• Nare Mine
    Uranium mine owned and operated by Leigh D. Ohman, until 1958 then owner Bessie Nare. 1962: Seven tons of ore valued at $385.50 are extracted. The vein was located on surface in fault area and a 25-f...More->
  • Narrows
    The Narrows was the narrowest point of Clear Creek Canyon along the Colorado Central Railroad....More->
  • Nateso Pueblo
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Nelson Meadows
    The 50-foot by 30-foot grassy meadow area contains old farm equipment and a ramp structure. In 1874 the land was homesteaded by the Shankee family. The land had a berm used for potatoes, lettuce, an...More->
  • Nelson/Smith House
    Albert and Laura Sena (Christianson) Nelson emigrated from Denmark in the 1870s and purchased the first parcel of the family's 320 acres. An early cabin, still standing, was built before a comfortable...More->
  • New Castle Coal Mine
    Opened in April 1879 by M. Bertolin, the coal mine by 1800 had an 120-foot shaft and tunnel 300 feet to the north. The mine was timbered with six stopes. 15 men were employed and producing 25 tons o...More->
  • New Hedley Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Newland House
    Built ca. 1875. Mrs. Newland ran a boarding house, and many of the railroad workers ate there. It was an antique shop for ten years; then the use of the building was donated for the Morrison Museum, u...More->
  • Newman House
    The Newman house was built in 1876 by Cason Howell and it is the oldest house in central Lakewood. The Howell family came originally from Missouri, coming west for the gold rush in California and Alas...More->
  • Newton, James Q. Park
    A Denver Mountain Park of 600 acres near Hwy. 285 on Foxton Road. It has picnic areas by reservation, circular pit fireplaces, volleyball, horseshoes, softball field and shelter houses. The park was a...More->
  • New York Hill
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • New York Ranch
    The ranch was named for its location on New York Hill on the New York Trail, also known as the Leadville Free Road. Originally the main building was a stage stop, and the old foundations at one tim...More->
  • New York Trail
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Nicholls and Hoagland Mine
    This coal mine opened in 1880 by Nicholls and Hoagland was producing 30 tons a day with 25 men. The 103 foot timbered shaft has a north tunnel running 200 feet and a south tunnel 180 feet following a...More->
  • Nicholls Mine
    This coal mine opened in October by John Nicholls. It is situated one-half mile west of the schoolhouse, on south side of Clear Creek. When the mine was first opened a shaft was sunk down a little o...More->
  • Nicolino Business Block
    Marcello Nicolino purchased the Continental Oil Company gas staion and the Reno property in 1925. He razed both of these establishments and built the two-story brick Nicolino Block at this site. Dawso...More->
  • Niver Canal
    Niver Canal, in Water District #7, is an outlet of Standley Lake used to deliver water easterly, and out of Jefferson County....More->
  • Niwot County
    Embracing a large portion of the mountain area of present Jefferson County, Niwot County was rather short lived. It was formed by Thomas Bergen and citizens of the districts of Bergen, Junction (the C...More->
  • Nolan Business Block
    The two-story, brick building was named for Jacob C. Nolan. He had the building constructed in 1908. The second floor was used as an early telephone company and the other half of the floor as a meetin...More->
  • Norman D. Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Normandy Elementary School
    Located east of South Pierce Street and south of Coal Mine Boulevard, this school was built in 1970. It was named for the Normandy Estates subdivision in which it is located....More->
  • North and South Table Mountains
    These flat topped mountains, or mesas, are capped by a basalt flow that originated from a volcano in the vicinity of Ralston Buttes during the Tertiary period. On North Table Mountain three successi...More->
  • North Arvada Park
    North Arvada Park was created by E. J. Hoy and Ann Lee Hoy on April 7, 1955. This housed a Friendly Market Grocery Store and several small shops to begin with. It has been remodeled now and has many...More->
