Crawford Gulch

Address: Opens on Tucker Gulch from the N.

About 1.5 miles long, Crawford Gulch drains on the south side of Bowser Hill. Origin of name is unknown. It is currently used by the post office to designate a mail delivery route extending from Tucker Gulch to the south end of Drew Hill Road, about 3 miles. Crawford Gulch did not have a road through the bottom to Tucker Gulch until c. 1900.
Quad Map/Date: Ralston Buttes, 1942 (1965, 1971)
Sec/Town/Range: S11,13,14, T3S, R71W
Elevation: c. 7368
Source: Interview, Oscar Dahlberg, Golden Gate Canyon Rancher, May 1994.
Last Modified: Fri, August 23 1996

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