• Saint Andrew Evangelical Lutheran
    Mrs. Joseph K. Badey and her two sons, Joseph K. Badey, Jr. and Frank W. Badey, offered to donate four acres of land to Augustana Lutheran Church for a new mission. First worship service was held Sept...More->
  • Saint Anne's in the Hills
    In 1924 the Episcopal church purchased the property operating as a camp for convalescent children and infants. Fire destroyed some part of the building, but it was rebuilt in 1952 to 1956....More->
  • Saint Elizabeth's Catholic Church
    The present structure was built in 1952 as a mission church on the site of community (burned) buildings of the late 1880s. Currently, it serves a large mountain parish with visiting priests presiding...More->
  • Saint Francis Cabrini Church
    On June 28, 1972, Archbishop James V. Casey assigned Father George L. Weibel to the task of studying the feasibility of establishing a new parish in the Columbine area southwest of Littleton. This ass...More->
  • Saint James Episcopal Church
    Named for Christ's disciple. Organized in 1951, met in Wheat Ridge Grange, then a remodeled house at 44th and Brentwood. Church building 1957....More->
  • Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church
    The second Parish of Arvada was created August 22, 1967 by Archbishop Casey. Father James W. Rasby, a pastor at Saint Anne's, was appointed pastor of the new church and named the church Saint Joan for...More->
  • Saint John's College
    This school was intended as a grammar school to qualify students to enter a university having already obtained some credit. The school opened in 1870. Founded by Episcopal minister George Randall. The...More->
  • Saint Mark's Parish Church
    St. Mark's-in-the-Wilderness, one of the very first area churches, was built in 1874 on the site of the present Evergreen Cemetery, and first services were held that year and until 1878. The parish re...More->
  • Saint Matthews' Episcopal Mission
    The Mission was organized in 1902. A church building was built at 57th Avenue and Yukon Street in 1905. It served the Arvada community until 1916, when it was abandoned. The building was vacant...More->
  • Saint Paul's Church
    St. Paul's church was organized in 1947 under the sponsorship of St. John's Cathedral of Denver. A new sanctuary was built in 1957....More->
  • Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Church
    Named for the disciples Peter and Paul. Organized in 1948, met in Weakland Building Store, 110 families. School and convent built. 1955 (450 families). Church in basement. Main building completed in 1...More->
  • Saint Philip Lutheran Church
    Formation of the church was begun in 1971 by Reverend N. Everett Hedeen. On April 30, 1972, the charter was signed by 79 adults. On May 21, 1972, St. Philip was officially organized as a congregation ...More->
  • Saint Raphael's Retreat House
    The retreat house was owned and operated by the sisters of St. Mary of Wisconsin. Mrs. Mary Neosho Williams had purchased a tavern from Jock Spence and given it to the sisters. In 1986 the sisters sol...More->
  • Sampson Mountain
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sampson School
    School District #46 was organized in 1899 and its first school house was a rented log cabin across the creek from Phillipsburg. In 1925 a brick building with a full basements and a tile roof was con...More->
  • Sancomb Building
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sand Draw
    According to Agnew, Lahn and Harding “On May 18, 1996 … a human induced wildfire burned nearly 12,000 acres of the Pike National Forest and surrounding private lands, destroying 10 dwellings and costi...More->
  • Sanderson Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, the Sanderson Ditch has a priority No. 31 (May 31, 1863). It diverted water from the north bank of Clear Creek. The 1884 claimant was William Sanderson. The ditch w...More->
  • Sanderson Gulch
    Sanderson Gulch starts around Jewell Avenue, near the radio towers and the White Fence Farm. It travels along Colorado Avenue to the Platte River....More->
  • Sanderson & Slater Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, the Sanderson and Slater Ditch has priority No. 23 (July 1, 1862). Water was diverted from the north bank of Clear Creek. Claimants for adjudication in 1884 were A. Sl...More->
  • Sands House/Spring Ridge Park
    This c. 1899 two-story, irregular, rectangular brick structure was built in several stages during the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and the 1950s. The original building was used as a private residence by Eug...More->
  • Sanger Ranch
    In 1906, William Edward Sanger and his wife, Mary Evan Sanger, bought 480 acres from Ellen M. McGill and James Abbo. In 1911, they purchased another adjoining parcel of 40 acres from the United State...More->
  • Satanic Mine Site
    In 1878 the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad built the Garfield branch line to the Satanic Mine site and Garfield Quarry....More->
  • Saulsbury Street
    Christian and Mary Stocke (pronounced Sto-key) moved to Arvada in 1904 and built the beautiful brick house at 7011 Grandview Avenue. Mr. Stocke built the first north-south street east of Wadsworth, wh...More->
  • Saunders Lease
    This uranium mine was operated by Cotter Corp. and owned by Saunders & Sutton. The operators drilled two 150-foot notary probe holes vertically searching for uranium since the nearby Grapevine mine ...More->
  • Sauter House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sawmill Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sawmill Gulch
    About two miles long, this gulch drains the north slope of the ridge between Centralia Mountain and Mt. Tom and runs north into Ralston Creek immediately below where Nott Creek comes in from the north...More->
