Parmakian Gulch

Address: S.W. of Evergreen, 2 mi. S. of Brook Forest

The gulch is about one mile long and becomes Cub Creek near Cub Creek campground. Land including part of the gulch was purchased in 1948 by John Parmakian, a U.S. Department of the Interior employee who was given the opportunity to name the area. In the early 1950s he named it Parmakian Gulch. John Parmakian was a mechanical engineer who was instrumental in the oversight of construction of Hoover Dam (now Boulder Dam), authored a definitive textbook on Waterhammer Analysis in 1955, served in World War II and retired as a Colonel, and was a lifelong Colorado resident.
Quad Map/Date: Meridian Hill, 1957 (1974)
Sec/Town/Range: S12, T6S, R72W
Elevation: 8400-9250
Source: E-mail from Mike Parmakian, son of John Parmakian, on Dec. 4, 2004 (
Last Modified: Mon, January 3 2005

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