Indian Gulch

Address: Opens on prairie from W. 1/4 mi. N. of Clear Creek

Called Indian Gulch by local ranchers because of early Arapahoe Indian travois trail the gulch accommodated. Tributary (left hand) of Clear Creek headwaters only. S21, T3S, R70W, south of Tucker Gulch. B.H. 1906 (1939), Atlas of Colorado. Highway Commission, 1943 (1954).
Quad Map/Date: Ralston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Ralston Buttes, 1941 (1948).
Sec/Town/Range: S30,31,32,36, T3S, R70W
Elevation: 6300
Source: Interview, Mary Ramstetter, Golden Gate Canyon Historian, May 1994; James Grafton Rodgers, Place Names of Colorado, 1955.
See Also: Arapahoe Travois Trail, Clear Creek, Tucker Gulch.
Last Modified: Fri, September 6 1996

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