Rockland School, 1874

Address: W. Rockland Rd., Mount Vernon Canyon

This white frame school was built previous to 1921 about a mile or less west of the old Rockland Church, alongside the Stage Road. It was abandoned in 1936, and no longer exists, when the second Rockland School was built of block just above the church and beside Highway 40. That building has been used as a grange and community hall since 1954 when Ralston School was constructed. Name from the area.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S13, T4S, R71W
Elevation: 7500
Source: Interview, Hazel Humphrey, Area Resident, 1991; Abott, "A Brief History of Public Educational Facilities in Jefferson County, Colorado," p. 6.
Last Modified: Mon, January 5 1998

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