Deer Creek

Address: Flows SE into Ralston Creek E. of Nott Creek

This is a tributary (left hand) of the North Fork of the South Platte River at Crossons Co. (S6). The mouth is at S1, T8, R71W, Pike National Forest Map, 1953; also, S30, T3S, R71W, Atlas of Colorado, 1943 (1954).
Quad Map/Date: Tungsten, 1942; Ralston Buttes, 1965 (1971); Blackhawk, 1972.
Sec/Town/Range: S18, T2S, R71W; S18,19, T2S, R71W; S18,19,20,21,28, T2S, R71W.
Elevation: c. 6800-8400
Source: James Grafton Rodgers, Place Names of Colorado, 1955.
Last Modified: Fri, August 23 1996

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