Simms Street

Address: Runs intermittently from N. 11200 to S. 6700 Simms St., where it curves and becomes Chatfield Ave.

John Clark homesteaded 160 acres in 1869, built a north-south lane through his property, and called it Clark Street. Years later, it became Arapahoe Road on the portion from West 64th Avenue (Ralston Road) to West 82nd Avenue. The name was probably changed for the Arapahoe Indians who were frequently seen in this area. When Jefferson County devised a more consistent plan for naming the streets in 1949, this thoroughfare became Simms Street, named for pioneer Leonard F. Simms.
Quad Map/Date: Lafayette, 1965 (1979); Arvada, 1965 (1994); Fort Logan, 1965 (1994); Littleton, 1965 (1994).
Sec/Town/Range: S5, T2S, R69W; S21, T5S, R69W
Elevation: c. 5400-5600
Source: "Jefferson Atlas - Street Guide," 1984-1986; "The Arvada Enterprise," Feb. 10, 1949; Arvada Historical Society, "Arvada, Just Between You and Me," pp. 185, 186, 190; Goodstein, "Denver Streets," p. 84; Arvada City Ordinance No. 178, 1949; Jefferson County Zoning Board, 1949.
Other Names: Clark Street; Arapahoe Road.
Last Modified: Thu, May 2 1996

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