  • Sawyer, William House
    Built ca. 1880. Mr. Sawyer's wife Mary B. and daughter Minnie lived there until Mary B.'s death in the late 1970s. Minnie is in the Bear Creek Nursing Home, but the house is still her residence. Willi...More->
  • Sayer & Lee's Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, the Sayer and Lee's Ditch had priority No. 22 (June 14, 1862). Its water was diverted from Clear Creek via the south bank of the Slough Ditch. The 1884 claimants were...More->
  • Schneider, Jake House
    Built ca. 1875. Thomas C. Bergen, founder of Bergen Park in 1859, occupied this dwelling in 1887. In 1892 his daughter, Sara Bergen Post, lived there till August 6, 1904. Jake and Nellie Schneider liv...More->
  • Schneider's Groceries, Restaurant & Rooms
    This was a two-story frame building with stairs outside. Maggie and Harry Hines ran the hotel in 1899. It burned down in 1931 and was replaced by the present one-story brick building. Morrison Grocery...More->
  • Schneider, William House
    This house was built in 1925 by Daniel and Alma Schneider. Dan was the son of Jake Schneider. Alma Schneider was a Kittredge, whose father promoted the town of Kittredge and built the Kittredge B...More->
  • Schnell Farm
    Recognized as a Colorado Centennial Farm, the property includes a collection of residential and agricultural buildings and structures. Established in 1888, it is the last remaining example of an ea...More->
  • School District 10
    District 10 of the Guy Hill are was formed c. 1868 according to the Colorado Transcript accounts. Its first building was built by 1875. In 1887, the district had a population of 74 students (42 male...More->
  • School District 14
    Organized c. 1870. This district's first building was erected c. 1870, and its second in 1880. It had a population of 41 students in 1887....More->
  • School District 18
    This was a joint school district with Estabrook in Park County until absorbed into the Jefferson County R-1 School District in 1950. Organized prior to 1872. First schoolhouse was built by 1884. Th...More->
  • School District 19
    Organized prior to 1872. The original schoolhouse in this district was a half "dug-in" and half log structure built in 1873, located near Highway 88 on Oehlman Park Road. This was replaced by a fram...More->
  • School District 21
    Organized on September 9, 1872. Originally known as Lakewood. Its first school building (wood) was built in 1872 (Lakewood road at West Colfax Avenue). The second school (a frame building known as ...More->
  • School District 24
    Organized prior to 1873. This school district had classes taught in rented rooms and houses until the Park Siding School was built around 1910 at Foxton. It was used about 5 years, and is now incorp...More->
  • School District 25
    District No. 25 was originally organized before 1875. Its first school building was constructed in 1886 near Jones (or Kinnear) Lake. It had a population of 27 students in 1887. District No. 25 su...More->
  • School District 28
    Organized prior to 1875. This was a joint school district with Park County, and its original schoolhouse and accouterments were the only buildings that stood at what is now Pine Junction. The school...More->
  • School District 30
    Organized in 1881. Its first school building was constructed by 1884. In 1923, it was consolidated with other districts to become School District C-2. Originally known as Buffalo Creek. Its origin...More->
  • School District 35
    Organized in 1886. The original schoolhouse was built in 1886, and the district's first teacher was Effie Smith. By the late 1920s the original schoolhouse was outgrown, and classes were moved to a ...More->
  • School District 36
    Organized in 1886. The original schoolhouse was a log building constructed in 1886 atop a high promontory about 5 miles south of Critchell. This was destroyed by fire in 1887, and replaced by a seco...More->
  • School District 52
    This school district was formed when Bancroft School District 41 and Washington Heights School District 50 merged. It met at Washington Heights School until the R-1 School District was organized....More->
  • School District 8
    School District 8 was organized May 16, 1867. Its first school building was in 1867 at West 32nd Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard. Its second school building was in 1874 at the site of the future Whea...More->
  • School (Name Unknown)
    Dated by picture owned by Leavitt Booth as existing in 1893. It was a one-room log cabin. Children attended classes May 1 - September 30 to avoid bad weather....More->
  • Schrock House
    Built ca. 1872. Jonas Schrock came from Germany, and his wife Elnora came from England. Mr. Schrock had a saloon in Morrison at 307 Bear Creek Avenue. Later he homesteaded on Mt. Falcon where John ...More->
  • Schwartzwalder Mine
    In 1949, Fred Schwartzwalder discovered secondary uranium minerals and radioactive float while investigating an abandoned copper prospect at the site of the present mine. Schwartzwalder obtained a le...More->
  • Second Sovereign Grace Fellowship
    Began as a mission of Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Denver. Met in the Wheat Ridge Grange Hall, 3850 High Court, since 1984 organization. Doctrine similar to Baptist....More->
  • Secrest Elementary School
    This Jefferson County District R-1 School was built in 1954. It was named for Charles Ellsworth Secrest, a farmer who came to Arvada in 1880. Secrest was a member of the Arvada District No. 2 School B...More->
  • Secrest Park & Recreation Center
