School District 28

Address: Pine Grove (Jefferson and Park counties)

Organized prior to 1875. This was a joint school district with Park County, and its original schoolhouse and accouterments were the only buildings that stood at what is now Pine Junction. The school derived its name from Pine Grove Gulch. The original schoolhouse was a rough hewn log structure. A boundary dispute occurred in 1886 when Park County's first school district was created which annexed Jefferson County land into it, which was soon settled. The schoolhouse was destroyed when Highway 285 was reconstructed, and a new frame building was built a short distance down the hill to the south. However, a lack of students forced Pine Grove School to cease existence when the structure reverted back to the owner of the land. The schoolhouse still exists today as a private residence. District had population of 24 students in 1887.
Source: "History of Jefferson County Mountain Schools" by Granzella; "Golden Globe" March 27, 1886 and July 2, 1887; "WPA History of Golden".
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