Crosson or Crossons

Address: 5 mi. S.W. of Pine on the N. Fork of the S. Platte River

This was the location of a gold mine in c. 1878 and a stop on the Colorado & Southern R.R. until 1937 when the line was discontinued. Few remains of buildings are left and the property is owned by a local rancher, Robert P. Colwell and his Echo Valley Ranch.
Quad Map/Date: Green Mountain, 1954 (1984)
Sec/Town/Range: S8, T8S, R71W
Elevation: c. 8000
Source: Interview, Robt. P. Colwell, Echo Valley Ranch Owner, 1992.
Other Names: Crosson at Crossons Railroad Stop; Crosson Post Office
Last Modified: Wed, April 16 2014

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