    Hoskinson brothers donated the land in 1960 to Jefferson County for park and recreational development. Secrest Park and Recreation Center provides a multi-use facility, separate from the school, and ...More->
  • Section House
    This two-story frame building was the section house for the Denver South Park and Pacific Railroad, later the Colorado and Southern Railroad. Sold in the 1930s to the Elliot family....More->
  • Sellman Ditch
    Sellman Ditch is in Water District No. 7, a lateral from the Farmers High Line Canal. The ditch was named for Thomas Sellman, landowner in southwest corner of Section 2, Township 3 S, Range 69 West, ...More->
  • Semper
    A plat for the townsite at Semper was applied for in February 1886, but it never materialized. The settlement consisted of a few houses, a depot, a store, post office and a school. The settlement was ...More->
  • Semper Elementary School
    Although Semper School was originally in School District #25 from 1886 to 1897, a reorganization of the Districts place Semper Elementary School in District # 39, from 1897 to 1904. The school was nam...More->
  • Semper Post Office
    Denver Utah and Pacific Railroad left mail off at the Semper Post Office on Dec. 28, 1882, after the post office was named, established and registered in Washington, D. C. The community and the post o...More->
  • Sensation Point
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Seven Devils Prospect Mine
    The Seven Devils Prospect Mines are 3 ore grade uranium claims, Holy Terror No. 1 and No. 2 and Hiroshima No. 1, located along the floor of the South Platte River....More->
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church
    First meetings were held c. 1915 in one of the Renz buildings at Ford and 11th St. When the Renz building was sold, the congregation moved into the empty Christian Church on 10th St. (Golden High Scho...More->
  • Seven Trees
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Shadow Mountain Park
    S.K. Development Company and City of Arvada entered into an agreement for Shadow Mountain Subdivision, Filing 1 on September 17, 1979. Filing 2, January 3, 1980 for bridge construction over Ralston Cr...More->
  • Shaffer Elementary School
    This school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It was built in 1980 and named for John C. Shaffer, who was an owner of the Ken Caryl Ranch. Shaffer was a Chicago industrialist who cam...More->
  • Shaffer's Crossing
    Samuel A. Shaffer of Wyoming settled in the area in late 1870s and purchased a ranch. After deciding a town should be established, he gave a town lot measuring 25'x125' to anyone who would build a h...More->
  • Shaffer's Crossing Post Office
    This was established in 1865 where the Denver Leadville Stage crossed Elk Creek. Nearby a Willowsville Post Office was established in 1879 and Belleville Post Office in 1881 on the same site. Samuel S...More->
  • Sheep Rock
    It was probably named for a formation resembling the animal....More->
  • Shepherd Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sheridan Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sheridan Shopping Center
    George Yule owned this 160 acres in 1865-1895 when he moved to Marble Colorado on Yule Creek. After 1900 this was the location of feed store, grocery, Skaggs Grocery. Now King Soopers and miscellaneo...More->
  • Sherlock Reservoir
    Located in Water District #7, this reservoir is filled with water diverted from Ralston Creek. Appropriated November 12, 1948....More->
  • Sherrick Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, it has a Priority No. 7 (June 14, 1860). Water was diverted from the south bank of Clear Creek. Claimant in 1884 was W.W. Sherrick. "Map of Ditches in District No. 7,...More->
  • Shingle Creek
    Shingle Creek is a southern tributary to Mount Vernon Creek. It begins about a mile south of Interstate Hwy. 70 at Mt. Vernon Canyon and joins Mt. Vernon Creek about a mile southwest of Mother Cabri...More->
  • Ship Rock
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Shissler House
    This two-story frame house was completed in 1900. There are silhouettes drawn on the rafters inside the house of people who had stayed overnight in the past....More->
  • Shrine of Saint Anne Catholic Church
    The Church site was purchased from William Gunther by Bishop Tehen for $1000. James Manning, a Denver architect, designed the building, parishioners excavated the site, and J.K. Mullen, owner of Denve...More->
  • Shultz House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sierra Elementary School
    This school was built in 1971 and was named for the Sierra Vista community in which it was located. Sierra is the Spanish word for ‘range of mountains,' and the subdivision used that name because of i...More->
  • Sierra Park
    Sierra Park is a joint park/school development. The park consists of 4.8 acres adjacent to the school grounds, which was completed between Oak and Quail Streets in 1976. It was named for the school on...More->
  • Sigman, Morris/Terra Villa Office, Clubhouse
    This c. 1915, Late Victorian, two-story, cross-gabled, light-color brick dwelling was converted in 1970 to an office and clubhouse for a 400 unit apartment complex. Its features include a round tower...More->
  • Silver Springs Cemetery
    Established 1879. The first two burials were the Combs children who died from diphtheria. Silver Springs Cemetery has also been known as Combs Cemetery, Pine Gulch Cemetery, and Pine Grove Cemetery....More->
  • Silver Spruce Ranch
    The ranch began operation in 1872 as one of the earliest in the Platte Canyon of Jefferson County. It developed into a tourist facility, a summer camp for girls, and eventually an outdoor environmen...More->
  • Silver State Roadhouse
