East Evergreen Interchange Bridge

Address: Colo. Hwy 74 over I-70

The bridge features two spans, 130 feet and 256 feet, of continuous and composite welder, steel, girders. But in 1973, this structure is one of the finer examples "haunch" construction, in which a girder is built deeper at the pier to handle the greater stress at this point. A technique used to a limited extent in the 1970s, it is generally not used today due to the expense of long span steel structures. The design received a 1972 Award of Merit from the American Institute of Steel Construction.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen, 1965 (1979)
Sec/Town/Range: S15, T4S, R71W
Elevation: c. 7600
Source: Historic Inventory Record #5JF366, 1985 CHS
Last Modified: Mon, April 5 1999

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