Colorado Trail 1776

Address: Segments 1 and 2 begin at Waterton Canyon and continues to Cty. Rd. 126. Segment 3 begins and conitnues S.W. 3 mi., then W. to cross the Buffalo Creek, and continues 2 miles to the Jefferson-Park County line.

Segments 1-2-3: "Begins at Waterton Canyon, passes Strontia Reservoir, South Platte townsite, a view of Chair Rocks, Top of the World Campground, and a view of Long Scraggy Peak...follow trail to County Road #126 and cross pavement...continue southwest approximately three miles then west to within site of Buffalo and Redskin Campgrounds...continue west, cross the Buffalo Creek and view a granite outcrop above. Lake Wellington called The Castle, continue approximately two miles to Jefferson County and Park County line." Jefferson County Segment: "Extending from Denver to Durango--467 miles, the Colorado Trail 1776 is a continuous non-motorized trail created by thousands of dedicated volunteers. This is not an old historic route but since it was begun to commemorate Colorado's Centennial and the nation's Bicentennial, it has a new claim to history of its own. Most people enjoy this trail by taking it in pieces, for it is cut by roads in many places, providing excellent access."
Quad Map/Date: Platte Canyon, 1965 (1985); Green Mountain, 1954
Sec/Town/Range: S20, T4S, R69W; S29, T8S, R71W
Elevation: c. 7900-8200
Source: Melocsay, "Trails Guide to Pikes Peak Country 1991," pp. 143-149; Jacobs, "The Colorado Trail," Segment 3.
Last Modified: Wed, January 24 1996

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