    Among the more popular, longest-lasting and notorious roadhouses during Prohibition in Jefferson County, the Silver State club stood at the county's eastern edge ready to take business from nearby Den...More->
  • Simmons House
    This c. 1870 house was built by William M. Simmons on his 400-acre homestead. The large frame two-level house has two bedrooms on the ground floor and living quarters on the second floor....More->
  • Simms Street
    John Clark homesteaded 160 acres in 1869, built a north-south lane through his property, and called it Clark Street. Years later, it became Arapahoe Road on the portion from West 64th Avenue (Ralston ...More->
  • Simpson Place
    This street was more of a lane to a residence or driveway, the name does not occur elsewhere....More->
  • Singin' River Ranch
    Originally built in 1922 by George Cranmer, later Denver's Manager of Parks, and his wife, Jean Chappell Cranmer. Cranmer built his home of local stone and a sod roof for insulation. He also constru...More->
  • Slater Ditch
    Located in Water District # 7, the Slater Ditch's water is diverted from Clear Creek via the south bank of Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were William Sanderson and A. Slater, priority dates from M...More->
  • Slater Moody Ditch
    Located in District #7, its water is diverted from Clear Creek via south bank of Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were A. Slater and J.S. Moody. Part of the water has been transferred to the Farme...More->
  • Slaughterhouse Gulch
    Slaughterhouse Gulch is a sizable gulch that winds down the north side of South Table Mountain, at the center of its north face. During the 1990s it was considered as a possible access route to the t...More->
  • Slough Ditch
    Slough Ditch was in Water District No. 7. It branched off the north side of Clear Creek at Section Line of sections 19 and 20....More->
  • Smart Ditch
    Located in Water District No. 7, the Smart Ditch's water flowed out of Rocky Flats Lake to Standley Lake....More->
  • Smith, Bob House
    Dr. Frank Luce had this house built c. 1915. It was built from lumber taken when part of Abbo's Livery Stable was torn down to enlarge Abbo's house. Dr. Luce lived here until he moved into the Abb...More->
  • Smith, Mary House
    Built ca. 1872. This was Mary Tuttle's home; she was the mother of Seldon Tuttle. Mary and Henry Smith traded a 1928 Ford with a rumble seat and $150 cash for this property a year after they were ma...More->
  • Smith Reservoir
    Claimant in 1936 was the Agricultural Ditch & Reservoir Company. The reservoir was filled from Clear Creek via Golden or Welch & Agricultural Reservoir Ditch; also by a separate degree through the War...More->
  • Smith, Robert House
    Built ca. 1915 by Dr. Frank Luce from lumber taken when part of Abbo's Livery Stables were torn down so they could enlarge Abbo's house. Dr. Luce did all the labor. He lived there until 1922. Bob S...More->
  • Smith Store
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Snyder Gulch
    A gulch beginning on the north side of Bergen Peak and running northward about two miles to join Soda Creek. Name source unknown....More->
  • Soda Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Soda Creek Road
    Completed in 1872 as a stage road linking Bergen Park, the stage road from Denver to the mining camps, and the Beaver Brook Station serving the Colorado Central Railroad....More->
  • Soda Creek School
    The frame school was located on the north side of Soda Creek about one- quarter mile downstream from where the creek crosses Highway 65. It was built sometime prior to 1884. In about 1945 the school b...More->
  • Soda Creek Subdivision
    A subdivision platted in 1975 by Gayno, Inc., Homer Noble, President, Walter H. Williams, Vice President and Secretary. Named from creek....More->
  • Soda Lakes
    Soda Lakes is a part of the Bear Creek Lake recreational area of the City of Lakewood, offering water-skiing, sailing, and windsurfing. The 275 acres of Soda Lakes was included in the Lakewood recrea...More->
  • Soper Ponds #1, #2, #3 and #4
    Claimant in 1936 was Lulu S. Middleton. Construction began March 1, 1887. These Water District #7 ponds are filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via the Farmers High Line Canal. Holdings of...More->
  • Sorenson House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • South Boulder Diversion Canal
    This canal runs from Boulder County through Golden, Louisville and Eldorado Springs Quadrangles. It belongs to Denver Water Department, and carries water from Gross Reservoir to Ralston Reservoir area...More->
  • Southern Gables Evangelical Free Church
    Southern Gables Evangelical Free Church started as a prayer meeting in October 1962 under the name of Lakewood Evangelical Free Church. By January 30, 1972, a 500-seat sanctuary was planned and a grou...More->
  • South Fork Deer Creek
    A creek beginning near the Pleasant Park Grange and flowing easterly below the High Grade Road then north through Deermont to join the North Fork of Deer Creek at Phillipsburg. Name source unknown....More->
  • South Fork of Buffalo Creek
    During the 1840s, U.S. Army expedition leader John C. Fremont named the creek for the buffalo in this valley his party observed....More->
  • South Golden Road
    from Cultural Contexts report, 2004: "South Golden Road (circa 1862) This road ran between Denver and Golden, preceding West Colfax Avenue, which was built approximately along south Golden Road from ...More->
  • South Platte
    This was once a small settlement including a post office, hotel, telegraph office and a stop on the narrow gauge Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad. One building stands today, the South Platte Hote...More->
  • South Platte Hotel
