Nelson/Smith House

Address: 6440 W. 60th Ave., Arvada, 80003

Albert and Laura Sena (Christianson) Nelson emigrated from Denmark in the 1870s and purchased the first parcel of the family's 320 acres. An early cabin, still standing, was built before a comfortable home was built in 1879. Three generations have occupied this dwelling. Leonard E. Smith was Arvada's first chief of police from 1955-1966. After his death in 1984, his wife and daughter's family resided at this century plus, year-old house. Albert Nelson was a railroad man and one of the first engineers on the Georgetown Loop Train.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S2, T3S, R69W
Elevation: 5400
Source: Interview, Leonard Smith, 1980; Arvada Historical Files; "Arvada, Just Between You And Me," p. 14.
Last Modified: Thu, August 11 1994

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