  • North Berkley Gardens
    Calvin W. Ferguson, Thomas R. Danow, Thomas M. Skinner, and Adolphus W. Petrikin subdivided this land August 25, 1890. This ground cut into smaller acreage lots and most was later subdivided into sma...More->
  • North Elementary School
    The District No. 2 elementary school was built in 1885. Students were divided into two districts, those north of Ralston Creek attended North School, which became a simple but appropriate name for the...More->
  • Northey Park
    Lakecrest Park was changed to Northey Park in 1992. Mike Northey was an Arvada Police Officer who died in the line of duty August 13, 1979....More->
  • North Fork Deer Creek
    A creek beginning about one mile east of Conifer and flowing past Pleasant Park Cemetery, south of Oehlmann Park, through Homewood Park and joining the South Fork of Deer Creek at Phillipsburg. Name s...More->
  • North Fork Volunteer Fire Department
    This fire department was organized in 1971 for specific purpose of providing closer and faster fire protection for the Buffalo Creek, Pine and Foxton areas. Self supporting until 1992 when by vote of ...More->
  • North Golden Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • North Golden Road
    This road was the northern continuous route into Golden. from the Cultural Contexts report: "North Golden Road (circa 1862) This road ran between Denver and Golden along present-day West 44th Avenue...More->
  • North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation
    North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District was initiated by a group of interested people in 1955 at 7510 Grant Place, the office of Attorney Harold Lutz. Unlike a city park department, Nor...More->
  • North Jeffco Mountain Park
    In 1966 North Jeffco Metropolitan and Recreation District was granted 200 acres for North Jeffco Mountain Park from the Bureau of Land Management, through the National Recreation and Public Purposes A...More->
  • North Jeffco Park Additions
    Ralston Creek Bridge Construction on Garrison Street in 1979 was to save as many trees as possible. North Jeffco Foundation received the Standard Oil Service Station at 58th Avenue and Garrison as a g...More->
  • North Jeffco Park Center
    Richard Cole Cannon was the great-grandson of Lyman H. Cole, who purchased 1,000 acres of ranch/farm land in the Arvada area in 1880. Eight hundred acres of the Cole property was lost in the 1893 depr...More->
  • North Jeffco Senior Center
    In the 1980 North Jeffco Recreation and Park District Bond Issue, $750,000 plus $100,000 contingency fund, was earmarked for the Senior Center. The successful passage of the bond election resulted in ...More->
  • North School
    In the six years since the South School opened, Golden's population had escalated so much that by 1879 North School had to be added to the town. North School was built in 1879 on Washington Avenue an...More->
  • North Side Ditch
    North Side Ditch, in Water District #7 was priority No. 50 (June 30, 1867). The claimant in 1884 was Annie Lees. The ditch diverts water from the north bank of Slough Ditch via Clear Creek. This di...More->
  • North Turkey Creek
    A sizable creek, traffic artery and residential corridor which begins on the east high slope of Conifer Mountain, runs to near Conifer, northerly along Highway 73 toward Marshdale, then easterly to jo...More->
  • Northwest Friends Church
    Northwest Friends Church was organized and started meeting in Hackberry Hill Elementary School in 1977 for $25 per week. A building at 9889 W 66th Avenue became available and was purchased in 1979 for...More->
  • North White Ash Mine
    Feb. 1888, 163 foot shaft struck coal in 13 and 4 foot veins. Evan Jones 1889, shaft is down to 275 feet....More->
  • Nott Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Oak Park
    North Jeffco purchased the property from Thomas D. and Marjorie B. Vanderhoof, August 3, 1962. Funds for Oak Park were made possible in 1967 by the approval of North Jeffco Metropolitan Recreation and...More->
  • Oak Street
    Prior to the revision of Jefferson County street names in 1949, this street was named Davis Lane for Harpin Davis, who built the first house on the lane. The Davis family moved west of Arvada in 1864 ...More->
  • Oberon
