Agricultural Ditch

Address: Golden/Lakewood area

The ditch was founded in 1874 and built soon after. Located in Water District #7 (priority #61, 12/21/1884 and #67, 3/24/1883). Claimant on the south bank of Clear Creek in 1884 was the Agricultural Ditch Co. By the 1936 adjudication, the Claimant was the Agricultural Ditch and Reservoir Co. filled from the south bank of Clear Creek running southeasterly for about 20 miles. The 1936 adjudication was for a second enlargement commenced March 27, 1888 (priority #75), irrigating 16,000 acres of land. Over the years, many of the lesser ditches' waters have been transferred to the Agricultural Ditch Company. The ditch starts from Clear Creek near the Ford Street Bridge in Golden. It runs along part of the route of the Welch Ditch, north and east of South Table Mountain, across Lena Gulch to the Moffat Filter Plant. It flows south between Quail and Robb Streets crossing Lakewood Gulch at Tabor Street continuing through the Federal Center and existing in its southeast portion, meandering east under Kipling Street and through Addenbrooke Park. Then it feeds East, Smith and Kendrick Reservoirs before wandering east under Garrison Street at West Louisiana Avenue. It then joins Ward Ditch near Wadsworth Boulevard at Morrison Road, then under West Jewell Avenue near South Estes and passes south of Green Gables Country Club and on towards Ward Reservoir No. 2 to reach the Teikyo Loretto Heights University campus in Denver. The agricultural ditch was so important in the early years due to filling reservoirs from extra water flow to providing swimming holes in the summer and ice supply in the winter along with ice skating. James S. Jellison was superintendent of the Agricultural Ditch after World War 1.
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1965; Fort Logan, 1965; Morrison, 1965
Sec/Town/Range: S34, T4S, R69W
Elevation: 5600-5400
Source: "76 Centennial Stories of Lakewood"; Arapahoe County District Court, Div. II Proceedings, Oct. 4, 1884; Denver District Court, Div. II, #60052, March 14, 1936.
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