Fruitdale Elementary

Address: 10801 W. 44th Ave., 80033

Jefferson County School District #32 was organized March 21, 1883 Land for a school was donated half by James A. Lewis and half by Jacob H. Brown. A "reverter" clause in the deeds restricted the land "for school purposes only." A stuccoed one-room log building was constructed and the school was known as Vasquez School. In 1901, a two-room brick structure replaced the log one and was used until it was destroyed by fire in 1926. In May 1901, the school was named Fruitdale School District #32. As part of Jefferson County R-1District (1950) additions were added on the east and west. The building through the years was the center of all community activities. In October 1984, a centennial celebration was held, although the elementary school was closed in 1978. The building continues to be used for "school purposes": preschool, day care, adult education, and administrative offices. This was also the site of the Bonnie Bonham Library.
Quad Map/Date: Arvada, 1965 (1980)
Sec/Town/Range: S21, T3S, R69W
Elevation: 5400
Source: Fruitdale School Records, Wheat Ridge Historical Society
Other Names: Vasquez School District, #32.
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