Pioneer Cabin/Dailey Cabin

Address: On Bear Creek, near Spence Dale Rd. and Fern Gulch, a little west of Independence Tail in Evergreen. It is now part of the building that houses the office of the Highland Haven Motel.

Built c. 1882, it was originally a one-room, gable roofed, hand-hewn square cut log cabin. There have been numerous additions like additions on either side of the original cabin. There is a large field stone chimney serving the original fireplace. During the 1880s the house was purchased by William Dailey, brother of John Dailey, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain News. Folklore credits this building with being the first cabin in Bear Creek Canyon.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S11, T5S, R71W
Elevation: c. 7100
Last Modified: Wed, August 5 1998

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