    The community of Oberon was established by February 2, 1904. It never developed into a town but the Oberon Land Company and the Oberon Water Company still exist in this area. It is not known where the...More->
  • Oberon Junior High School
    A town named Oberon was platted in 1904 but never materialized. However, Oberon Land Company and Oberon Water Company were developed and are currently used. When a Jefferson County District R-1 School...More->
  • Oberon Lake #1 and #2
    Claimant in 1936 was Oberon Water Company. Construction began January 1, 1887. Its water is obtained from Clear Creek via Farmer's High Line Canal to the Oberon Lateral. Named for the platted subdi...More->
  • Oberon Road
    Oberon Road was named for the undeveloped town in which it was located and claimed Oberon Station on Denver Tramway Car No. 82 that traveled between Arvada and Leyden. The name Oberon was taken from...More->
  • O'Connell Junior High School
    Built in 1970. It was named for Emory O'Connell. He was on the Old Wheatridge school board. He recommended all 39 small districts merge to form the R-1 School District....More->
  • Octagon, The
    Built between 1924 and 1930. Designated a county landmark 8/2/2004....More->
  • Oehlmann Park Subdivision
    One of the very earliest mountain area subdivisions, the park, located in Pleasant Park east of Conifer, was platted in 1926 by C.F. Oehlmann....More->
  • O'Fallon Park
    A Denver mountain park of 860 acres, the last major acquisition in 1938, forms a continuous area with Pence Park on the south and Corwina Park on the north. It has trails, fireplaces and picnic ground...More->
  • Ohman Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • O'Kane Park
    Named for the O'Kane family. Barney, Elizabeth and Betsy. Betsy a daughter still lives at First Avenue and Pierce Street. They had a dairy called the Harp Dairy. Mr. O'Kane died in 1918 and Mrs. O'Kan...More->
  • Old Morrison Bridge #1
    A simple 8-foot by 15-foot concrete slab bridge spanning an unnamed drainage into Bear Creek. The parapets have crumbled, the wing walls cracked, and the metal is rusting....More->
  • Old Morrison Bridge #2
    A simple 8-foot by 15-foot concrete slab spanning an unnamed drainage into Bear Creek. Iron pipe railings sit atop concrete parapets....More->
  • Olinger House
    This house was built in 1913. The grounds were elegantly landscaped with a sunken garden, statuary, flowers, shrubs, and trees. The Olingers entertained graciously community, business and social gro...More->
  • Olivet Road
    This road was an early street and connected Middle Golden Road and North Golden Road. It was named for the Mt. Olivet Cemetery....More->
  • Ord Log House
    The log house in which the Robbins Incubator Company was founded was built before 1906 by Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Ord. The couple had worked at the Peabody Ranch east of Dover Street and north of West Colf...More->
  • Oregon Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Orum House
    The house was purchased in 1982 for $18,000. The intent was to turn the tiny 1890, three room house of one of Edgewater's pioneers, Emma Orum, into a museum. The vintage Edgewater house is comple...More->
  • Ostrander's Subdivision
    O.R. Ostrander subdivided this land April 2, 1890. Small parcel of land cut into home sites by the then owner....More->
  • Our Lady of Fatima Church
    Ground was broken July 26,1959, for the building at 20th and Miller Street. The building is now used as a school and gym. First service was held in 1960. Before this, services were held at Lakewood Se...More->
  • Our Lady of the Rockies Camp
    A camp owned by the Catholic charities of the Archdiocese of Denver, operated from 1947 to 1973 for more than 100 underprivileged children of Denver....More->
  • Overland Stage Road Stone House
    Built between 1866 and 1870, this small farmhouse was constructed of river rocks stacked horizontally in Native American architectural style. Currently owned by the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Dep...More->
  • Pallaro Lease Mine
    Four Corners Uranium Corp. drilled 15 vertical exploratory holes varying from 103 feet to 166 feet in depth....More->
  • Palmer, Dr. George House
