Grandview Avenue

Address: This main Arvada avenue extends from Lamar St. west to Independence St.

This main Arvada avenue was originally called Railroad Street in 1870 because it ran parallel to the Colorado Central Railroad tracks. Before 1934 this avenue was spelled as two words. Grand View Avenue extended from Lamar to Yukon Street and was known as the first "paved road" to Denver. This achievement prompted the first Arvada Harvest Festival in 1925. With the exception of four years, the celebration has continued every year until 1995. Grandview Avenue currently extends from Lamar Street west to Independence Street and is probably named for the grand view of the mountains.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965 (1994)
Source: "The Arvada Enterprise," 1934; Arvada Historical Society, "Arvada, Just Between You and Me," pp. 153, 187; First Plat of Arvada, 1870.
Other Names: Railroad Street
Last Modified: Wed, May 1 1996

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