School District 24

Address: South Platte

Organized prior to 1873. This school district had classes taught in rented rooms and houses until the Park Siding School was built around 1910 at Foxton. It was used about 5 years, and is now incorporated into a cabin. In the late 1930s an abortive attempt was made to build a new schoolhouse near the junction of Kennedy Gulch Road (now Foxton Road), and the South Platte River. The second and last schoolhouse consisted of a boxcar remodeled into two rooms. School District 24 ceased to exist in 1944 due to a lack of students, and its last building has since been destroyed. The district had a population of 16 students in 1887.
Source: "History of Jefferson County Colorado" by Ethel Dark; "History of Jefferson County Mountain Schools" by Granzella; "Golden Globe" July 2, 1887.
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