Buffalo Creek

Address: On Cty. Hwy. 126, 12 mi. SW of Pine Junction, 80425

The community was platted by John W. Smith of the Denver & South Park Construction Co. and filed Jan . 27,1881, in Jefferson County. The name Sunny Vale Park appeared in the Book of Town Plats -1882-Jefferson County. Name was changed to Buffalo Creek soon after. Subdivisions were recorded as Buffalo Creek Park, Canfield, Evergreen and Christmas Hill, often called only Buffalo as was the railroad station. The population in 1875 before the platting of the town was near 1000, mostly loggers and miners. In 1878 when the narrow-gauge railroad came, there were boarding houses, a general store, hotels, saloons, blacksmith shop and a loading dock for cattle was erected alongside the railroad track. Fires destroyed these buildings in the 1880s and some were not replaced. The J.W.Green Mercantile Co. burned in 1898 and rebuilt. It is in operation at the present time. At the turn of the century the majority of residents occupied cabins and cottages in summer only, arriving by train from Denver. This continued to be the case until the 1970s when young families moved into the area where the population was composed of mostly retired persons. At the present time, year-round and summer residents are perhaps balanced in number. The town was named for the near-by creek which was named for the animal which had roamed the area.
Quad Map/Date: Pine, 1985
Sec/Town/Range: S6, T8S, R70W
Elevation: 6634-6750
Source: Record of Town Plats in Jefferson County; Lombard, "Buffalo Beginnings: The People and Places of Buffalo Creek, Colorado," pp. 1-3.
Other Names: Buffalo; J. W. Green Mercantile Company
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