South Boulder Diversion Canal

Address: From S. Boulder Creek in Boulder Cty., flowing S.E. into Jefferson Cty., N.W. of the Rocky Flats Plant to 1 mi. E. of Golden.

This canal runs from Boulder County through Golden, Louisville and Eldorado Springs Quadrangles. It belongs to Denver Water Department, and carries water from Gross Reservoir to Ralston Reservoir area to Clear Creek, for the purpose of replacing water down stream on the South Platte River that Denver takes out of the upper South Platte.
Quad Map/Date: Golden 1939; Louisville 1957; Eldorado Springs 1965
Sec/Town/Range: S6, T2S, R70W; S26, T3S, R70W
Elevation: c. 5600-6300
Source: Denver Water District.
Last Modified: Thu, July 25 1996

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