    Built ca. 1900. This is believed to be an older house that was moved in and added to about 1910. Frank Baker bought it ca. 1930 and raised two children. Frank Baker's mother was a Groom, Julie Ann ...More->
  • Palmer/Hill House
    Built ca. 1883. Original owner/ builder was F.K. Palmer (owner of Palmer and Sons Vegetable Market listed in the 1885 Business Directory as one of the first markets in Golden). Architecture is Victo...More->
  • Palmer House
    Built in 1912, this 1-1/2 story, 1,848 sq. ft. house has brick and frame walls....More->
  • Panorama Park
    In 1940-1950 the view from this area was a "panorama." This park was originally a part of a special district, the Wheat Ridge Recreation District, which conducted a contest for naming the park. This ...More->
  • Paramount Park
    This Wheat Ridge city park is in the eastern section of Paramount Heights, a subdivision developed by Lee Doud in the 1950s. Baseball, basketball, soccer, a playground, picnic tables, a pavillion, and...More->
  • Parfet Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Park 80 West
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Parker, Ben H., Sr. House
    This brick Colonial Revival House was built in 1941. The house was designed by Denver architect Donald Weese for Ben Parker, Sr., president of the School of Mines from 1946 to 1950....More->
  • Park & Shop Center
    Property owned and developed by agent of R.T. Davis family in 1960. Area enlarged in subsequent years to extend from original 38th to 41st Avenues to 44th Avenue. Super markets and drug stores main a...More->
  • Park Siding Post Office
    It was in existence from January 27, 1890, to May 26, 1896. The Foxton Post Office operated on the site from January 21, 1909, until 1990, when mail was delivered to the Buffalo Creek Post Office....More->
  • Park Siding School
    The school was in operation approximately 5 years from 1909-1914 with 6 pupils (more or less). At the present time, the structure is part of a cabin at Foxton....More->
  • Park Street - Golden
    Park Street was originally laid out with the Golden Park Addition plat, and may have been named after the addition. Never opened until the 1950s due to its location on impassable terrain, it was rena...More->
  • Park View Bible Baptist Church
    The church is located across 33rd Avenue from Wheat Ridge City Panorama Park. Organized in 1951 in Denver, the congregation moved to Wheat Ridge in 1960....More->
  • Parmakian Gulch
    The gulch is about one mile long and becomes Cub Creek near Cub Creek campground. Land including part of the gulch was purchased in 1948 by John Parmakian, a U.S. Department of the Interior employee w...More->
  • Parmalee Elementary School
    The Ute Indians (Blue Sky People) and fur traders inhabited the area known as Indian Hills. A French Canadian named Andre is believed to be the region's first settler. The land passed from the Utes to...More->
  • Parmalee Gulch
    Parmalee Gulch was approved by Surveyors Martin Luther and Canfield Marsh on March 6, 1875. The Gulch was named for John D. Parmalee, who came to Colorado in 1860. Parmalee built the Turkey Creek Cany...More->
  • Parmalee House
    Constructed of square cut logs, this probably is the oldest house in Indian Hills. No record of the builder exists, but the dates 1859-1928 are scratched in a cemented over hearth. John D. Parmalee o...More->
  • Parmalee Road
    J.D. Parmalee petitioned Jefferson County in 1869 to locate County Road starting at Bergen's House running down Gulch to Hendershott's House on Myer's Mill on Bear Creek....More->
  • Parmalee School
    The original Parmalee School was also known as the Parmalee Gulch and the old Indian Hills School. It was originally built of logs and named after John D. Parmalee (also spelled "Parmelee), an early s...More->
  • Parmalee Toll Road
    This toll road was completed about 1870 by J. D. Parmalee. It began in Bergen Park and ran through what became Kittredge and Indian Hills, and on to Turkey Creek....More->
  • Parr Elementary School
    This R-1 District school was named for Glennie and Esta Parr, who bought the land in 1953. They donated 10 acres for the school, and three and one-half acres for a park. The school was built in 1969....More->
  • Parshall House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Paul's Place
