Vasquez School

Address: 10801 W. 44th Ave., 80033

Founded as District #32, 1883. Land donated by James A. Lewis and Jacob H. Brown "for school purposes only". Minutes of District #32 in 1901 name abruptly became "Fruitdale" as community was called, no explanation or reason given. Served as elementary school until 1978, then Jefferson County Adult Education Center. 1985, preschool, day care, preschool training center, 1989.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S21, T3S, R69W
Elevation: 5400
Source: Wheat Ridge Historical Society, "Fruitdale School, It's First 100 Years"; District #32 Minutes; R-1 School List; Interview, Day Care Div ision, May 1990.
Other Names: Fruitdale School.
Last Modified: Wed, August 17 1994

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