Washington Heights School

Address: 6375 W. 1st Ave., Lakewood, 80214

One of the oldest schools in the city, now owned by the Foothills Recreation since 1965 for a craft center. It was built in 1898 on land donated by Colorado U. S. Senator Thomas Patterson. Now closed by Foothills Recreation district. Community activities centered around school programs such as Christmas activities. Ballgames, hayrides to Morrison and ice skating were always popular through the years. It was listed on the State Register of Historic Places (5JF324) on July 13, 1994.
Quad Map/Date: Fort Logan, 1965
Sec/Town/Range: S11, T4S, R69W
Elevation: 5454
Source: Interview, Marsetta Lutz.
Last Modified: Mon, December 10 2012

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