School District 25

Address: Lorraine & Mandalay

District No. 25 was originally organized before 1875. Its first school building was constructed in 1886 near Jones (or Kinnear) Lake. It had a population of 27 students in 1887. District No. 25 survived and was consolidated into the Jefferson County R-1 School District in 1950. Some of the schools listed above continued to exist after 1950.
Quad Map/Date: Lafayette 1965
Sec/Town/Range: S2, T2S, R69W
Elevation: 5475
Source: Dark, Ethel, "History of Jefferson County," p. 289; "1879 District Record for the Use of District Secretary," for School District 25, Jefferson County, Colorado.; "WPA History of Golden"; "Golden Globe" August 14, 1886 and July 2, 1887.
Other Names: East School, West School, Broomfield School, Dry Creek Valley School, Semper School, Lorraine School, Mandalay Gardens School.
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