Henry D. Calkins Reservoir

Address: W. 88th Ave. near Field St.

Claimants May 13, 1936, of this Water District #7 reservoir were Richard Calkins and heirs of John S. and Henry A. Calkins. Construction started April 15, 1877, and was filled from Clear Creek, Little Dry Creek (Kelly Creek) and Ralston Creek via Farmers High Line Canal. In 1959 the City of Westminster acquired the rights to the lake. It was abandoned March 19, 1982, and water was transferred to Standley Lake for Westminster use. The original construction was done by Henry D. Calkins.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1957
Sec/Town/Range: S27, 26 & 22, T2S, R69W, Water District #7
Elevation: c. 5491
Source: Denver District Court Division II Proceedings, #60052, May 13, 1936; Westminister Citizens Advisory Committee,"History of Westminster, Colorado 1911-1961--50th Anniversary Edition;" State Engineer's "Water Rights Report," pp. 382-383, June 1989; Arvada Historical Society, "More Than Gold," p. 22; R.W. Gelder, "Map of Denver & Surroundings," 1915.
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