Sanger Ranch

Address: 7772 Sourdough Drive, Tiny Town

In 1906, William Edward Sanger and his wife, Mary Evan Sanger, bought 480 acres from Ellen M. McGill and James Abbo. In 1911, they purchased another adjoining parcel of 40 acres from the United States government. The property's original house is gone, but three log and frame barns of the ranch exist. The hay barn and the livestock barn are c. 1906 construction and the dairy barn was constructed in 1945. The post World War II rerouting of U.S. 285 took 39.8 acres and split the ranch in two. In 1969, the property was sold for development. The livestock barn has been altered by the addition of dormers on the west side. The dairy barn has been remodeled into a real estate sales office. Only the hay barn's appearance is unaltered.
Quad Map/Date: Indian Hills, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S33, T5S, R70W
Elevation: c. 7000
Source: Colorado Cultural Resource Survey #5JF302, 1982, Colorado Historical Society.

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