Lorraine Elementary School

Address: 112th Ave. and Pierce St.

Lorraine was the first school in District No. 25, established in 1884. The school was built and opened for students in the Fall of 1885. By 1917, plans for consolidation were introduced and became a reality in 1928, when Lorraine School was joined to the new Mandalay School. Two teachers were hired for the two schools and the name would be changed to Lorraine Mandalay Elementary School in District No. 25. New lumber was promised by the former school and people of Mandalay School agreed to do all labor free of charge and lease the building to the School District for one dollar per year. Board also decided to furnish Mandalay School, fix fences, paint and clean the interior of the former Lorraine School. The original one room school was moved to Broomfield in 1956 and still exists. It is not known why this school was named "Lorraine." Lorraine was a flag stop on the Denver and Interurban Railroad.
Quad Map/Date: Lafayette, 1944
Sec/Town/Range: S2, T2S, R69W
Elevation: 5350
Source: Arvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," p.127, and "Arvada Just Between You and Me," p.138. "District Record Book for District No. 25, 1880 --1916 "Denver and Interurban Railroad, Lorraine Flag Stop
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