the Methodist Church in Morrison on Market Street (Pillar of Fire)....More->
  • Johnson Lateral
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Johnson Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Johnson Reservoir
    This reservoir is located in Clement Park and was purchased from the Grant Family by Jefferson County Open Space. It is now part of the Foothills Recreation District....More->
  • John S. Risdon Ditch
    John S.Risdon Ditch was in Water District No. 7 and had a priority dated December 31, 1875, out of Clear Creek. Claimants in 1936 were Estate of Mary I. Stewart, Swayze Estate, Matt Hawkinson, Edward ...More->
  • Joint Reservoir
    The claimant in 1936 was Elizabeth Jane Kirkpatrick. The reservoir is filled from Clear Creek via Agricultural Ditch and Salisbury Lateral. Construction began March 1, 1887....More->
  • Juchem Elementary School
    This Jefferson County District R-1 School was built in 1955. It was named for Henry J. Juchem, an Arvada grocer who had served on the Arvada School Board for nine years. He was the son of pioneer farm...More->
  • Juchem Farm
    John Juchem, a fifty-niner, built a crude cabin on his 80 acres of pre-empted land. He continued gardening and purchasing property until his farm and ranch grew to 400 acres. During the 1860s, he buil...More->
  • Juchem Lane
    This thoroughfare was first named for pioneer John Juchem, who came from Prussia to Colorado in 1859. He settled in the Arvada area in the 1860s and farmed his 400 acres acquired from three land grant...More->
  • Juchem Park
    Twenty-acre Juchem Park was a joint function between Jefferson County School District R-1, who built Juchem School in 1955 and North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District, who would manage ...More->
  • Juchem & Quellette Ditch
    Juchem and Quellette Ditch in Water District #7 had priority #30 (May 28, 1863). It was filled with water diverted from Clear Creek, via south bank of Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were John Juchem ...More->
  • Juchem Subdivision
    John Juchem came to Colorado in 1859 and soon settled and developed a farm that eventually included 400 acres. He subdivided Juchem Garden Place on the south end of his large holdings October 4, 1890...More->
  • Judkins House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Judy Ann Claim
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Judy Mine
    In 1955 this uranium mine operated with three men for 60 days. Formally called the Gary Mine, the name was changed to the Judy Mine when George B. Friden sold it to Denver Gold Mining Co....More->
  • Juergens Ranch Irrigation System
    Used between 1934 and 1947, this 20-acre site on Martin Marietta's property on a tributary of Brush Creek consists of the remains of a historic irrigation system and its associated features. Feature ...More->
  • Junction School
    In 1911, the first Junction School opened in the abandoned reformed Mormon church just south of what is now Kitty Drive and west of Highway 285 in Conifer. Classes were held there until 1923 and that ...More->
  • Junction Street
    Junction Street was the original name of 1st Street in Golden, platted with the Golden Park Addition. The origin of its name is not altogether clear. It was renamed with many others by city ordinanc...More->
  • J.W. Green Mercantile Co.
    A small general store built in early 1880s was bought by John W. Green in 1883. The sign above the entrance read, "J.W. Green, Dealer in Everything." Fire destroyed the frame building in 1898 and a ...More->

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