South Platte

Address: On Cty. Rd. 96, located at the junction of the N. Fork of the South Platte River and the S. Platte River

This was once a small settlement including a post office, hotel, telegraph office and a stop on the narrow gauge Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad. One building stands today, the South Platte Hotel built in 1912 after the original was destroyed. Named for the river which runs in the area.
Quad Map/Date: Platte Canyon, 1965 (1985)
Sec/Town/Range: S25, T7S, R70W
Elevation: 6200
Source: Shaffer, "A Guide to Places in Colorado," p. 27.
Other Names: South Platte Post Office, South Platte Open Shelter Railroad Station Platform
Last Modified: Mon, December 10 2012

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