Leyden Reservoir

Address: Indiana, south of 82nd Ave.

Claimant in 1936 was the Farmer's High Line Canal & Reservoir Company. Construction began July 12, 1905 and was completed April 1909. It is filled by waters directly from Leyden Creek and from Ralston Creek and Clear Creek via the Church Ditch (by written agreement) for the Farmer's High Line. Probably so named because of the creek bed it dams. Appears on 1915 "Map of Denver & Surroundings."
Quad Map/Date: Golden, 1939 (1965)
Sec/Town/Range: S25 & 36, T2S, R70W, Water District #7
Elevation: 5610
Source: Denver District Court Records Division II, #60052; by R.W. Gelder, C.E. of Greeley in files of Arvada Historical Society.

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