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Peace Lutheran Church
    Peace Lutheran was officially organized on February 18, 1955. While the church was being built on three acres of ground at Grandview Avenue and Field Street, members attended services in the Clear Cre...More->
  • Pearce Mine
    Uranium mine, operated by Vern Hawkins, owned by Fred Pearce. An open 20 foot prospect shaft. Begun 4/1/56....More->
  • Pearman, Pearl House
    Built ca. 1888. The Pearmans lived here from 1919 until about 1939. Pearl was the daughter of Jonas Schrock, a pioneer of Morrison who homesteaded on Mt. Falcon....More->
  • Pearson, Joe/Jacquelyn Paulson House
    Joe Pearson built this 2,131,sq. ft., 2-story frame house with a gabled roof in 1905. His son, Joseph Pearson, Jr., was raised on the farm and later went on to be Colorado Lieutenant Governor....More->
  • Peck Elementary School
    This Jefferson County District R-1 School was built in 1966. It was named for Homer N. Peck, superintendent of Arvada Schools from 1931-1941....More->
  • Peinze House
    Victorian 1-1/2-story, rectangle frame house, ca. 1874, with a hipped roof and glassed in porch. Vinton Amos, a Morrison blacksmith, lived here ca. 1880. The Peinzes ran a grocery/market and real esta...More->
  • Pence Park
    A Denver mountain park of 320 acres originally called Dixie Park, added to the system in 1928. It was renamed for Kingsley Pence, Chamber of Commerce and Real Estate Exchange member, and it has picnic...More->
  • Pennington Elementary School
    Jefferson County R-1 School District. Built in 1960-1961. Addition in 1965, 6 more classrooms and library. Named for Lila Golden Pennington, math teacher and counselor, Wheat Ridge High School, 1925-1...More->
  • Pete Christenson's Shop
    Built in 1876 by Pete Christenson, the name and date are still on the building above the door. Later, Pete Schneider had a shoe shop there. It is an antique shop at the present time....More->
  • Peterson House
    It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (5JF226) on September 10, 1981....More->
  • Peterson's Pool Hall
    Bill Peterson, originally from Illinois, moved to Arvada in 1908. He purchased the pool hall and barber shop located in the Wiebelt Building in 1913. Eight years later, Peterson purchased the Arvada G...More->
  • Peterson Turkey Farm
    The various dates of construction of the building range from 1922 to 1960s. The old house was moved in 1948. The turkey farm originally included one barn, one garage, four boarding houses, one silo,...More->
  • Pete Schneider's Shoe Shop
    The structure was built with native sandstone in 1876 by Pete Christensen. The date and name of the contractor are inscribed in the sandstone in a decorative triangular gable above the door. Pete ...More->
  • Pete's Place
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Petrie House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Phelps Cemetery
    This is a private family plot with the first burial 1889, and is still in use....More->
  • Phelps Ranch - Barn and Blacksmith Shop
    Built c. 1890, the barn and blacksmith shop are what remains of this ranch. The 20'x30' barn is constructed of vertical hand hewn timbers with a tin roof and a slant roofed side shed. The blacksmith...More->
  • Phillipsburg
    S1/2 of SE 1/4 of S11 and N1/2 of NE1/4 of S14, T55, R70W. Homesteaded on November 13, 1888, by Wiley Phillips. Was a Post Office from July 2, 1896, to October 22, 1896. Confessed cannibal Alferd Pac...More->
  • Phillips House
    Small gabled house (ca. 1895) typical of turn of the century bungalow. Dr. Palmer lived here. Later, Frank Baker, son of Julie Ann Baker, lived here with his family while he ran the garage with H...More->
  • Phillips Ranch
    William F. Phillips built the 21' x 21' log house, 25' x 30' log stable, two storage buildings, 9' x 18' and 12' x 21', and corrals in the 1920s on land he leased from Arthur Shankee. Phillips came ...More->
  • Philnor Pharmacy
    Norris Bailey, home after the war, decided to enroll at Capitol Pharmacy College at the University of Denver on the GI Bill. After graduating he worked at Dixie Drug Store on Denver's Franklin Street....More->
  • Pike, Charley House
