FM&D Copper Mine, aka Ferris Mc Caffrey Dillon Copper Mine

Address: Exact location not determined. It is assumed to have been south of the Genesee Development, North of Lair o' the Bear Park (Bear Creek), along a Genesee Foundation mantained trail known as "Streamside" or the "Bear Creek Highland Loop"; Unicorporated Jef

The malachite vein containing copper was first discovered in 1866 and was worked periodically until 1917. Piles of timber, tailings, and a huge rusted-metal boiler remain at the site. Remnants of several crude buildings are also visible. The boiler provided energy to operate a crusher to produce sludge that was transported to smelters in Golden. Resident Stanley Thiede says his father worked on the FM&D in 1904 and again in 1917.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen 1994
Sec/Town/Range: s30/t4s/r70w
Elevation: 7800
Source: Local long-time resident Stanley Thiede, City and Mountian Views (dec. 19960, "Mt. Vernon Canyon Past to Present" by Carole Lomond
Last Modified: Wed, November 28 2012

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