    It operated at this small settlement with a post office and a stop on the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad narrow gauge line at the turn of the century. Vacated building still stands today. The ...More->
  • South Platte Post Office
    It is recorded as operating from 1889-1937. A partial list of the Postmasters include: Anna Vermillion, 1895; Ida V. Wadsworth,1899; and Mary Culver, 1900. It was named for the settlement....More->
  • South Platte River
    The South Platte River flows northeast out of the Colorado Rockies until it joins the North Platte River in Nebraska and form the Platte River. At Plattsmouth , Nebraska, the Platte empties into the...More->
  • Southridge Park
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • South School
    Situated on top of a high hill on the west side of Cheyenne Street between Third and Fourth Streets (now 13th and 14th Streets), the South School was built in 1873. Originally Golden's consolidated s...More->
  • South Side Ditch
    Located in Water District #7, the South Side Ditch's priority was dated from May 16, 1860. One-half of the water was later transferred to the Farmers High Line Canal. 1884 claimants were J.A. Lewis...More->
  • South Turkey Creek
    This well known and historic creek and area begins in Aspen Park and runs along U.S. Highway 285 and South Turkey Creek Road to its confluence with North Turkey Creek to form Turkey Creek near Tinytow...More->
  • South Wadsworth Baptist Church
    The church was built in 1963. They built a large playground for children and grandmothers to promote child day-care. Their facilities are available for weddings and receptions....More->
  • Spear House/Spear Cash Grocery
    William Spear was the original owner when the house was built in 1920. Attached to the house was an adjoining grocery store. The small brick market was built in a time when few residents had cars an...More->
  • Sphinx Park
    This is a cluster of primarily summer resort homes. The community was named for a near-by "sphinx" rock formation....More->
  • Spicer Clay Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Spirit of Christ Catholic Community
    Shrine of Saint Anne was becoming overcrowded by 1970, and Archbishop Casey authorized another parish north of Arvada. Emil Schneider, Sr., donated a large portion of his land, and Saint Anne contribu...More->
  • Spotswood-McClellan Stage Line
    In 1872, Colonel Robert J. Spotswood, McClellan, and J.W. Bogue bought the Colorado Stage Company. The stage line from Denver followed portions of the old Bradford Hill Road through Lakewood, on to ...More->
  • Sprucedale Resort
    Sprucedale Resort was a well-known and popular vacation place on Bear Creek in Jefferson County during the 19th century. Its original building was a hotel, whose origin Evergreen historians place as ...More->
  • Sprucedale School
    A school built c. 1878 near the confluence of Cub Creek and Blue Creek. In that year Francis Moulton taught 80 days for $32....More->
  • Spruce Lodge - Evergreen
    Spruce Lodge was a group of buildings making up a popular summer resort along Bear Creek near Evergreen. The resort was originally built in the early 1860s by John Jackson Hines, who for a time opera...More->
  • Spruce Lodge - Tiny Town
    Built in 1902 by Dick and Bill Ralph. Located about a half mile below Tiny Town. It was used as a church as well as a home. A special occasion was a Fourth of July celebration in 1914. Ralph's sold Sp...More->
  • Spruce Park County
    An early and short-lived county organized by R. A. Strain in opposition to Thomas Bergen's Ni-wot County, covering territory more to the south but overlapping some of Ni-wot County. Name probably desc...More->
  • Spruce Park School
    Located on the west side of Highway 73 about one mile south of North Turkey Creek Road. It was built c. 1878. Since the number of the district could not be determined, little could be learned about th...More->
  • Stage Coach Building
    Built ca. 1870 by George Morrison. This was used as a storage building for the stage coaches when not in use. It is now privately owned and is still used for storage....More->
  • Standard Station
    Built in 1926. This was Morrison's first fancy Standard service station. The first operator was Dan Schneider, who was born in Morrison. It is now being used as a retail business....More->
  • Standley House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Standley Lake
    Claimant in 1936 was Farmers Reservoir & Irrigation Co. Filled with water diverted from Clear Creek, Ralston Creek and Leyden Creek via Croke Canal and Church Ditch; also Farmer's High Line Canal and ...More->
  • Standley Lake County Park
    Operation for the construction of Standley Lake was begun early in the twentieth century by the Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company, (FRICO) and was named for Joseph Standley, the president of th...More->
  • Standley Lake High School
    Standley Lake High School is the fourth Arvada high school built by the Jefferson County R-1 School Distirct. The school was built in 1989 and was named for nearby Standley Lake. Both the lake and the...More->
  • Staples House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Starbuck Park
    The park was included in the Olmsted acquisition plan. J.J.B. Benedict designed the c. 1923 native stone and timber well house. Ruins of an early 1920s Denver Motor Club building are a reminder of...More->
  • State Clay Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • State Home & Training School
    The Cornerstone was inscribed: "A.D. 1910 State Home and Training School for mental defectives, founded by the State of Colorado, through the efforts of Ella Parish Williams of the State Board of Corr...More->
