Wadsworth By-pass

Address: Begins on Wadsworth Blvd., N. of W. 52nd Ave. and curves E. to Teller St. It curves back to the Wadsworth Blvd. alignment at W. 65th Ave.

Originally, this was the tramway roadbed in 1904. Earth was dug out beneath Grandview, Wadsworth, and the Colorado Central Railroad tracks to make way for the Denver & Northwestern Railroad and the Yellow Cars to travel north to the coal fields in Leyden. When the Denver and Intermountain Railway was discontinued in 1950, the "cut" was filled in, and this portion of Wadsworth Boulevard became known as Wadsworth By-pass.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965, (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: R69W
Source: Arvada Historical Society "Arvada, Just Between You and Me," p. 191; Arvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," pp. 87-90; Wilkins, "Colorado Railroads," p. 139.
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