Witt Elementary School

Address: 10255 W. 104th Dr., Arvada, 80005

This R-l District School was built in 1981. It was named for Lester A. Witt who began his teaching career in 1933 at Bear Creek High School. The following year he was made superintendent of the Bear Creek School District until the consolidation of Jefferson County School District R-1 in 1950. In 195l Witt was named principal of Arvada High School until 1955, when the high school became a junior high school. For the next several years he was head of R-1 Transportation.
Quad Map/Date: Lafayette, 1979
Sec/Town/Range: S9, T2S, R69W
Elevation: 5450
Source: Arvada Historical Collection.
Last Modified: Wed, August 17 1994

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