  • Stein Elementary School
    Built in 1955, and was named for Rose Stein, who was principal after she retired in 1968. A teacher in Jefferson County for 39 years....More->
  • Stene Complex
    This square, wood frame house on a concrete foundation was built in 1907. Original use was a farm and the site includes tin sheds constructed in 1919 and a cinder block barn built in 1929....More->
  • Stepp Ranch and Farm
    William L. Stepp was a ‘59er who moved to Arvada in 1864 and homesteaded 160 acres west of Arvada. He had many interests: carpenter, builder farmer, rancher, prospector and apiarist. The property was ...More->
  • Stewart Hotel, Old
    The Old Stewart Hotel was a popular name for the hotel resort run by Robert H. Stewart in the 19th century on Bear Creek, known as the Sprucedale Resort. This was later purchased to become the Evergr...More->
  • Stewart, Lee & Eskins Ditch
    Lee, Stewart and Eskins Ditch in Water District #7 had an early priority, No. 27, April 17, 1863. Claimants in 1884 were William Lee, W.W. Sherrick, William Sanderson, Fred Claus, and J.B. Walker....More->
  • Stickford Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Stites Park
    This park was named for Mayor Frank "Hank" Stites, who was a long time sponsor of the youth ball programs. It has baseball and basketball facilities as well as a playground and picnic tables....More->
  • Stocke Avenue
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Stocke/Moore House
    Christian and Mary Stocke moved to Arvada and built the large brick home at 7011 Grandview Avenue in 1904. Stocke, a German immigrant from Ohio, arrived in Arvada in 1902 and built the first north-so...More->
  • Stonehenge
    Stonehenge is a stone house with rock-walled gardens on the north side of West 44th Avenue just east of the North Table Mountain Slide. It was originally built as the business office of the French Sm...More->
  • Stone House
    This c. 1860 stone farmhouse near Bear Creek was built by Joseph Hodgson. Built of stones from Bear Creek, it features oversized windows and door frames of rough dressed sand stone quarried from the n...More->
  • Stonehouse Reservoir #1 and #2
    Claimant 1936 was Hutoka Stonehouse. These reservoirs were filled with water diverted from Clear Creek via Farmers High Line Canal into the Bright & Brown Lateral. Both were abandoned February 3...More->
  • Stony Creek School
    This school is part of the Jefferson County R1 School District. It was opened August 13, 1984 and was named for the subdivision in which it is located....More->
  • Stott Elementary School
    This R-l District School was named for a Scottish pioneer, David Milne Stott, who came to Arvada in 1890 and farmed 80 acres at 13999 Ralston Road. Stott School was not far from his acreage. The schoo...More->
  • Stott Park
    Stott Park is a school and park function situated on a short greenbelt and completed in 1976, The deck tennis court is the first public or private deck tennis court in the city. The name of the park w...More->
  • Strain Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Strainland Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Streer/Peterson House
    Built in 1880, this two-story, cross gabled frame house with its gingerbread-style cornice was originally constructed in Bear Creek Valley. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries it was kno...More->
  • Strickford Lake
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Strolling Acres
    Strolling Acres was the name given to this acreage at Enterprise Road and Davis Lane (72nd and Oak St.) by former owners, Mark and Esther W. Rhoads, 1937-1963....More->
  • St. Vrain, Golden City & Colorado Wagon Road
    from Cultural Contexts report, 2004 St. Vrain, Golden City & Colorado Wagon Road (1859) This toll road was incorporated by John W. McIntyre, J. M. Ferrell, Henry Gunnell, and Lucien W. Bliss, with...More->
  • Sunnyside School
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sunny Vale Park
    Shortly after the community was platted in 1882, the name was changed to Buffalo Creek....More->
  • Sunrise Park
    Sunrise park was constructed in the summer of 1976. The site selection was determined by the City's 6% developer's requirement for Lamar Heights Subdivision. Probably the park was so named for its cle...More->
  • Sunset Claims
    Excavation consists of a cut 4 feet wide, 25 feet long, 12 feet deep. Owned and operated by Walter Wahl. It was a tungsten, silver, and gold prospect. Five claims named Sunset 1, Sunset 2, Shirley,...More->
  • Sunset Park
    This park has a basketball court, shelter, playground, walking trails and open space area....More->
  • Swadley Ditch
    Swadley Ditch was in Water District #7, which had various priorities, the earliest was May 14, 1861. Water was diverted from Clear Creek via Slough Ditch. Claimants in 1884 were George C. Swadley, L....More->
  • Swadley Farm
    One of the Fifty-niners, George Calvin Swadley obtained 80 acres under the Land Claim Club in 1860. Eventually, he expanded his farm to over 400 acres. He was most successful in planting onions and fi...More->
  • Swadley & Longan Ditch
    Swadley and Longan Ditch was in Water District #7, with priority dates from April 10, 1861. Water was diverted from the north bank of Ralston Creek. Claimants in 1884 were Jesse Longan, Henry Longan, ...More->
  • Swadley's Cattle Drive
    George C. Swadley permitted a railroad right-of-way to be built on his property, providing the Moffat Company build an underpass for Swadley's cattle to be driven to pasture north of the railroad trac...More->
  • Swadley Station, Leyden Line 82
