Weaver Gulch

Weaver Creek flows northeastward into Kendall Reservoir near Bear Creek School. Its source is somewhere on the Indian Hills quad map. While crossing west Quincy Avenue, leaving the Morrison Quad map and entering the Fort Logan Quad map, its name changes into Weaver Gulch. This stream may have been named after Dr. Robert Weaver, who, with others, was involved in the development of Foothills Park and Recreation District.
Quad Map/Date: Morrison 1965 (1974); Fort Logan 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: T5s, R69W, S7,8,9,: T4s, R69W, S33; T5s R69W S4, SW
Elevation: 5790-5485
Source: "Lakewood-Coloardo, An Illustrated Biography," 1994, pp.106,107.
Other Names: Weaver Creek
Last Modified: Mon, December 10 2012

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