Foss Park

Address: Indian Hills, 80454

Martin and Susan Foss purchased 163 acres in 1918. Part of this property became a Park or a Camp for members of the First Baptist Church of Denver. So many came that eventually seven buildings were constructed. After Susan's death, in 1938. Mr. Foss deeded the property to the First Baptist Church with the provision that he remain on the property for the rest of his life. In 1940 Mr. Foss commissioned Mr. Roehling to design and build a stone chapel in the park in memory of his wife.
Quad Map/Date: Indian Hills
Sec/Town/Range: S17&18, T5S, R70W
Elevation: 7000
Source: Dittman & Brush, "Indian Hills," pp. 60-61.
Last Modified: Thu, July 28 1994

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