    Named for owners of the property in this area. George Calvin Swadley requested that a trestle be constructed over his property for a cattle run. The trestle still stands and is used by the Denver and ...More->
  • Swan Hereford Ranch
    Johnathan Higginson homesteaded this ranch in the 1870s and has continued as a working ranch. President Dwight D. Eisenhower fished the North Fork of the South Platte River that flows through the r...More->
  • Swanson Elementary School
    This R-l District school was built in 1963. It was named for an educator, Olive Watson Swanson who graduated from Arvada High School in 1906, and from Colorado Women's College in 1913 and taught in th...More->
  • Swartz Cabin
    Circa 1880-1890 cabin and barn inhabited by a local prospector named Swartz. The site is 100 meters north of Miller Gulch. There is a cabin on the west side of the tributary situated in a leveled...More->
  • Swede Gulch
    A gulch beginning just east of Interstate 70 at El Rancho and running southeasterly to join Bear Creek about one-half mile east of Kittredge. Swede Gulch merges with Kerr Gulch about one-and-one-half ...More->
  • Swedish Lutheran Church
    The church was established in 1873 by C. Rydholm who came to Golden from Burlington, Iowa. The church was built on land donated by Loveland and Harsh. The trustees in 1873 were C. P. Johnson, S. Bergs...More->
  • Swift Station
    Swift Station was probably named for property owners in this area. The tramway electric route pushed to Leyden in 1903....More->
  • Swiss Cottage
    1874. Built for Governor Evans of native sand stone by George Morrison, a Quebec stone mason who came to Colorado in 1850 with his family and settled in Mt. Vernon; he moved to Morrison in 1873. It ha...More->
  • Switzers Gulch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Sylvania-in-the-Rockies
    The land was homesteaded by the Bogel family early in the century. A girls camp was built by two Texas women - c 1930 - and named the place. In 1989, the Jefferson County School District bought it for...More->
  • Symes Post Office
    It was called Symes Post Office from 1890-1899 then changed to South Platte Post Office. Origin of the name is unknown...More->
  • Table Rock
    Table Rock was the original name of what is now known as Castle Rock, a lava butte projecting from the northwest flank of South Table Mountain at Golden. This name was used at the time of the gold ru...More->
  • Tabor Street
    Prior to the revision of Jefferson County street names in 1949, Tabor Street was named Lees Lane for the David Lee Family who built a home there. Lees Station on the Leyden and Golden Tramway ticket w...More->
  • Tallman Ranch
    The c. 1880 Tallman Ranch represents part of the exploration and settlement of the area now encompassing western Jefferson and eastern Gilpin Counties. The property is associated with the area's hea...More->
  • T Bar S Ranch
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Teagarden Pit
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Telephone Exchange
    When telephone service came to Lakewood in 1909, the first battery operated switchboard was located at the rear of the Kummer family's store, which stood in the middle of what is now Carr Street, a fe...More->
  • Tennis Complex
    The Tennis Center was the result of a successful bond election in 1974. The City built the Center because tennis was a desireable sport at this time. It was completed in 1975 and is programmed by Nort...More->
  • Tennyson Knolls
    Tennyson Knolls is located west of Tennyson Street, north of the trail. Arvada City Park Department constructed a storm drainage system in this area, in 1977. Tennis courts, playground, picnic tables,...More->
  • Terrace Park
    Terrace Park consisted of 9.7 acres and two irrigation ditches, Bluff and Wadsworth, whose rights were owned by North Jeffco. The Arvada Jaycees under their chairman Jerry Linder constructed the playg...More->
  • The Glens
    This land, located between 20th Avenue and Colfax was originally available through a military warrant to Miguela Torres, widow of Sabastian Torres, her allotted property was turned over to a Matthew C...More->
  • Third Street
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Thomas Coal Mine
    1879 owned by James M. Thomas and Evan Jones. Property comprises 160 acres of land. The vein is eight feet wide and trends northwest and southeast. The mine is developed by two entries, aggregating...More->
  • Thomson Elementary School
    This District R-1 School was named for Marjorie (Kratz) Thomson, English and Language Arts teacher at Arvada High School (1933-1955). Thomson School was built in 1973....More->
  • Thundercloud Park
    This 9.43-acre park was funded by the 1974 Bond Referendum. It includes tennis courts, two ball fields and playgrounds. Thundercloud Park was dedicated in 1975, it is not known why it was so named....More->
  • Time Square Shopping Center
    Name focus on clock centered in facade of building complex. This center has been a prime commercial development of the city and Chamber of Commerce . It is the site of First Bank of Wheat Ridge, the f...More->
  • Tincup Mine
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Tindale Coal Mine
    Tindale Mine was incorporated in 1891, on the west side of North Table Mountain. This was a small coal mining community. Tindale Post Office operated from 1891-1893, at approximately 72nd Avenue and...More->
  • Tindale Post Office
    The Post Office was located near Tindale Coal Mine and served the miners working there. This was an early short-term Post Office which existed from Nov. 2, 1891 until Feb. 6, 1893. Samuel Ashmore was ...More->
  • Tiny Street
    Among the smallest streets in Golden's history, the meaning of the name of Tiny Street is obvious. It was platted with Bush & Fisher's Addition. It has never been formally renamed, though most later...More->
