Foxton Cemetery

Address: W. of Hwy. 285 at Foxton Rd.

A small, old cemetery with three unmarked adult and four children graves at the edge of Conifer. The first known burial was in 1869, and the last in 1891. Notable was the deaths in 1879 of the four children of W.R. and C. Head. The children's age ranged from 16 days to nine years old and died within a period of 20 days, possibly diphtheria: Charles A. Head, age seven years old, died Feb. 4, 1879; Celia J. Head, age nine years old, died Feb. 13, 1879; Orillia D. Head, age three years old, died Feb. 19, 1879; Willard Head, age 16 days, died Feb. 19, 1879. The burial ground was also known as Beaver Ranch Cemetery. It is no longer used, but is fenced and maintained.
Quad Map/Date: Conifer, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S23, T6S, R71W
Elevation: 8320
Source: Merrill, Ray R.,"Colorado Cemetery Directory," p. 272; State Inventory Form 5JF337, Colorado Historical Society.
Other Names: Beaver Ranch Cemetery
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