Wellington Lake

Address: 8 mi. S.W. of Buffalo Creek community

Originally, a Mr. Dickinson owned the land and operated a hotel on the lake. His son-in-law, Mr. Mendenhall, lived on the place and if there was a Mendenhall School here, it was probably for children of the family and of the employees. Later owners were William Wellington Nesbitt (for whom the lake was named), William Fullerton and Harper Orahood. The dam was built in 1888-1889 and the lake was sold in 1920 to some farmers of Brighton, Colorado. It continues to supply water to that area.
Quad Map/Date: Green Mountain, 1954 (1984)
Sec/Town/Range: S29, 30, 31 & 32; T8S, R71W
Elevation: 8032
Source: Interview, Harper Orahood of Wheat Ridge, Grandson of 1890 Owner, 1992.
Last Modified: Fri, January 20 1995

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