Lindsay Ranch

Address: Located in the Department of Energy's Rocky Flats Plant on the southeast branch of Rock Creek

This ranch first opened in 1970, and served as a marginal cattle and horse ranch for 40 years. After WWII the ranch was rebuilt and became a boarding and riding ranch until the property was acquired by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), later became the Department of Energy (DOE). The site consists of an intact house, barn, remnants of two other structures, pole and rail fenced, and a stock chute. The house is frame construction on a formed concrete foundation, and the barn is similarly constructed. Both of these structures are post WWII. The site retains no intact fixtures representing the earlier occupation. Later the existing buildings were used for Department of Energy's Rocky Flats Plant's security training.
Quad Map/Date: Louisville, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S3, T2S, R70W
Elevation: 5980
Source: Colorado Cultural Resources Survey #5JF485, 1988 CHS
Last Modified: Mon, December 3 2012

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