Leyden Creek Greenbelt or Trail

Address: S. of 72nd Ave., Arvada

Leyden Creek Greenbelt or Trail was built as a result of the City of Arvada Bond Referendum in 1974. It was designated Leyden Creek Corridor at that time. It extends past Leyden Reservoir and the Town of Leyden, through hogback formations, and finally tying into the proposed trail along the east side of Colorado Highway No. 93. It connects to Leyden Creek Park and finally at Davis Lane Park at the confluence of Leyden and Ralston Creeks.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1980; Golden, 1980
Sec/Town/Range: T2&3S, R69&70W
Source: North Jeffco Files.
Last Modified: Tue, August 9 1994

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