Graves South Ditch

Address: Near Wadsworth & W. 53rd Ave., Arvada

This ditch lies in Water District #7. Water came from Clear Creek via Slough Ditch. Claimant in 1884 was Oliver Graves. According to a chart compiled by C. L. Chatfield, in 1919, the ditch was not in use at that time. But it still appears on the State Engineer's "Water Rights Report," June 1989. Ditch tender for the Slough Ditch Association stated in March, 1990 that it had been abandoned to housing. Pioneer Oliver Graves was a resident of Arvada in 1862, and his priority in Graves South Ditch dates from May 21,1863.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: S14, T3S, R69W
Elevation: c. 5310
Source: Arapaho County Dist. Court, Div. II Proceedings, Oct. 4, 1884; Arvada Historical Society Archives; Interview, Nick Keller, March 1980; Arvada Historical Society, "Waters of Gold," p. 29; State Engineer "Water Rights Report," June 1989, p. 386.
Last Modified: Fri, July 29 1994

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