Beaver Ranch

Address: Hwy. 285 and Foxton Rd.

A ranch homesteaded by George D. Kennedy in 1872 and sold to Willie and Laura Bennett in 1895. The ranch at one time was the location of a hotel, store, dance hall, and post office. As of 1998 the ranch's large barn was still standing. James Quigg Newton bought the ranch and gave 583 acres to the Grace Methodist Church in Denver. The ranch became a summer camp for boys, supported by the United Way and the Kiwanis Clubs. In 1994 the ranch was purchased by the YMCA and became the Camping Services Branch of the Metropolitan Denver YMCA. It is now called Camp James Quigg Newton and serves young people with a wide variety of camping and outdoor experiences. The name source is unknown.
Quad Map/Date: Conifer 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S23, 24, 25, 26, T6S, R71W
Elevation: c.8000 - 8400
Source: Bentley, "The Upper Side of the Pie Crust," pp. 20, 26, 27, 61.
Other Names: YMCA Camping Services, Branch of the Metropolitan Denver YMCA; Camp James Quigg Newton; Newton Park.
Last Modified: Mon, June 26 2017

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