Address: 4 mi. W. from Wellington Lake on Forest Service Rd. 543

The land was homesteaded by the Bogel family early in the century. A girls camp was built by two Texas women - c 1930 - and named the place. In 1989, the Jefferson County School District bought it for school field trips. It is now called Windy Peak Outdoor Laboratory School (or Jefferson County Outdoor Laboratory School).
Quad Map/Date: Windy Peak, 1954 (1984)
Sec/Town/Range: S24, T8S, R72W; S19, T8S, R71W
Elevation: 8091
Source: Interview, Jack Green, Area Resident, 1992.
Other Names: Jefferson County Outdoor Lab School; Windy Peak Outdoor Lab School.
Last Modified: Thu, February 1 1996

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