Clear Creek Canyon

Address: 12 miles long; Front Range canyon in which Clear Creek flows.

This major east-west Front Range canyon through which Clear Creek River flows is about 12 miles long. Colorado Central Railroad completed laying track through the canyon in September 1872. The track was abandoned in July 1941.
Quad Map/Date: Evergreen, 1965 (1979); Morrison, 1965 (1980); Golden, 1965 (1980); Squaw Pass, 1957 (1974).
Sec/Town/Range: S36-1, T3S, R72W; S32, T3S, R70W; S6,5,32,33, T3S, R72W; S33,34,3,2,35,36,31,6, T3S, R71W.
Elevation: c. 5400
Source: Davis, "Building Colorado's First Mountain Railroad," pp. 298-305; James Grafton Rodgers, Place Names of Colorado, 1955.
See Also: Elk Creek Canyon; Guy Gulch.
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