Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad

Address: Denver to Fairplay

Constructed in 1878 and became the South Park Division of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1881. It was reorganized in 1889 and named Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Railroad, sold to the Colorado & Southern Railroad in 1898 and continued to operate until the line was discontinued in April 1937. From a 1922 timetable, some of the stops listed in Jefferson County were Waterton, South Platte, Buffalo, Pine Grove, Crystal Lake, and Crossons.
Quad Map/Date: Pine, 1965 (1985)
Source: "Recipes & Anecdotes of the North Fork Volunteer Fire Depa rtment"; Pine, Colorado Train Information, by David Rainey.
Other Names: Buffalo Creek community
Last Modified: Fri, January 20 1995

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