Shaffer's Crossing

Address: On Hwy. 285, 5 mi. S.W. of Conifer

Samuel A. Shaffer of Wyoming settled in the area in late 1870s and purchased a ranch. After deciding a town should be established, he gave a town lot measuring 25'x125' to anyone who would build a home. Soon there were several cabins, a drug store, a grocery, a Grange, a general merchandise store, and later, a Methodist Episcopal church, a blacksmith shop and a saw mill. Twenty-five mailboxes lined the Shaffer’s crossroads early in the twentieth century. The early stages crossed Elk Creek at this location on the way from Denver to South Park and Leadville. Former names of the area were Urmston, Willowville and Belleville before Samuel Shaffer named the town for himself. Records in the County Assessor's office indicate the land was platted by Thomas A. Shaffer and Samuel A. Shaffer in 1914.
Quad Map/Date: Pine, 1965 (1985)
Sec/Town/Range: S32, T6S, R71W
Elevation: 8000
Source: Bentley, "The Upper Side of The Pie Crust," p. 197.
Other Names: Urmston, Willowville, Belleville, Denver Leadville Stage Line
Last Modified: Fri, January 20 1995

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