    Built in 1880. Pike was a nephew of Zebulon Pike (of Pike's Peak fame). The Pikes were merchants in Morrison. It is a residence at the present time....More->
  • Pike National Forest - Jefferson County
    It was created in 1907 by combining the Pikes Peak Reserve, the Plum Creek and the South Platte Timberline Reserves (established 1892) for the United States Department of Agriculture. In this 1,105,7...More->
  • Pike & Perry Mercantile Company
    Built ca. 1880. It burned in 1919 and had to be repaired. Mazie and David O. Gage had a dance hall in 1919. After a flood in 1938, the Schneiders moved into this building and continued the drug store ...More->
  • Pillar of Fire Church
    Built ca. 1885 for a Methodist church. The Pillar of Fire bought the church from the town in 1932 as a memorial to Alma White. It is now a community church....More->
  • Pillar of Fire House
    This house was built c. 1880. One of its inhabitants was Charles Pike, who claimed to be a cousin of Zebulon Pike, the leader of the 1804 exploratory expedition that traveled up to the headwaters of ...More->
  • Pine
    It was platted by Charles Dake about 1885 to be a summer resort, naming it Pine Grove. Trains on the narrow-gauge railroad line from Denver to Leadville took on water and coal at this location. By 18...More->
  • Pine Cemetery
    The first known burial was in 1889, and the last in 1925. It is no longer in use and there are no records available of how many internments....More->
  • Pine Community Building
    This white frame structure was built in late 1880s as a church by local Methodists and later used by Mormons in late 1930s. William Baehr purchased the structure in 1950 and gave it to the community t...More->
  • Pine Community Church
    It was organized as a community church in July 1954, in the home of the Rev. and Mrs. L. Brooks Lauman, who conducted services one year. The next five years, several makeshift accommodations were used...More->
  • Pine Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pine Emporium
    The building was built in 1896 in Pine Grove (Pine) to house the Pine Mercantile Co. Later it was the post office and telegraph office. From 1942-1955, a grocery occupied the building, and in 1965 i...More->
  • Pine Grove
    Charles Dake platted the town about 1885 to be a summer resort, and named it Pine Grove. Trains on the narrow-gauge railroad line from Denver to Leadville took on water and coal at this location. By 1...More->
  • Pine Grove Railroad Station Depot
    This was the first coaling station west of Denver on the Colorado & Southern Railroad and a base for several helper engines and crews. It was destroyed by fire early in the 20th century and rebuilt....More->
  • Pine Grove School at Pine
    This was the original name when the school was built in 1898. When the name was changed is unknown. It was closed in the 1950s when the county schools were consolidated, and has been a private resi...More->
  • Pine Grove School at Pine Junction
    This school was built in 1868 of hand-hewn logs, and the first benches and desks were of split logs fitted together. In 1924, the crumbling logs were removed. Highway 285 now runs over the site of thi...More->
  • Pinehurst Nursing Home
    Built for Gov. John Evans by George Morrison in 1874. Built of native red and white sandstone 3 stories high, the building was 123' long, 50' deep with a wing 36' x 30'. The architecture is a Swiss ...More->
  • Pine Junction
    This landmark was originally called Pine Grove. A ranch with the same name was located in the vicinity of an old toll road and extended a short distance down Pine Grove Gulch (or Pine Gulch, now Count...More->
  • Pine Lake
    Constructed by William Baher in 1930. The railroad constructed Pine Spur to pull off and pick up ice cut from this lake, Crystal Lake, and Haviland Lake....More->
  • Pine Library
    Built to house a saloon in 1890, the structure became a grocery store and ice cream parlor later. At one time a local women's club used it for a meeting hall. It became a library in the 1970's and a...More->
  • Pine Post Office
    It was established March 28, 1882, and discontinued December 14,1918, but reopened April 1919. On September 30, 1960, it moved to Conifer as a rural station under Conifer. The post office regained ...More->
  • Pine School
