Wild Rose Grange #160

Address: 3 mi. E. of Marshdale, N. Turkey Creek, Indian Hills, 80454

Wild Rose Grange #160 was organized in 1907 in the A.W. Ralph home in Spruce Lodge. Ralph, first Master of the Grange named it "Wild Rose" for the numerous wild roses in the area. In 1908 the grange building was constructed across the road from Spruce Lodge (near the present entrance to Mt. Lindo). In 1913 the building was damaged by a winter storm that dumped four feet of snow. It was relocated in the Hodgson School in 1940 and continues to maintain high ideals of community service. Hodgson School was built in 1914 on North Turkey Creek.
Quad Map/Date: Conifer, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S30, T5S, R70W
Elevation: 7500
Source: Moynihan & Waters, "Mountain Memories," pp. 10, 11; Colorado State Grange, "Colorado State Grange History, 1874-1975," pp. 140-141; Bush & Dittman, "Indian Hills History."
Other Names: Hodgson School
Last Modified: Wed, March 15 1995

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