  • Tiny Town
    This is an elaborate miniature city built on the banks of Turkey Creek in 1915 and named Tiny Town by George E. Turner. He constructed the small structures of only three feet in height. A resort villa...More->
  • Titus House
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Tobias House
    John Tobias came to Denver in 1871 and at first, did carpentry work and was a orchardist for Elitch Gardens. He bought 20 acres of the Everitt homestead and built his brick house in 1879. Cultivatio...More->
  • Top of the World Campground
    The picnic and camping grounds are maintained by the Forest Service. It was probably named for the view. Because of growth of the trees over the years, the view has changed since the 1950s, when i...More->
  • Torrence & Dulcina White Home
    This gentleman-farmer's brick home, constructed in 1879, replaced the 1870 log cabin, where six of the 11 White children were born. Rubin Craig, owner of Craig Chevrolet, purchased the acreage in 1946...More->
  • Tower of Memories
    The entrance is at 29th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard. It was entered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. The tower of memories is a seven-story modernistic building. A Gothic ...More->
  • Town Center Park
    The first park located in a shopping center in Wheat Ridge. The theme is a small, restful spot in the midst of daily activity....More->
  • Town Hall
    Built ca. 1880 for the Woodman of the World. It was later acquired by the Woodcraft Ladies (insurance group and wives). It was finally donated to the town by the Booster Club....More->
  • Tracy, Jasper House
    Built ca. 1880. Annie Ewan Tracy came from a large family southeast of Morrison. Their home was called the Cotton-Wood Ranch and is presently known at the John Pallaro Ranch....More->
  • Tramway Creek
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Tri-City Baptist Church
    This church was originally organized as the First Baptist Church of Arvada in 1904. The church building was completed in 1909. The church at 5624 Yarrow merged with Tri-City Baptist Church on March 21...More->
  • Trinity Baptist Church
    Theological Trinity (God, Son, Holy Spirit). Organized in 1954, met at Reed Street School. Church building 1960's? Conservative....More->
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
    This church was organized December 6, 1970. The first service in the church building at 7700 Wadsworth Boulevard took place on October 7, 1973 under the direction of the first pastor, Rev. Paul T. Boc...More->
  • Troublesome Creek
    Begins north of Bergen Park, crosses Highway 74 south of Bergen Park and joins Bear Creek at the west edge of Kittredge. Name source unknown....More->
  • Troutdale Hotel
    Started in the late 1800s as a group of log cabins and a one-story hotel. In 1920 Harry Sidles, a Nebraska businessman, opened a new four-story luxury hotel with pond, pool and golf course. Through th...More->
  • Trumbull
    This was a residential settlement with post office in early 1900s. The closing date unknown and origin of name unknown....More->
  • Tucker Farm
    The site is composed of a c. 1925 small wood frame house, a c. 1955 green asphalt sided wood frame house, a large frame and c. 1925 cinder block barn, corral area north of the older residence, chicken...More->
  • Tucker Gulch
    About eight miles long, this gulch is a major east-west watershed opening on the prairie approximately one mile north of and parallel to Clear Creek Canyon. Named for Alfred Tucker who operated a toll...More->
  • Tucker Gulch District
    Tucker Gulch District was one of 4 copper mining districts in Jefferson County during the 1870s. Its mines included the General Thomas....More->
  • Tucker Lake Reservoir
    Claimants for adjudication in 1884 were H.H. Miller and Leon Piquette. The 1936 adjudication claimants were the Denver View Reservoir & Irrigation Co. The reservoir is filled from Ralston Creek via...More->
  • Tucker Road
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Turkey Creek
    Turkey Creek begins at the confluence of South Turkey Creek and North Turkey Creek about one-half mile south of Tinytown. It flows along South Turkey Creek Road and Highway 285 until emptying into Bea...More->
  • Turkey Creek Canyon
    A toll road was built in 1866 from Denver to where Bradford, Tarryall Blue River Road crosses Turkey Creek. The Turkey Creek Post Office was located in Turkey Creek Canyon. It opened on July 16, 1874 ...More->
  • Turkshead Peak
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Tuttle or Alma White House
    Built ca. 1872. Alma White (founder of Pillar of Fire Church) lived here with her second son, Ray, who was born in 1892. There is a picture of the house in "Some White Family History" by author Kent...More->
  • Twilight Gardens
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Twin Forks School
    School District 17 in 1879, noted, Brownsville, Jefferson County. Located up gulch east of Twin Peaks....More->
  • Twin Spruce
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Twin Spruce Road
    No history information currently available for this location.
  • Two Forks Dam, Proposed
    The dam was to be placed at a junction of the South Platte River and the North Fork of the South Platte River, a mile east of the South Platte community at an altitude of 6400 ft. The area to be floo...More->
  • Two Forks Dam Site Tunnel
    Operator E.E. Lewis Inc. and owner US Bureau of Reclamation. It took five men 99 days to complete tunnel in 1965. Called the North Tunnel, was on the north side of the river five feet by seven feet ...More->

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