Denver Mountain Parks

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A parks system owned by the City and County of Denver, consisting of over 8,600 acres in 24 named and developed parks and about 5,000 acres in 24 undeveloped properties, nearly all in Jefferson County. The famed and unique parks system includes a variety of recreational facilities, scenery, elevations, fishing, 1000 acres of buffalo and elk pasture, a golf course, and the spectacular Red Rocks Park. It also includes 24 wilderness areas and 20 mountain peaks. John Brisben Walker and Mayor Robert Speer conceived the system, which opened in 1913 supported by a one-half mill levy. George Cranmer as Manager of Parks strongly supported the system in the 1930s and 1940s. Named after the City of Denver.
Elevation: 5681-12,740
Source: Sternberg, "Evergreen Our Mountain Community," pp. 100-105; Denver Mountain Parks Records.
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