Pine Junction

Address: Hwy. 285, S. of Shaffer's Crossing

This landmark was originally called Pine Grove. A ranch with the same name was located in the vicinity of an old toll road and extended a short distance down Pine Grove Gulch (or Pine Gulch, now County Road #126). A school was built here in 1868 on hand-hewn logs which were removed in 1924. Highway 285 now runs over this old site. The present name was entered on the map after the highway was completed.
Quad Map/Date: Bailey, 1987
Sec/Town/Range: S1 & 2, T7S, R72W
Elevation: 8400
Source: Warren, Harold, "Bits and Pieces of History," 1994.
Other Names: Pine Grove School
Last Modified: Sat, July 25 1998

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