    Built in 1898, as many as 40 students attended at times. As long as the narrow gauge railroad made its daily run, the school population continued to be adequate, but when the line was discontinued in...More->
  • Pine Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pine Valley Ranch
    The property was bought in 1928 by the Baehr family of Chicago and a large castle-like structure was built for summer living, called "Baehr Den".This was sold in 1960 after the death of the owners, to...More->
  • Pine Valley Ranch Estates
    The subdivision was named for the Pine Valley Ranch. Homes were built in the 1980s along the border of the present Pine Valley Ranch Open Space Park....More->
  • Pine Valley Ranch Park
    In 1896, J.W. Hildebrand, cattle rancher, homesteaded land called Pine Valley and built cabins at the site of the present lodge. 1908 saw the transfer of ownership to the Eckert Ice Company, that cut...More->
  • Pine Valley Ranch Park Observatory
    It was built on the Baehr Property in the 1930s as part of what is now the Pine Valley Ranch Park and open to the public by reservations through Jefferson County Open Space....More->
  • Pioneer Cabin/Dailey Cabin
    Built c. 1882, it was originally a one-room, gable roofed, hand-hewn square cut log cabin. There have been numerous additions like additions on either side of the original cabin. There is a large fi...More->
  • Pioneer Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pioneer Street
    This street was platted by Nettie Slater Lazell to develop the subdivision of her larger acreage. It is now Upham Street....More->
  • Pioneer Union Ditch
    The date construction was 1861-1863, with the earliest priority date of Dec. 12, 1861. It is one of the few early irrigation ditches in the Denver Metropolitan area to retain its original appearance ...More->
  • Piquette Ditch
    Piquette Ditch is in Water District No. 7 and had priority No. 4 (June 16,1861). Water was taken from the north bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Leon Piquette, Robert Bunny and Robert Far...More->
  • Pit #22
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pittsburgh Coal Mine
    1879- Owned by John Nichols. Located at the mouth of Chimney Gulch, 1/2 mile from Golden. The vein is eight inches in width, trends north and south, and pitches 17 degrees west. The shaft is 200 fe...More->
  • Plainview School
    Built 1935 near Plainview (see ESQ, Towns). The school was used until May 1951 when children were bused to Golden....More->
  • Plastic
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Platte Canyon
    Near the town of South Platte, downstream to Kassler, the South Platte River cuts a deep, narrow canyon through Pre-Cambrian granite and metamorphic gneiss. Occasional crystal-bearing rings are expos...More->
  • Platte Canyon Ditch
    This ditch starts on the Platte River, intersecting the above listed sections and flowing into Arapahoe County....More->
  • Platte Canyon Intake Dam
    Open excavating for dam owned by Denver Water Board. Constructed was a concrete diversion dam and appurtenant works at Platte Canyon Intake and installed a 90 inch and 60 inch water conduit....More->
  • Platte Street
    This street was named after the Platte River, and has historically been a main east-west thoroughfare through Golden. It was renamed by city ordinance in 1904....More->
  • Pleasant Park
    The name may have originated with Harvey Leander Corbin who arrived in 1871 with seven other families from North Carolina and has been quoted as having said, "This looks like a pleasant place to park....More->
  • Pleasant Park Cemetery
    The Pleasant Park Cemetery Association was organized in 1919 and accepted an acre of land from T. M. Gray. In 1979 Alden and Betty Legault donated another acre of land to expand the cemetery. The firs...More->
  • Pleasant Park Grange No. 156
    The building was constructed in 1894 as the Pleasant Park School. There was a time when school was held only in spring and summer months because of the winter's deep snows. The land and building were ...More->
  • Pleasant Park School
    The first Pleasant Park School was a half "dug in," half log structure built in one day in the late 1870s and located not far from Highway 88 on Oehlmann Park Road. The present building was built in 1...More->
