Devil's Garden Gulch

Address: Opens on Clear Creek from the N., approx. .5 mi. E. of Huntsman; 1.5 mi. long.

This tributary (right hand) of Bear Creek (mouth), S32, T4S, R70W, is about 1.5 miles long and is .5 mile west of Idledale. Denver Mountain Parks Map, 1924 (1939). Devil's Garden Gulch takes its name from the lower .5 mile of the gulch made impassable by rock formations.
Quad Map/Date: Ralston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Evergreen, 1965 (1979).
Sec/Town/Range: S25,36 T3S, R71W; S36, T3S, R71W.
Elevation: 7200
Source: Interview, George Shephard, Golden Gate Canyon Rancher, May 1994; James Grafton Rodgers, Place Names of Colorado, 1955.
See Also: Bear Creek
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