  • Plymouth Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pocahontas Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Pomona High School
    This District R-1 school was built in 1973. It was named for the nearby Pomona Lakes, currently only one lake remains, others have been filled in....More->
  • Pomona Lakes Parks
    Pomona Lakes Parks are City parks, completed in 1976. and cover an area of 17 acres. Bureau of Reclamation monies provided half of the good greenbelt connection. Pomona West was changed to Rainbow Par...More->
  • Pomona Reservoir #1
    Claimant in 1936 was Emma Coldiron Chambers. This Water District #7 reservoir is filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Line Canal. Construction commenced in 1881 and enlargement...More->
  • Pomona Reservoir #2
    Claimant in 1936 was Emma Coldiron Chambers. Filled from water diverted from the north bank of Little Dry Creek. Construction began April 1887--enlarged October 13, 1903....More->
  • Pomona Reservoir #3
    Construction began in 1885 and the reservoir was enlarged in March of 1905. Filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Line Canal, it was later abandoned....More->
  • Potter Grave, Georgie
    In 1889, Georgie Potter died at the age of three years and was buried near the banks of Clear Creek. There was a simple wooden grave marker at the site that was removed by the Wheat Ridge Parks and R...More->
  • Potters House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Prince Subdivision
    This was a re-subdivision of a portion of James Richard's Lake Side subdivision recorded on Dec. 5, 1890....More->
  • Prospect Avenue
    In 1859 and the early 1860s, the Prospect Trail turned north at Wadsworth but as development continued the road was extended to Olivet Road (Youngfield Street) where it ended. It was the "Main Street...More->
  • Prospect Park
    The entrance is on 44th Avenue which was the Prospect Trail to the gold fields of 1859. 44th Avenue was first Prospect Avenue in 1900. This is site of Berbert House (community center). Clear Creek for...More->
  • Prospect Street
    This street is now known as Miller Street and there is also a Miller Court and Miller Place....More->
  • Prospect Valley Elementary
    Jefferson County District R-1 school replaced former District #44 building on 38th Avenue, 1968. Observed 100 anniversary of school 1992....More->
  • Prospect Valley Elementary, Old
    Proceeded by Brown Schools at 35th & Kipling (Howell). Organized 1892, District #44 from building. Moved to 10401 W. 38th, a 4-room brick enlarged several times. Became part of R-1 in 1950. Building u...More->
  • Prospect Valley Volunteer Fire District
    1947 was the date of organization of this volunteer fire department. It served the area south of Clear Creek to 26th Avenue, Youngfield Street to Kipling Street. In 1971, Prospect Valley Fire Depart...More->
  • Prosser House
    It was built as a hotel at the turn of the century by W.M. Prosser and wife who came from New York City to accommodate railroad workers, passengers, tourists and visitors from as far away as Illinois ...More->
  • Pyramid Peak
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Quaintance Block
    Listed on the National Register Site of Historic Places (5JF952) March 25, 1994. It was originally built in 1911 by Charles F. Quaintance, and moved to its present site in 1923....More->
  • Quaker Acres Park
    Land acquisition for Quaker Acres was provided by the City of Arvada's 6 % developer's requirement and by Open Space. Jefferson County Commissioners approved $125,000 of Open Space funds for land to b...More->
  • Quatman Mine
    Named for owner Catherine Quatman. Uranium mine operated by Cotter Corp. 1960 produced 7.6 tons valued at 142 dollars....More->
  • Queen of Vietnamese Martyr's Catholic
    Church organized in 1976, rented space until 1990. Built own church and social hall. 550 families, 1,000 attend masses. August 12, 1990 3,500 attend Vietnamese language mass as part of World Faith Day...More->
  • Quillette Ditch
    Quillette Ditch is in Water District No. 7, and has priority No 5, (May 31, 1860), with water diverted out of the north bank of Clear Creek. Claimants in 1884 were John Juchem, J.B.C. Boyd, Moses, Que...More->

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